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D2R 2.6 Best Assassin Builds - Martial Arts Elemental, Phoenix Strike, Trapsin, Fire, Dragon Talon Assassin Guide

2/16/2023 6:55:48 PM

D2R 2.6 Ladder Season 3 is finally here, the Assassins are the biggest winners, and if you want to be the winner in the new season, these new S-Tier Assassin builds will definitely help you!

Top 5 Best D2R 2.6 Season 3 Assassin Builds 

It seems that Patch 2.6 did not significantly change the gameplay of classes, but some skill changes for individual classes and new game mechanics with new runewords have had a significant impact on the builds of certain classes. And the assassin is the biggest beneficiary. On Skill Assassin Trap skill now benefits from reduced resistance to enemies, its projectiles from Charged Martial Arts skill not benefiting from Elemental Skill damage booster fixed. In addition, the new Ladder-Only runewords, especially Mosaic, made some Assassin builds rise to the top ranks overnight.  So if you want to get a fast and efficient game progress in Ladder season 3, the following assassin builds are definitely worth a try.

Top 1 - Martial Arts Elemental Assassin

Speaking of Assassins, it finally happened traps can now benefit from all enemy negative resistance gear, this is huge because lightning Sentry can now benefit from Griffin's eye and lightning facets. In addition to the Sunder charm synergy,  assassins can also choose to self-field Runewords such as Crescent Moon and Infinity because their negative enemy resistance property now benefits traps. That's why the Martial Arts Elemental Assassin now dominate in Season 3 now.  This build is quite adaptable and may add extra damage sources by picking up a couple abilities from the Traps Skill Tree. The ability to employ "Charge-Up" and "Finishing Move" skills, which are at the core of this build's gameplay alongside Phoenix Strike, is one of the distinctive characteristics of an assassin.

Top 2 - Phoenix Strike Dual Mosaic Martial Arts

The other strongest Assassin build is set with the Phoenix Strike skill and dual Mosaic Runewords, which has great survivability, multiple damage sources, and incredibly unique gameplay. B The Phoenix Strike Assassin terrorizes her foes by using the elements of Fire, Lightning, Cold, and Physical! She is a deadly power against mass density and Act Bosses equally and is also referred to as the "PS Sin." She has a special technique that involves accumulating charges that are released with a finisher attack. The Martial Arts tree has become an amazing powerhouse with the new Mosaic Runeword. When using these claws in tandem, you may have a 100% uptime on your charge-up abilities.

Top 3 - Lightning Trapsin Assassin

With the Traps now apply -x% Enemy Resistances, Lightning Sentry Assassin finally is elevated to the next level. The very tanky and beginner-friendly Lightning Trapsin Assassin is named into the S-tier ladder starter in Season 3 now, it not only offers relaxing gameplay with excellent survivability and massive damage output but also easy to play and low gear required. The Trapsin is a wonderful delight to play because of her incredible mobility thanks to Burst of Speed and Teleport.


Top 4 - Fire Assassin (Fire Blast or Wake of Fire)

We might see Infinity self-building lightning Center trapsins in season 3, we also shouldn't forget fire traps that have great AOE potential and fire blast delivers the much-needed focus Target damage. With the -x% Enemy Resistance now working on all traps, Fire-Trapsin (aka Wake of Fire /  Death Sentry Assassin) lays down Traps that auto attack from a distance, becomes a very tanky, chill beginner friendly build with high mobility and low entry budget gear required. And another fire assassin builds set up with the Fire Blast skill is also a great choice for starting ladder and end game running, as it has a powerful skill to slay Elite mobs and even gives a huge of Magic Find to low-gear players. It is very flexible with an engaging playstyle due to the synergy bonuses gained from both Lightning and Fire Damage Skills. We expect both traps and variations to be S-tier builds for season 3. This change alone will put trapsins on the S tier for the season 3 meta.

Top 5 - Dragon Talon Assassin  (Kicksin)

The greatest build for killing the Uber Bosses on an Assassin is the Dragon Talon Assassin, often known as "Kicksin." Patches 2.5 and 2.6 together make this build a formidable opponent! She executes Crushing Blow strikes in rapid succession with her extraordinarily swift kick speed, instantly knocking the Ubers to the ground. With Patch 2.6, we may now use Dragon Talon (or any other finisher move) every 14 seconds with charges always available. The new Mosaic Runeword, which grants a 100% Chance to not spend charges AND refreshes the charge duration while utilizing a finisher move, is dual-wielded to do this. 

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