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Top 6 Best High Rune Farming Builds In Diablo 2 Resurrected - Javazon, Hammerdin, Blizzard Sorceress

12/3/2021 5:02:08 PM

If you are looking for high runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected, you should first make sure you pick the right build if that's strictly what you're going for, because some builds are better at it than others. So today we're taking a look at the top builds for farming high runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected. 

Best High Rune Farming Builds In Diablo 2 Resurrected – Top Builds For Getting High Runes

High runes are considered to be the most desirable items in D2R, as they go higher in value, it gets more difficult to find them. However, we have made the list of the top 6 best high rune farming builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected. This in general will be the character that is the best at doing the Secret Cow Level, the Chaos Sanctuary, Travincal, and Eldrich and Shenkk since these are basically the best high rune farming locations. Now let’s get straight into it!

Top 6 High Rune Farming Build - Trapsin

The first build for high rune farming in Diablo 2 is the Trapsin. With the Trapsin build, you can farm anywhere from the chaos sanctuary, you can go out and do cows or even run out and do eldritch and shank with ease. What is also good about this build is it actually works pretty good as a budget character, but after you get that godly gg and game gear, it absolutely wrecks all these locations. This build actually does showcase a fair amount of safety too when you count in mind blast, cloak of shadows and the fade that you have to cast. The basic gameplay is pretty simple, you just drop down four lightning sentries and then drop one death sentry right on top of them. They will all combine to take down one monster and then that death sentry will start popping bodies and down goes an entire herd of cows or whatever mobs you're going after. The good thing with these sentries being lightning damage as well once you get infinity that conviction aura will break almost all the lightning immunities of the regular monsters in the game meaning that you can farm almost anywhere you want to. If you are building this character, don't forget that the traps are actually laid down with increased attack speed, they do not go with faster castrate.

Top 5 Best High Rune Build - Corpse Explosion Necromancer

There's actually several different versions of this build depending on if you want a bunch of safety or if you're going for the quickest kill, max damage, stuff like that. The safest one is gonna be the summon Necromancer, that way you have hordes of skeletons and summons all around you. So that they take on the attacks from the monsters instead of you. You will generally then have the might mercenary which will increase their damage as soon as one of them goes down, you start popping bodies with that corpse explosion and melt everything in the area. And that's what makes this character such a good high rune farming character because you can take out giant herds of cows, you can go out to Eldridge and shank, you can help out anywhere if you're farming with a full party as well if you're in the chaos sanctuary or places like that. Because when you're farming in hell monsters have so much health, that's what makes a corpse explosion deal so much damage. there is also the poison nova that will deal a ton of damage to the monsters around you. It is a very good farmer for down in the pits we're farming uniques as well, but having all that poison damage can also do a lot to cows. And finally, there is the bone Necro version of this, you'll generally use a bone spear and target that on whatever, your mercenary is also attacking trying to get down that one monster as fast as possible and then start popping bodies,   the whole pack.  

Corpse explosion doesn't deal any more damage based on how many points you put into it, so you don't really necessarily need a ton of skill gear in order to absolutely wreck with it. So you can actually stack a massive amount of magic find on this character as well.

Top 4 Best High Rune Farming Build - Barbarian

A Barbarian that uses whirlwind is actually a very good character for farming out at trav. Trav is known for one of the best places in the game in order to farm high runes and because you have a Barbarian, you can then use your item find skill to give you another chance of even finding high runes while you're out there. Being a Barbarian obviously, you have a ton of help, and if having battle commands in battle orders obviously that is going to add a ton of health on top of what you already got. So that you do have a ton of survivability when you're rocking this Barbarian on a trap. Unfortunately, there aren't really a lot of other areas in the game where this character really works as well perhaps out at eldritch and shanka, or you can do stuff like pindle, but that's not going to be a high rune farming spot in Diablo 2.

Top 3 Best High Rune Farming Build - Blizzard Sorceress 

A lot of people have been using the dual spec sorceress with firewall and orb, but if you have a character that's good at doing a bunch of things, then it isn't going to be absolutely great at anything. That is why it’s recommended going full blizzard straight down the cold tree, that way you maximize your damage, maximize your kill speed and everybody knows that kill speed is the secret to finding more high runes. So there are a few places that you can't necessarily solo farm with this character. And in general you'll just struggle with places that are strictly and solely gonna be cold immune. But this is a good character actually for out doing trap, there are some occasional cold immunes but your mercenary can deal with them pretty quickly when they do arise, and this character is very good at doing the cow level as well. And even though there are cold immunes in the chaos sanctuary because you're sorceress and you have teleport, you can teleport around and do that seal pop trick and that's going to be a good way in the cast sanctuary to farm for high runes. So this is another one of those characters that early on works really well even when you don't have a bunch of plus skill gear, you can go blizzard sorceress right from the start, you can farm up and gear up your character. 

Top 2 Best High Rune Farming Build - Hammerdin

It's one of the most powerful characters in the entire game. The character is difficult to play when it is budget, but you can get out there with a budget hammer and get farming, but once you get some of that better gear which you will need those high runes for, this character absolutely slaughters almost any area in the entire game, because those hammers are actually magic damage, there are almost nothing that is immune to these hammers. Those hammers do have incredibly large output as well of damage, so it absolutely slaughters cows, elders and shank, you can do with these, you can get out the trap and take everything down. And Hammerdin is known for being the best chaos sanctuary farmer. So on top of the hammer damage being absolutely incredible, it's actually a very safe character as well, it is incredibly easy to get max block. If you use the skilled holy shield and it's also incredibly easy to cap out your resistances because you probably will be using the spirit rune word and shield, but you don't need to make it in a monarch or a paladin, you can get four open sockets in a pali shield that can inherently get up to 45 all res just on the base. Now on top of that you get all the resistance from the spirit rune word, making those resistances something you do not even necessarily need to worry about. So with all that kill speed being able to farm almost anywhere in the entire game, being able to do it all solo by yourself.

Monarch[4 Sockets  & 10-14 ED]

Sale [4 Sockets]
Sale [10-14 EDef]


Ichorsting Defense: 133-148
Durability: 86
Req Strength: 156
Req level: 54
Quality level: 72
Max sockets: 4
Weight: Light
Base block: 22
Class block: Pal: 52%
Ama/Asn/Bar: 47%
Dru/Nec/Sor: 42%
Paladin smite dmg: 12-34

Top 1 Best High Rune Farming Build – Javazon & Lightning Fury

This is the best high rune farmer in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The lightning fury skill for the Javazon is so powerful, you could take the Javelins you start the game with, that you can sell for one gold, and you can lay waste two mobs in hell and start farming high runes with any Javelins in the entire game. Now obviously getting more stuff that has plus the skills like Titans or T-Strokes will increase your kill speed and make you find even more high runes. There is another piece of gear that doesn't actually add plus the skills but will increase your kill speed immensely and that's the Razortail because it gives you that piercing to attack. The cow game is known for one of the both best places in order to find high runes. And it is known as one of the best boss killers when you use charge strike. This being a lightning attack, the infinity not only will increase the damage but also it will break almost all lighting immunities in the game which allows you to farm almost anywhere. 

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