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Diablo 2 Resurrected Hell Mode Survival Guide - Character Level, Gear, Skill, Playstyle Tips

10/6/2021 9:51:21 AM

How do I get to Hell mode and get through Hell in Diablo 2 Resurrected? Here we're going to be going over , gear, skill, mindset and playstyle in this D2R Hell Mode Guide to help you make a easier life in the hardest game mode.

How To Prepare For Hell Mode in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Diablo 2 is actually a hard game, if you're going to play through especially things like immunities that are really difficult to get past and the level up in difficulty from a nightmare to hell is pretty substantial. So we're going to go ahead and talk through some of the things you want to look at for the gear as well as the mindset of when you're playing through this game. Hell is another step up and so it's not just having the mindset, but also having the right gear when you're going into it, so both of those are going to be very important. Below we will help you acquire some skills to survive in Hell mode in four aspects: level, skill, equipment, and playstyle.

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1. Get Your Charatcer Over The Monsters' Level

You'll have your character over is never a bad idea, especially if you have a character that relies on an actual hit with an attack rating. If you need to hit something with an attack rating, there is a formula where it takes your attack rating - the monster's defense, but then that's only half the formula, the other half is your level and the monster's level. So even if you have a decent attack rating, if you're 20 levels below the monster's level, it's going to be a lot more difficult to hit that monster. The more that you can kind of over level as you progress through the easier, it is going to be to hit and that will be very helpful, additionally things like ignore target defense on weapons can be super  solid as that will take away that first half completely of the  formula, so you only have to deal with your level versus their level and it's much easier to hit them. 

up in Nightmare, there's really a couple of ways to do it:

  • Way 1. You can go level bying doing just like Eldritch Runs if your character is a little bit weaker.

  • Way 2.  You can do World Stone Keep and Bail Runs

And so a lot of people will go 50, 60, 70 and they'll kind of stop around like 70, 72, 74 whatever and then move on to Hell, you can definitely move on a little earlier, but if you're moving into hell and you're like level 55 or 60, you're probably going to be a bit under leveled and it's probably going to be a little difficult. We suggest you at least need to be in your mid 60s generally, especially if you're newer to the game.

2. Make Sure You Can Hit

That's for things that require attack rating, what sorts of skills do it would be stuff like multi-shot requires hit, guided arrow requires a hit, strafe these things require hits, those physical hits generally are the ones -  do not charge strike. The attack rating will just go away because there is no attack rating for charge strike, same with lightning fury. This is also true for all of your spells, so bone spear, hammers from the hammerton, frozen ore, blizzard meteor, fireball, any of the spells are always hitting, and so you don't have to worry at all about having to deal with attack rating and all of that.

3. Gear Tips For Going Through Hell Mode

Let's go ahead and talk about the gear, which surely are one of the most important part to go through the hard mode.

Important tips you should following when you pick up gears and weapons for Hell

1) You need to make sure your resistances are going to be strong in Hell, because you have a minus 40 resistance penalty in Hell (you have zero penalty in normal, minus 40 in nightmare).

2) You really need to focus on is vitality and life, if you can those up that's going to be super valuable to you

3) You really need to focus on is faster cast rate, faster hit recovery, faster run walk, all of those kind of fasters, you need to either hit your break points or have enough like run walk whatever to make it so that your character can move faster, get away from monsters easiler and space your self out in an appropriate manner. Your attack speed and your cast rate is very important because there is the idea of he who puts the other in hit recovery first, wins is a little bit how it goes. So if you are next to 20 mobs and go right in the middle of all of them, and they start to swing to hit you, if you hit all of them first like with a Nova or whatever, it is all of them will go into hit recovery and not hit you; if they all hit you first, you'll go into hit recovery and not hit them. So the faster that you can get your spells off or your attacks off, the better you're going to be because you're going to be able to hit them first rather than them hit you first, that is a very big deal in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Best Place To Farm Gears For Hell Mode

In terms of things that you want to be looking for and gear, the best places to really be gearing are going to be Nightmare Mephisto and Nightmare chaos runs, and Nightmare Dario also has some decent drops, so a lot of these sorts of gears such as Rockstopper, Waterwalks, Bloodfist, Jalal's Mane, Magefist, Trang-Oul's Clows, the runes for spirit and so on. Nightmare Mephisto is one of the best places to farm, highly recommended.

Gears Recommend For Hell Mode

Stacking some of these gears that we had just kind of talked about what are good places and whatever to look for, here we'll talk a little bit about why these Diablo 2 Resurrected items are important for going into Hell:

  • Rockstopper is fantastic, which has vitality hit recovery resistance and damage reduced that's super great.

  • Bloodfist is little IAS with good hit recovery plus to life.

  • Waterwalk is super solid coming with faster run/walk, big dexterity, massive life 65 to life

  • Kira's Guardian's big resistances make sure you can not be frozen

  • Magefist gets you the faster cast rate on gloves

  • Goblin Toes gives crushing blow which can be nice for a year like a melee character

  • Trang-Oul's Clows gives faster cast rate and cold resist

  • Spirit gives faster castrate, vitality, mana and of course plus the skills which is another beneficial thing, because  the more damage that you can do, the faster you can kill monsters and the less that you have to worry a lot of times. So if you can stack up your damage on like spell casters and that stuff having plus skills can be very useful. 

  • Raven Frost can be really good for that can't be frozen

  • Thundergod's Vigor with excellent strength vitality, lightning absorb and lifesteal damage reduction, even just regular belts plus 49 to life 28 light res, this would be a fine belt to take you in into Hell.

  • Additionally like we said, charms are great getting a little fast run walk, resistance, life charms.

Once again, make sure you are looking for skills if you are a caster (you know using plus skills really helps your damage), life, resistances, damage reduction, and then the faster cast rate/run walk/hit recovery. So that you can just power through and be a mobile damaging character that has some tankiness.

4. Mindset & Playstyle For Playing Hell

How you have to navigate when you're actually in Hell:

1) There are a lot more unique monsters and bosses in Hell, which means you have to be a lot more careful about how you engage stuff.

2) Boss groups are going to be harder, so you have to note that in normal they only get one affix, and nightmare they get two epics, and in Hell they get three affixes, so this means you could have a normal boss that's cold enchanted but you could have a Hell boss that is cold enchanted cursed and extra fast or they could be extra strong lightning enchanted and cold enchanted, literally all of these can stack. So you're getting more bosses with more avixes doing even more damage.

3) Additionally, when there's multiple packs (you're going to have these packs stacking up next to each other), so you're going to have this pack with the conviction aura standing next to the pack with lightning cold enchant mana burn, and then another pack shooting you with arrows or something, then you can very quickly run into death or very scary situations.  So when you're fighting a lot of these mobs, you can't just run in like normal and the way you fight is a lot of kiting fight.

4) To farm and not engage monsters that you can not fight. Fight the mobs that you can and the ones that you can't avoid them, this is literally lightning immunes, so make sure you have fast run speed. Try to gather the monsters and lead them to a certain side, so you can go around them the other way,  this is going to be an important thing that you need to learn and a very important skill in Diablo 2 Resurrected Hell mode.

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