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D2R Best Caster Weapons for Barbarian, Sorceress, Necromancer & Caster Builds | Diablo 2 Resurrected Guide

4/9/2022 6:46:28 PM

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which D2 items to use, so to continue the series covering the best D2R items in the game, we're going to kick off the weapons with the best items for casters. Now which of these weapons you choose will depend on what type of caster you are, and in some circumstances even what element you're focusing on.

Best Caster Weapons For All Caster Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Top 1 - Spirit Broad Sword

Starting out we're going to hit what are probably the two most prominent caster weapons with the Spirit runeword being extremely popular due to its low cost and high efficiency, with plus all skills, the faster cast hit recovery, and a few other nice mods, and just for the cost of Tal, Thul, Ort, and Amn in a four-socket sword. There are a few really good bases for this Diablo 2 ladder rune word but getting a broad sword from Nightmare and socketing, is the safest and usually the fastest way since these can't be bowed at 4 sockets, making it a lot harder to overshoot the required number. Though a crystal sword is an infamous base for this one, it can get a bit more finicky if you find it in the wrong spot.

Crystal Sword[4 Sockets & 10-14ED]

Sale [4 Sockets]
Sale [10-14  EDmg]

Crystal Sword

Ichorsting 1H damage: 5-15
Base speed: [0]
Class speed: Ama, Asn, B, D, P, N - Fast
S - Normal
Adds range: 1
Durability: 20
Req Strength: 43
Quality level: 11
Treasure class: 12
Max sockets: 6


+2 To All Skills
+25-35% Faster Cast Rate (varies)
+55% Faster Hit Recovery
Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
Adds 3-14 Cold Damage 3 Second Duration (Normal)
+75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
+250 Defense Vs. Missile
+22 To Vitality
+89-112 To Mana (varies)
+3-8 Magic Absorb (varies)

+2 To All Skills
+25-35% Faster Cast Rate (varies)
+55% Faster Hit Recovery
+250 Defense Vs. Missile
+22 To Vitality
+89-112 To Mana (varies)
Cold Resist +35%
Lightning Resist +35%
Poison Resist +35%
+3-8 Magic Absorb (varies)
Attacker Takes Damage of 14

Top 2 - Heart of the Oak Flail

The other big-name generic caster weapon is Heart of the Oak with more skill points, more faster cast, and attacks on resist, replenish life, max mana, and a few other nice mods. Though it comes in at significantly more expensive with Ko, Vex, Pul, and Thul, and as far as the base pretty much the only one worthwhile to make it in is a Flail which is farmable from certain locations.

Heart of the Oak

+3 To All Skills
+40% Faster Cast Rate
+75% Damage To Demons
+100 To Attack Rating Against Demons
Adds 3-14 Cold Damage, 3 sec. Duration (Normal)
7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
+10 To Dexterity
Replenish Life +20
Increase Maximum Mana 15%
All Resistances +30-40 (varies)
Level 4 Oak Sage (25 Charges)
Level 14 Raven (60 Charges)

Top 3 - Wizardspike Bone Knife

As we move along, we do have some more similarly generic but slightly different use case caster weapons in the form of the first, Wizardspike with the faster cast, massive resists, not to mention mana perks and while it lacks plus skills, it is still a great weapon to use for safety's sake and if you need to hit an extremely high casting breakpoint. 

Top 4 - Suicide Branch Burnt Wand (For Barbarians or Sorceresses)

And second, we have Suicide Branch which offers a similar massive faster cast boost, but sacrifices a chunk of the other mods for plus one to all skills. It still packs some mana and resists just nowhere near as much as Wizardspike, both of these are super popular for some variants of War Cry Barbarians or sorceresses, so it definitely is worth their mention. 

Top 5 - Crescent Moon Phase Blade & Other Resistance Piercing Weapons

Now before we drop into the two obvious class-specific categories of caster weapons, it's important to note an overlooked category of caster weapons: resistance piercing with runeword like Crescent Moon, Phoenix, Doom and several others providing minus enemy resists to a specific element. These types of weapons can be quite potent when used properly, since reducing enemy resists will often provide a bigger boost than plus skills and plus damage effects and it can be especially handy if you're already reaching the desired cast break point somewhere else,  or you're on a character that generally can ignore them like the elementalist druid. Element piercing weapons are available for lightning fire cold and poison and should be considered an option for your end-game builds that use any of these four elements.

