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Rocket League Season 5 Update - Release Date, Events & Items In RL Season 5

10/13/2021 11:36:21 AM

With the new season coming to the rocket league, what can you expect from the RL Season 5 update? There’s a possibility of loads of brand new cars and items coming to the game. Next, we are going to be covering some confirmed events, items in Rocket League Season 5 update.


Rocket League Season 5 Release Date

RL Season 5 update is most likely going to release at the start of December.


Rocket League Season 5 Update - Release Date, Events & Items In RL Season 5

Rocket League tweeted a couple of days ago where there are goings to be additional game modes to free play for every single platform. At the same time, you can get hyped about the Rocket League items in season 5. Thanks to the hard work of Dylbobz, we are going to take a look at the more information Rocket League Season 5 update. Some of them are Halloween-themed and some of them are free items from Halloween events. There’s also Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn items you can look forward to.

When Will We Be Getting Rocket League Season 5 Items?

We should be getting probably this month since some of the items in it are going to be Halloween items.


Rocket League Season 5 Events

Batmen Vs. Joker DLC 

There is a brand new Batmen Vs. Joker DLC is going to be happening very soon, probably around Halloween. The Joker is making an entrance into the Rocket League. There are going to be borders and banners you can get from the in-game event related to the Joker. There are new Goal Explosions, new Batmobile Decals, Joker Decals, Joker Boost, Mr. Freeze Wheels, Harley Quinn Wheels, and more confirmed items.


New BMW M20I DLC will soon be in Rocket League before you know it. A brand new BMW DLC bundle in Rocket League Season 5. There have been loads of DlCs coming out recently on Rocket League of real-life cars. Back in the day, it started with the Mclaren 570s, but Rocket League has expanded its range of real-life cars. They are getting good partnerships with all these car brands.


Rocket League Season 5 Blue Prints

There’s new blueprint series and the name, which makes them a perfect match up to the part of the brand new Cygnus series. If you didn't know how blueprints work at the end of games, you'll be able to get random items and they can be from any blueprint series. The thing is this is technically the season 4 series of items, but rocket league is being a bit weird these days and they bring out the season items at the end of the season. Most of you will be getting the new items during Rocket League Season Five.

What Does Cygnus Series mean?

If you think about it the last series was called the Auriga series. Auriga is a constellation of stars, Cygnus is also a star constellation. What Rocket League is doing, they're making the theme the new blueprint series are going to be named after star constellations, maybe teasing towards a space-themed season 5 rocket pass. If they're going to be naming their blueprint series after star constellations, we need to see a space-themed rocket pass very soon. 

What’s In The New Blueprint Series

The jackal is going to be an import car. Jackal is a type of animal, it's a bit like a fox sort of animal, and that fits the naming system of rocky league's recent items. Now is the jackal going to have the octane hitbox like the fennek and the dingo or is it going to be a more nimble dominus kind of hitbox? With the jackal as the import, we're going to be getting loads of rare decals for it. 

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