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Best D2R 2.4 Ladder Start Builds For Each Class | Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Reset Character Tier List

3/19/2022 2:06:03 PM

The new ladder season of diablo 2 resurrected is coming very soon, it's time to create a Brand new 2.4 ladder start character now. If you're still struggling with which character to create which build for Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 path & ladder season 1, follow along with us to explore the Best D2R Ladder Starter Builds (Characters) for Each Class in this guide.

Best D2R 2.4 Ladder Start (Reset) Builds - Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Start Character Tier List

Top 1 - Javazone Amazon Build

Javazone is a hybrid of poison lightning and physical damage, it will be very convenient to start with this character because you will have a lot of damage and different sources of damage, so you will not have any issue handling immune monsters in Hell on Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4. 


1 Point on every Passive

20 Points on Poison & Javelin - for damage

20 Points on Charge Strike - for melee attack


You will need any Diablo 2 gear that will give you additional skills in order to have the maximum damage possible. You can think of Lore for the helmets, spirit, peace, and so on, anything that will give you a boost to increase the poison damage and also damage from your childhood strike. 

Top 2 - Hydra Sorceress Build

Most people at some point in their life have started a Diablo 2 Ladder with the budget Hydra Sorceress, with very little D2 ladder item investment, it is very good at doing anything from Cows, Mephisto, Andariel, Ancient Tunnels, Icy Celler, and other new 85 level areas. So the Hydra/Fireball Sorc is a very effective build early on when patch 2.4 launches the ladder. But if you want to try to start this ladder season off a little different, you could go with one budget lightning sorceress.


20 Points to Hydra 

20 Points to Fireball

20 Points to Fire Bolt

20 Points to Fire Mastery

Rest Points to Warmth


For character equipment, this is where we deviate a bit from the common tendencies of online builds, and that is because while we want plus skills we also want to pierce that resist even more. Since with conviction, we want to be pushing non-immune to as close to negative 100% as we possibly can, and we need to make it so our hydras can do reasonable damage to immunes that have been broken. We also need to get through the fire resist to get the amount of hydra damage out getting minus from gear, to get that minus to resist, we actually eat up four of our Diablo 2 equipment slots. Use Infinity on a holy freeze mercenary for a little bit of extra slow to make life easier on our hydras, even against cold immunes. 

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Top 3 - Martial Arts Assassin Build

Our top pick for the assassin is the martial arts, which will be very strong in the 2.4 patch. He will have different types of damage and it will also be very convenient to deal with the aiming in Hell difficulty.


20 Points on Phoenix & Two synergies - don't take three because you will need the points in the shadow masteries but you can take either Ice fire or lightning synergies

20 Points on Clock of Shadow - in order to lower the defenses of your enemies


About the equipment, it's a bit the same as the javazone, you need to have the most additional skills in order to maximize the damage, since its elemental damage in the endgame you can also look for additional physical damage but it's not that important when you are leveling your character.

Top 4 - Summoner Skeletal/Mages Necromancer Build

Summoner Neco has always been a good starter build, especially if you are playing in Hardcore. The great thing with the new patch is that you can also play a skeletal mage, you can now choose skeletal, multi-skeletal, or both of them but just don't forget to put some points in a corpse explosion in order to make it much easier to clean the field.


20 Points to Skeleton Mage

20 Points to Morbid Blast

Extra Points to Corpse Explosion


The equipment is also quite easy, just need to have additional skills in order to have more powerful skeletons.

Top 5 - Double Throw Barbarian

For the Barbarian, we choose double throw, it's very powerful in the new patch, but we would recommend it for experienced players because it's not as easy as the other builds in this post.


1 Point in Every Passive of the Barbarian

20 Points on Battle Orders

20 Points on Throw Mastery

20 Points on Double Throe with synergy and wine point - in order to have this boost of speed which will be very helpful to fast clear your enemies for the skills


The equipment is the tricky part of this character and this is why we do not recommend it for new players, you will need to have a lot of physical damage, so be sure to look for good weapons in order to make this build work.

Top 6 - Physical Fire Armageddon Druid

Let's go now with the Druid which is very powerful and come with big buff since 2.4, the Druid armageddon is our top build for this ladder season because you have a lot of physical damage and fire damage. 


20 Points to Armageddon and Molten Shell plus their synergies

Rest Points to Oak Sage


For the stuff, it's also easy, just be sure to look at the maximum additional skills that you can find and, also the new ring wall which is awesome in a good dread belt.

Top 7 - Sacred Fire Paladin

For the paladin, it's a bit different from the other build from this guide, the idea is to start with Dragon paladin so most of the points possible in holy fire and fire resistance, and when you are level 30, 35, or 40, you can swap to smiter or even fist of hands paladin. So it's very easy to start with this build, you will just delete any monster and you can farm all levels and after that, you can just move on to another build which is a zealot paladin, and so on.


20 Points to Sacred Fire & Two Synergies

Reset Points for fire immunity at level 30+

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