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D2R Dupe Glitch 2.5 Guide - How Does Dupe Exploit Work & How To Dupe Items In Diablo 2 Resurrected

10/21/2022 10:02:45 AM

Dupe method has been verified in Diablo 2 Resurrected! The Diablo 2 Resurrected economy may be in trouble following the recent discovery of a dupe method on Battlenet. If you wanted the true recreation of this game, here it is. But how are they doing the D2R 2.5 dupe glitch?  The people who have discovered this Diablo2 Resurrected Season 2 dupe exploit are doing a great job at keeping it, Hush Hush. Today, we focus on how the dupe method works and how to do this dupe glitch in D2R Ladder 2.5.


D2R 2.5 Dupe Glitch 2022: How Does Dupe Exploit Work & How To Do It

Based on some Battlenet forums and Community complaints, we might be able to glean some information about how players are copying these D2R items online. Duping items seems to be a nostalgic end-game chase for a lot of Diablo players ever since the days of Diablo 1. But recently on JSP scammer accusations have been popping up all over the place regarding players trading enigmas that are un perm. Or in other words, duped. There's even a video of a player's armor poofing in real-time. This happens because of something known as a unique item id.


How Does The D2R 2.5 Duping Glitch Work?

Long story short, when an item is duped everything about the item is duplicated including the hidden value known as its unique item ID. When two players on a server save and register the same item with the same unique item id, the server keeps the youngest one. The next time the unlucky older item player joins a game, their copy of the item will disappear.


Strange things have been occurring on people's accounts practically since the game was launched. Have you ever had items disappear on you on a mule? Chances are if you have a jewel or a ring or an amulet mule, this has happened to you in the past. Sporadically when mules are packed full of one-by-one items with a lot of attributes on them, those items tend to just disappear randomly even if they're legit. This self-created state of server instability may be at the root of how this D2R patch 2.5 dupe glitch works.


How To Do D2R 2.5 Dupe Glitch

A player in the community talked about accidentally duping items after overloading his stash with crafted rings. The reason this person even reached out was that he'd already filed a ticket with blizzard because apparently, his account lost the ability to create classic characters and also some other forms of functionality. There is footage that he's creating a game on Battlenet showing a stash full of crafted jewelry and pointing out very clear duplicated items. The story behind this is that he crafted all of these items in a game, and put them into his shared stash, and when he went to move and organize them on mules, some of the items that he took out of the shared stash were his character and still in the shared stash when he went back into a game.



These are duplicated not only in their stat roles but in their actual name and graphics as well. Zero percent chance these aren't dupes. It's possible that this could happen if somehow the shared stash could be overloaded as well. It seems like in this case the player accidentally overloaded the shared stash instead of the player's personal inventory.


D2R Ladder 2.5 Dupe Patch Testing

Youtuber Coooley decided to see if he could replicate it. He played around with this for quite a bit acquiring tons of crafting materials, making jewelry, and trying to break this game. The truth is the person who probably profited most off of this was the people who sold these materials. The only thing he succeeded in doing was destroying some legitimate items by overloading the character's personal stash. He tried to reverse this and make the server forget that he forfeited items from the character's inventory, but to no avail. He also wasn't able to overload the shared stash even when he had a comparable number of crafted items.


The fact that enigmas were poofing on Battlenet may actually suggest something though. Any smart person who's duping items knows from the history of D2, you never dupe rune words. Diablo 2 rune words poof. You always dupe the runes and then make the rune words, or you could dupe the runes and then craft another rune up to permit. But in practice that's not how it went down. The reason people are duplicating enigmas is probably that enigmas have a lot of attributes and abilities on them, but runes don't. It's possible that pulling a rune out of an overloaded stash is not enough memory to make the server forget that you took it out. But if you have rune words that have roles on them and a lot of attributes that could be a different story.


What we do know is that there is a verified D2R 2.5 dupe exploit poofing on Battlenet and it has something to do with an overloaded stash. We wanted to report these findings and pass them on to you in the community so that you may be aware that these things exist and be a bit more careful in your trades. If a deal is too good to be true these days, it probably is.

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