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Best D2R Jewels in 2.4 Ladder Season | Diablo 2 Resurrected Most Expensive Magic & Rare Jewels

4/8/2022 4:43:31 PM

Some jewels are one of the best endgame chase items in Diablo 2 Resurrected, so in this post, let's talk about the most expensive jewels which you will surely keep when you find them in D2R 2.4 Ladder Season.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Magic & Rare Jewels To Keep in 2.4 Ladder Season

For every season, player out there that knows the value of their jewels, there's another player who's crafted with something that could have fetched him a fortune, so in this guide, we're going to look at the things that make an in-game jewel valuable and if we can take anything from some of the more niche D2 items that are even more common. It's estimated that one of these jewels, in particular, would be worth about 100 Jah runes, if somebody actually finds it, let's check these out.

Best D2R Magic Jewels

There are actually a ton more magic jewels that you can find that have useful stats, it's almost impossible to go over the specific combinations of every single one but just know there are a certain few mods that you can look for, there are two types of things that can spawn on any jewel whether it's rare or whether it's magic:

Magic Jewels[15%ias & 15%Res]

Sale [+15% Increased Attack Speed]
Sale [+15% All Resistances]

Starter Mods

If any rare (or magic) jewel you find has any of these mods on it, it's off to a good start value-wise:

+ Faster Hir Recovery

+ Enhanced Damage

+ To Minimum Damage

+ To Maximum Damage

+ To Strength

+ To Dexterity

+ All Resistances

Secondary Mods

Typically viewed as "Lesser" mods on a rare (or magic) jewel, but add to the overall value:

+ To Attack Rating

+ Defense

+ To Life

+ Replenish Life

+ To Mana

+ Cold Resist

+ Lightning Resist

+ Fire Resist

+ Poison Resist

- Requirements

Top 6 - Ruby Jewel of Fervor

Required Level: 58

+15% Increased Attack Speed

+40% Enhanced Damage

This is typically the jewel that most people are referring to when they use those numbers, because rare jewels can't spawn with up to 40% enhanced damage, they can only go to 30%. Additionally Ohm runes can go to 50% enhanced damage but they don't really offer anything else in the way of meeting break points, this jewel really doesn't need any introduction, a lot of people know why 4015 jewels are good but you might not know immediately what they're worth. Prices are subject to change depending on what time of the ladder or launch we're talking of but at this current point in time about six plus months after the launch of the game and on non-ladder, these jewels right here might fetch you about three to four Jah runes. As far as magic jewels go this is probably one of the better ones that you could get.

Magic Jewels[15%ias & 36-39%EDmg]

Sale [+15% Increased Attack Speed]
Sale [+36-39 Enhanced Damage]

Top 5 - Ruby Jewel of Freedom

Required Level: 58

+40% Enhanced Damage

Requirements -15%

Another type of 40/15 jewel that's actually pretty good is this ruby Jewel of Freedom with the 15% stats refers to the requirements minus. Believe it or not, zones actually stash this into their shields, so that minus 15 requirements that's on that joule actually goes a long way back in lod zones would strength bug their characters with these, but even in D2R this proves to be a very good thing allowing you to commit less stat points to strength and focus more on dexterity. And this Ruby Jewel of Freedom might fetch you maybe 0.5 to 1 Jah runes 

Top 4 - Ruby Jewel of Bliss

Required Level: 58

+40% Enhanced Damage

+10 To Minimum Damage

While we're on the kick of 40 enhanced damage, these types of jewels can spawn with other really cool mods such as minimum damage and maximum damage, these Ruby Jewel of Bliss jewels right here can be really  good in the right Diablo 2 ladder weapon and might fetch you one to two Jah runes if you find one of them.

Top 3 - Scintillating Jewel of Fervor

Required Level: 31

+15% Increased Attack Speed

All Resistances +15

But probably one of the most unsung hero type jewels in this lineup right here is the Scintillating Jewel of Fervor with +15% Increased Attack Speed and All Resistances +15, a lot of different characters such as amazons, assassins, and some creative paladin builds are seeking out this jewel right here for its awesome benefits. As you might know, 15% increased attack speed cannot spawn on a rare jewel, so it is indicative for this to spawn on a magic jewel, when it does especially in this day and age so long after the launch, you're going to want some very useful mods to spawn on the jewel with it. And all resistance 15% is a very good mod, so when these two things spawn together this could fetch you quite a bit.

