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D2R Dazer's Hybrid Assassin Build Guide | The Most Expensive Dazer Assassin Build in D2R

11/9/2022 11:48:56 AM

Dazer's hybrid assassin is worth over 1 million forum gold, making it one of the most expensive D2 characters in history, but it's not just the D2R items that make this build incredibly powerful in PVP, we got a rare look inside this legendary dueling build, that's been a mystery to D2 players for years, and in this guide, we'll share all of those secrets with you.


Sin Archetypes

You might be wondering what the difference between a spider and a ghost is, spider sins utilize heavy trap damage, and try to do additional open wounds or poison damage with Whirlwind, while a ghost sin tries to do significant physical damage with Whirlwind, even rivaling barbarians with the amount of damage output that, they have a hybrid sin can do both, ghosts sins differ from spiders in that they traditionally used firetraps for maximum FHrlocking which is not a thing anymore due to changes in D2r. Ghosts still used Venom and whatnot, which wouldn't work great for the showcases sins build due to the psn modifier on his rare claws (ruins the poison duration), they are less flexible than spiders but tend to do more overall damage, and specialize in vs sorc and (in legacy) vs druid matchups.

Skills for this Dazer's Hybrid Sin Build

Traps - Maximize Lightning Sentry.

Shadow Disciplines - Maximize Claw Mastery. Because we're going to be trying again to do a significant amount of Whirlwind damage to our opponent, and this increases our attack rating our damage and our critical hit chance, we put one hard point into just about every other skill on the tab and we put our remaining points into mind blast, it's super important to put these remaining points into mind blast, because your Shadow Master is also a very important part of the build, and the higher that your skill level for mind blast, naturally is the more often Your Shadow Master will use it.

Martial Arts - It just so happens that claw Mastery is also a Synergy to Dragon claw, and Dragon Claw is a phenomenal skill when you're trying to chase down on the boogeyman of any PVP rune a necro, you can use Dragon claw to deliver direct damage straight from your weapons to the necro.

Stats for this Dazer's Hybrid Sin Build





Gear for this Dazer's Hybrid Sin Build

Weapon: Runic Talons (Runeword: Chaos)

The build is obviously made around the Chaos claw which gives an assassin access to the Whirlwind skill, but a lot of people wonder what the best skills to have on this claw are, this build will be utilizing traps, so it's important to have plus three to lightning Sentry on just about any of these claw bases, and speaking of which the best claw base if you just need a simple go-to or runic Talons, there are certainly other bases that you can use especially if you choose to focus more on Whirlwind damage, but there are some other skills that are super important on high-end versions of these bass claws, the new meta for d2r is having blade shield on these things, especially if you are a hybrid ghost, but skills like blade shield, and dragonflight are actually super important, because they literally save you skill points in your skill tree.

Runic Talons (Fiend Bite)

We do know that his other set of claws, sold for over 300 000 forum D2R gold, there's something extremely funny about these claws too, and that is that there is rune for improvement, this tells me that you guys need to be picking up more of these assassin claws, and putting them on the market, but these ones are runic talons which again is one of the most important bases to have for a hybrid ghost, and any set of these claws needs to include the following four sets of things, at least 30 percent increased attack speed, the cruel mod giving it the enhanced damage, the fools mod which gives it max damage and attack rating based on character level, and they need to be ethereal for a massive base damage increase, but a set of claws like this can also spawn with assassin skills on it, so it's possible to find these with plus three lightning Sentry, dragonflight, blade Shield.

Head Armor: Diadem (Griffon's Eye)

One of the only ways to meet the 102 percent faster castrate breakpoint on a dual Clawson is by using Griffon's Eye, although this doesn't need to be perfect because the negative enemy lightning resist and plus lightning damage doesn't apply to your traps.

Gloves: Vambraces (Trang-Oul's Claws)

These give us cold resist a little bit of poison skill damage that complements Venom, but most importantly the 20 cast to help us reach the breakpoint.

Body Armor: Wyrmhide (Enigma)

Amulet: Grim Mark

Belt: Arachnid Mesh

Ring: Dread Eye

Boots: Gore Rider

Strategy for this Dazer's Hybrid Sin Build

The strategy with this ghost hybrid is to utilize the insane distance of lightning Sentry while completely punishing your opponents with Whirlwind, blade shield, and Dragon claw when they get close, your opponents will need to worry about lightning damage, physical damage, and even poison damage, making this one of the hardest PVP builds to prepare for with this build, Dazer became one of the highest ranked assassin duelers in recent D2 history, although most of us will never be able to afford a build like this, it's actually completely possible to build one of these on a budget.

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