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Madden 22 Latest News & Rumors - Rookie Premiere, Franchise Mode, Cover Athlete, and More

6/7/2021 2:28:59 PM

Madden 21 is coming to an end and Madden 22 is approaching. When will the game finally arrive and what it will bring? Based on the information from official speak and social platforms, here let’s take a look at the latest Madden 22 news and rumors about the focuses of players. 

Madden 22 Latest News & Rumors - Cover Athlete, Release Date, Franchise Mode and More

Madden 22 Cover

The EA CEO Andrew Wilson teases that the cover for Madden 22 might not be what you expect. All the rumors about Derrick Henry are not true, he is not going to be the cover star. EA will release Madden NFL 22 soon, the team is planning something different for the cover. Derrick Henry might have been the cover originally but plans changed, not everything is set in stone. There is a rumor that we may get two players on the cover this year, and that would be two quarterbacks, which is actually different. 

Madden 22 Release Date

The official announcement about Madden NFL 22 is not available until now, based on the regular schedule, you can expect Madden 22 in August 2021. The most recent Madden games were released near the end of August and often drops on a Friday, so it’s likely to see Madden 22 launch on August 22 or August 27. EA is possible to adopt a staggered release this year, but it is likely that the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox X series, PS5 and PC's Madden 22 release dates will be the same. But you’ll have the chance to pre-order the game for some bonus such as packs or Madden 22 coins with different editions and experience the game in advance. 

Madden 22 Franchise Mode

The Franchise mode seems to be getting the bulk of the updates this year, the features to be updated or improved may involve the coaching and staff management, scouting, new scenario engine, a new team chemistry team, and commissioner tools. There is some evidence suggest that coordinators are coming to Madden 22, customizable relocation, expanded trading, advanced scouting, expanded coaching staff, business staff, an increased pool of coaches, supplement draft and more changes fans are want to add in the following game. 

Madden 22 Pre-Order 

Pre-orders are likely to go live after the EA Play Live showcase, which is set for July 22, 2021. Once it starts to run, you can pre-order Madden 22 from official platforms and online sites including PlayStation, Xbox stores, and Amazon. There should be a standard edition and two non-standard editions you can choose from, with different prices and bonuses. 

Madden 22 Rookie Premiere

The Rookie Premiere dropped last year, they are in multiple exchange sets, lots of people are hoarding quite a few of these pieces, who’s gonna get them out of 2021? EA could change the rules, what are we getting? The quarterback to be one of the first, San Francisco 49ers might give a little bit of acquainting period whereas the Jaguars and Jets have a little bit less of tenuous. It may be Trevor Lawrence for the Rookie Premier quarterback, he’s going to win it, you can go down to Justin Fields, Chicago Bears would be fun too. Mac Jones won’t be it.

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