Top 2 - Scintillating Jewel of Hope

Required Level: 37

+20 To Life

All Resistances +15

Scintillating Jewel of Hope is extremely useful, a lot of people used to put these in suicide branches to hit the max cast breakpoint on druids and they still do have quite a bit of use elsewhere. The reason that's so good is that rare jewels can only roll with up to +8 life, so Scintillating Jewel of Hope with +20 to life is very useful in certain items and could still fetch you about one to two Jah runes.

Top 1 - Carmine Jewel of Carnage

Required Level: 27

+24 To Maximum Damage

This is an amazing low-level dueling jewel. Though it only have +24 to maximum damage, it only required 27 level, this is the most amount of max damage that can spawn on a jewel at that level. So finding a jewel like this might fetch you about two to three Jah runes and it is extremely sought after.

D2R Best Rare Jewels

It's going to be very hard to tell all of the different combinations on a rare jewel, we will show you some of them that actually play together very well when you find them and could make your jewel worth quite a bit

Top 5 - Havoc Heart Jewel

Required Level: 42

+9 To Dexterity

All Resistances +10

Requirements -15%

Havoc Heart has all resistances plus 10 mod, but the most important combo here is the plus the dexterity and negative requirements. This was a combination that was used to auto WSM claws back in LoD, but some assassins in Diablo 2 Resurrected still use these in their claws to bump up their dexterity and essentially equip claws with other claws. Ideally, these would have other mods on them such as possibly replenish life, all resistance mod, faster hit recovery also a very desirable one here, so you're probably going to want some of those other mods to spawn on jewel like this. But if you do have that dexterity and negative requirements that's actually a very rare sought after two-piece combo on these rare jewels, you get one of these with four sick mods on it that are very highly rolled, you can probably expect yourself between three and five Jah runes for it.

Top 4 - Shadow Eye Jewel

Required Level: 42

+7% Faster Hit Recovery

+9 To Strength

Cold Resist +40%

Lightning Resist +10%

Fire Resist +10%

Poison Resist +10%

This one has faster hit recovery, an additional plus 32 cold resist, and some cool support abilities. Someone would use a jewel like this is they might stack it into Akira's to over stack in PvP versus cold sorks, they could do this additionally with lightning resist for vts or conviction-based characters. But as you can see, this can be used all the way down the line for any resistance, so whenever you see jewels like these that spawn with all resistances and one resistance is over 30, especially if it has another really good starter mod on it, that's a decent jewel. With a jewel like this, in particular, you could probably expect between 5 and 10 Jah runes.

Top 3 - Storm Whorl Jewel

Required Level: 29

+20% Enhanced Damage

+6 To Strength

+9 To Dexterity

This one is overpowered at that level, it's got 20 enhanced damage on it but additionally has six strength and nine dexterity. These jewels are phenomenal and can probably fetch you between six to ten Jah runes. 

Top 2 - Doom Whorl Jewel

Required Level: 42

+18 To Minimum Damage

+18 To Maximum Damage

This is a theoretically possible jewel to find but we are going to make you one promise in this life, you will not find it. This is the notorious jewel with +18 To Minumum Damage & +18 To Maximum Damage right here. Even though this only has two abilities on it, it actually rolled with four stats, they just happen to combine when they're repetitive. Regardless this is an insanely good jewel for melee characters, chargers, and physical damage dealing characters. It's extremely rare and so sought after in some very specific builds that people tend not to put together until they are at the end of the endgame. We have not seen any of these on D2R but should one pop up in the community and should accept no less than 50 Jah runes. Even if a jewel just spawns with an added amount of minimum or maximum damage and it's rare and it has some of these other mods that make it really good, just pay close attention when you find these jewels. 

Top 1 - Shadow Heart Jewel

Required Level: 42

+30% Enhanced Damage

+60 To Attack Rating

+9 To Strength

+9 To Dexterity

This is the king of all kings right here of course it is the 30-69. This is also something that we've seen some very close rolls of in D2R, some people got very close with that enhanced damage or the attack rating or the stats, but we have not seen a pure 100 perfect 30, 60, 9, 9 spawn yet in the community. If you are the lucky person to find this jewel, we would not accept any less than 100 Jah runes for it.

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