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D2R 2.5 Best Builds For Each Class with Sunder Charm In Ladder Season 2 | Diablo 2 Resurrected Sunder Charm Builds

9/29/2022 7:10:51 PM

With the Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.5 Patch released, the entire game has undergone earth-shaking changes. The Sunder Charms that may have been made for the Terror Zones have become an opportunity to change the entire gameplay of each class in D2R. At the same time, the strength has also been revamped greatly. So in this article, we will briefly talk about the most powerful build for each class after D2R 2.5 patch. 

Best 2.5 Sorceress Build - Lighting Sorc

Lightning Sorceress is still the strongest character in the 2.5 patch, with super high damage skills, The combination of Sunder Charms and Infinity Runeword can bring super high resistance reduction. Negative-resistance monsters are more brittle than paper in front of Lightning Sorc. It is undoubtedly one of the strongest DPS output occupations in Season 2.

The practicality of the Ice sorceress has been broken again, and the role of the king of cost performance. With a Sunder Charm in inventory, it can directly become a god slayer. However, due to the problem of skill form, its efficiency is still not as good as that of lightning sorc.

The fire sorceress is slightly worse than the Ice sorc and the lighting sorc, and the main reason is the skill form. The ability to focus fire kill is super strong, and the damage is very sufficient, all of which are above the version T1 level.

Best 2.5 Necromancer Build - Poison Nova Necro

Pure Summoning and Bone Necromancers, the improvement is small, and the practicality is relatively low in this season. Under the setting of the terror zone, the summons have become the main role of the meat shield. The bone necro build with magic damage, which really has no advantage in front of the hammerdin, and the benefits of Sunder Charms for magic damage is minimal.

The only thing that is remarkable is the Poison Summon Necromancer. The damage increase of the poison necro is still great. The summons only act as shields, which is a very comfortable and simple game experience. The Nova is also an extremely superior skill.

Best 2.5 Amazon Build - Lightning Javelin Amazon

Lightning Javelin Amazon is the only build that can battle with Lightning Sorc, and even can surpass, it as one of the strongest builds in D2R 2.5. And in the case of insufficient equipment resistance, Amazon has a higher safety line due to the existence of Dodge, Evade, Avoid, and Valkyrie. Lighting spear is no longer recommended to play, after all, the damage is too sufficient, the priority of the skilled form far exceeds the damage, and the lightning Fury is the best skill of Amazon. If you need to get cheap or D2R unique javelins and D2R unique spears, is the best store to visit! 

Both the physical bow and arrow and the Ice Dragon build have improved, but the efficiency is much worse than the lightning javelin, after all, the former is too IMBA. But the overall genre is still strong, especially the Ice bow genre, which has improved a lot compared to the previous one.

Best 2.5 Paladin Build - Hummerdin

The main gameplay of Paladin builds has a little impact with the 2.5 patch, the hammerdin is still the most meta one, and the Zeal Fanaticism has not changed much. The only thing worth mentioning is that the Holy Fire Justice build is played. Before the Sunder Charm is released, the Holy Fire Paladin has to pick areas, since there are still quite a few fire-immune monsters, and there are many that cannot be broken. After you have the Sunder Charms, you can walk around at will, and the efficiency of low PP is unparalleled, and it is a unique way of playing.

Best 2.5 Druid Build - Summon Druid

Druid builds have been really improved, of which Fire Druid has been enhanced the most, and it can also be used as mainstream actual combat gameplay. But the skill form is not good if compared with other classes (such as fire sorc). The advantage is that summon druids can act as meat shields.

Wind Druid’s Arctic Blast damage has been enhanced to a certain extent, and the overall improvement is quite satisfactory. The shock wave werebear in the was builds has nothing to do with Sunder Charms. It is the skill change that increases the damage a lot. 

Best 2.5 Assassin Build - Trapsin

Trap Assassin's traps are currently summoned skill, and according to the settings, they will not receive the effect of Sunder Charms. 

Among the assassins, the Phoenix Strike and Dragon Flight assassins have the biggest improvement and are likely to become mainstream gameplay in the future. The damage of Blade Assassin has been increased again, but it is still single-target damage, which limits his own upper limit.

Best 2.5 Barbarian Build - Whirlwind Barb

The various builds of the barbarian are currently all physical gameplay. In a word, there is an improvement but not much. It is still king to earn money honestly. The WW Bard is still the best build among Barbarians since it is super easy to play and can be utilized for various goals, and now with the Sunder Charms, they can also take down the monsters immune to physical damage!

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