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Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords – Top 8 Overpowered Runewords To Use In D2R

10/14/2021 10:24:31 AM

No matter whether you're a seasoned veteran or a complete newcomer to Diablo 2 Resurrected, one of the most important things you'll come across on your journey is Runewords, which are a key component of Diablo's item upgrade mechanics. You want to set the best Runewords for each character and increase the power of each character, so this guide introduces the 8 most powerful Runewords to use in Diablo 2 to help you achieve that goal.

Beginner’s Guide To Runewords In Diablo 2 Rescurrected

In Diablo 2, runewords are the most effective method of upgrading your diablo 2 resurrected items (weapons, armours, shields and helmets). The reliability of Diablo 2 runewords means provided you can farm the required runes from popular rune farming locations like The Countess or Lower Kurast (LK) chests and find the item base you’ll have a reliably strong item regardless of your chosen Diablo 2 class. Runewords are also a popular choice for Diablo 2 mercenaries due to a number providing powerful auras, damage or defensive statistics that can turn them into deadly supporting allies.

Best Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords – Top 8 Overpowered Runewords In D2R

1. Spirit

This is great Diablo 2 runeword for caster classes especially the sorceress, it gives you a plus two to all skills 35 up to 35% Faster Cast Rate, it also gives you a big to mana and vitality. This rumored can be created inside of a four-socket weapon, the easiest probably to use is the crystal sword because of its low requirements. It can also be created in a shield, it can only be created in the monarch shield unless you're a Paladin class, but the shield essentially does the same thing as the weapon variant except the shield variant also gives a bonus to resistances. Players will often re-roll this rune word many times in order to achieve that 35% Faster Cast Rate which really helps caster classes to meet those Faster Cast Rate break points.

2. Insight 

It’s a four-socket rune word in Diablo 2 which can be placed into a pole arm and given to your mercenary. This rune word does give your mercenary's weapon a nice bonus to enhanced damage, but the most important thing is the level 13 to level 17 Meditation Aura that it also gives you. The Meditation Aura helps to regenerate your mana extremely quickly, so once you have a mercenary with this Meditation Aura equipped, your mana worries are kind of over at that point more or less.

3. Fortitude

It is another great mercenary item, it gives a nice big bonus to enhanced defense but it also gives a really big bonus to enhanced damage which is not a modification that you see very often on armor. So this will really help to increase the output damage of your mercenary, it gives a nice big bonus to life as well very helpful to your mercenary and a nice bonus to all resistances of 30. So all in all, this is a fairly affordable and super effective runeword for your mercenary.

4. Infinity

This is highly sought after by high-level end game sorceresses because it breaks enemy resistance in difficulty, it makes immune monsters no longer immune. That is true for a lot of hell difficulty monsters, it's not true for every hell difficulty monster, so monsters in hell difficulty will usually have a resistance of either 110 or 120. So anything with a resistance of 110 immunity will have its resistance broken. Conviction aura goes on no longer immune to fire slayer, the lasher on the other hand has a higher resistance to cold. So his immunity does not get broken. In addition to the conviction aura, the infinity rune word also beefs up your mercenary by providing a big bonus to enhance damage, a nice faster run walk and also a nice bonus to vitality.

5. Grief

The most powerful Diablo 2 rune word on a melee weapon in the game. It gives a big bonus to increased attack speed, it gives a flat bonus to damage also in 15 increase to enhanced damage, it entirely ignores target defense and it gives a big bonus rather based on character level to damage against demons, it has a 20% deadly strike with runes ether, low mal and ral. It's more obtainable than zod rune word.

6. Call To Arms

This allows any character class to use the battle orders and battle command. Battle orders increases your mana and your health by 74 and battle command increases your skill. So any character can buff up their health and get a nice little bonus out of that, this is usually used as an off weapon, so you got your primary weapon and then you use call to arms to buff up your health and stamina.

7. Heart Of The Oak 

This gives a big +3 to all skills, 40% Faster Cast Rate, a nice Replenish life and also a nice 15% to maximum matter depending on your total mana pool that can be quite a bit of extra mana, it also gives a big 40 to all resistances. This is good for elemental druids, it's also good for hammer hemorrhagins and it's even functional for sore sources.

8. Engima 

It gives a +2 to all skills and a huge 45% Faster Run/Walk, it also gives a big bonus to defense and a huge bonus to strength based on character level. This can help characters not need to put so many points into strength to equip something like a monarch shield and instead channel those into more useful attributes. It also gives a huge bonus to Magic Find. It allows any character in the game to teleport by adding the skill, for power max you need some top diablo 2 items to improve your charaters, so this is probably the most popular item in D2R.

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