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Dragonflight Gold Farming Guide - Top 5 Best Gold Farm Before World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

11/8/2022 6:21:16 PM

Gold farming in World of Warcraft is a little tough right now, it's the end of Shadowlands, we've got about a month left before Dragonflight hits. Today we're going through the top 5 best gold farms before wow Dragonflight release.


WoW Dragonflight Gold Farming Guide - Top 5 Best Gold Farms In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

Gold's getting tight so we're really trying to just squeeze out everything that we can, especially after the auction house merge in 9.2.7 where all Commodities are shared, so that really hurt a lot of the old gold farms. For things like the primal and leathers that help the player base as a whole, a lot of us aren't able to sell them for those premium prices that we were once getting when those items were realm specific. Anywhere between like 12K and 30k is going to be a good gold farm worth the time, especially since we were talking about just farming like raw mats or skins. Now, let’s dive into this best WOW Dragonflight gold farming guide.


Top 1 Dragonflight Best Gold Farm -  Dreadfang Venom Sac

If you want to farm these, you're going to have to go to Terokkar Forest. Actually, all of these best Dragonflight gold farming locations are going to be taking place in Terokkar Forest, they are really easy to get. The first Dragonflight best farming tip is the Dreadfang Venom Sac we're going to be killing spiders called Dreadfang Lurker and they're dropping the Dreadfang Venom Sac. This is a rep token of sorts and they actually sell pretty well. They're going for 63 gold a piece the drop rate is pretty good. Dreadfang Lurkers are quite populated, you're never going to run out of these. Most importantly, the drop rate is not horrible.

Spot 1

Farm the area around Allerian Stronghold, and you will see all the spiders once you get down there.


Spot 2

Or you are going to farm around Cenarion Thicket. The cool thing about these best Dragonflight gold farming areas is they are very close to the next farms that we are going to do.


Top 2 Dragonflight Best Gold Farm - Dampscale Basilisk Eye

Dampscale Basilisk Eye is another rep token. These are selling for 71 gold and the price changes right as it goes up and down. They're around 60 Gold normally, again a 0.36 sale rate and selling 6200 a day regionally. This is one of the best Best Dragonflight gold making methods. 


Spot 1

First, you're going to go the Shattrath City around a little Lagoon. In this World of Warcraft Dragonflight best gold farming spot, you're just killing these Dampscale Basilisk Eyes come from Dampscale Basilisks. As you just fly around, you can see everything sort of ties together. Because when you're farming the Basilisks, you're going to notice that there's a lot of Dreadfang Lurker around. that's just going to help you double up on the items that you are actually looting. But this is really easy, you just go around, you kill them and then you skin them. The cool thing about this is that you are also going to be getting more than just uh the Basilisk Eyes.


This is where the other Farms are actually going to come into play and they're going to group up. You're farming more than one thing at a time so you're getting a lot of different ways to make gold quickly before Dragonflight release. Instead of just farming for the Basilisk Eye, if you have leather working which we recommend, you're going to be getting some other things as well.


Spot 2

The second Dragonflight best gold farming location along the river of Tuurem and Firewing Point. Go all up and down the river and you're just killing everything on the edge. This probably is the most mob density compared to the other place and this is going to lead us right into 3, 4, and 5 of what we're actually farming. If you have skinning which is what you're going to need for this, they're all going to come from this Dampscale Devourer or any kind of Basilisk actually in the area.


Top 3 Dragonflight Best Gold Farm - Fel Scales

One of the things that they're going to drop when your skin is Fel Scales. They are 14 gold currently but you can see the price sort of bounces around between 13-14. So you're going to be getting those.


Top 4 Dragonflight Best Gold Farm - Crystal Infused Leather

The number four thing we're going to be looking for is Crystal Infused Crystal. This price bounces around as well, it's going for 8 right now, and sometimes it goes for 4. Usually, it's like 4-10 but they have a really good sell rate and they are a bonus as we're already looking for the other items anyway.


Top 5 Dragonflight Best Gold Farm - Knothide Leather

The last thing that we're going to be farming here sort of all goes together because everything that you do here with skinning is going to drop Knothide Leather, which goes for 1 gold 25. So not amazing, you could turn those into Knothide Leather if you had a leather worker. The cool thing about this is number 5 best gold farm Dragonflight is actually a multi as well. Because we're going to be farming Knothide Leather but then as we're flying around from place to place and just from going from mob to mob, we're going to be also looking for Fel Iron Ore, Adamantite Ore, and Khorium Ore. 

Now Khorium Ore actually has a chance to spawn anywhere at mankind or response. It's 274 gold a piece, so that is a really high-value item and you can get it right here as you're doing these other WoW Gragonflight gold farms. We recommend being a druid just for an instant flight form. If you're not a Worgen, you get Darkmoon Firewater which increases your skinning. It's like 40 gold off the auction house and it will speed it up a ton. The drop rate on those is pretty good.


These are the 5 best farms Dragonlifght WOW that you can do solo right now in Terokkar Forest that are going to help you stock up and stockpile gold for Dragonflight's release or just to put some gold in the bank whenever you're trying to do.




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