D2R Best Caster Weapons for Sorceress Builds

Eschuta's Temper (For Cold Sorceress)

Into the class-specific stuff, Eschuta's Temper has a very niche use in it that provides solid faster cast and plus skills in one package but lacks the utility of some of the other options, so it's only used in very specific subtypes of builds.

Death's Fathom (For Cold Sorceress)

Similarly, Death's Fathom is very specifically a cold sorceress option since you already get cold resist piercing from your mastery, this is one of the few situations where plus percent damage can actually be a lot more useful. 

The Oculus (For All-Around Sorceress)

The most popular of the unique orbs is The Oculus mainly because people love doing magic finding and its good balance of resist, cast rate, skill levels, magic finds as we mentioned. Not to mention mana per kill, the big drawback of this weapon though is that it has a chance to cast teleport when struck which can get annoying or risky. Even if it's worth mentioning since it can bite a player in the butt especially if they're new.

Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye (For Fire Sorceress)

Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye is probably one of our favorite sleeper items on this list and the only D2R ladder set item here. Since even though it looks mediocre at first glance, you start putting on more parts of the set and it starts providing elemental piercing for fire and lightning while boosting cold damage, and it even slaps in plus one to all skills and the partial set bonuses on many of the other parts of the set are pretty good too, making it a reliable choice for general use, even if it's not going to be best in slot outside of a few fire sorceress builds.

Tal Rasha's Lidless Eye

Tal Rasha's Lidless EyeDamage: 18 To 42 (30 Avg)
Required Level: 65
Durability: 50
Base Weapon Speed: [10]
(Sorceress Only)
20% Faster Cast Rate
+77 To Mana
+57 To Life
+10 To Energy
+1-2 To Lightning Mastery (Sorceress Only) (varies)
+1-2 To Fire Mastery (Sorceress Only) (varies)
+1-2 To Cold Mastery (Sorceress Only) (varies)
+1 To Sorceress Skill Levels (2 Items)
-15% To Enemy Fire Resistance (3 Items)
-15% To Enemy Lightning Resistance (4 Items)
+15% To Cold Skills Damage (Complete Set)

Best Caster Weapons for Necromancer Builds

Death's Web (For Poison Nova Necro)

Now into the mostly necro end of casters, we'll start with one that has a few other uses as well and that's Death's Web. It's mostly known for being the go-to poison necro one and pairs nicely with Trang-Oul's Guise for a lot of negative poison resist, but it does also have a generic plus to all skills that works for any character, as well as a mana and life per kill that can be handy though it is mostly just used on that necro build that uses poison nova which is kind of how it became so reliable for farming every area in the game.

White Bone Wand (For Bone Necromancer)

As far as the bone side of the necromancer, we have the white wand, this one is significantly easier to get and really cheap. You can shop a plus three bone spear one which is the desirable bass that's your main go-to from normal difficulty dungeons and it's super easy. It's not super cheap because it is plus skills but it's nice to get it does beat out pretty much any unique option for bone necros too.

Arm of King Leoric (For Necro Summoners)

Onto the summoner end of things for the necromancer which we are including as a pseudo caster we have two wands to look at the most popular being Arm of King Leoric which falls into a similar category as The Oculus in that, it has a ton of great mods. Unfortunately paired with a drawback, in this case, bone prison when struck sometimes, can get you killed if you're trapped with enemy mobs and you don't have a teleport option. But in this case, we would say the plus skills are usually going to be worth it over.

Carin Shard (For Necro Summoners)

The other alternate that alternative option is the Carin Shard, a lot less potent but it lacks the drawback of the Arm of King Leoric, specifically speaking both of these are fine and will be common options for mid-game, but as you get into the end game, your equipment choices for a summoner will actually tend towards favoring a look of commander necromancer rather than a pure summoner or caster oriented one, and use more aura based functions that would be out of place in this list.

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