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Madden NFL 22 Latest News - Release Date, Cover Athlete, Beta & Features In Game Modes

5/31/2021 1:01:57 PM

Madden NFL 22 is a few months away from its release, EA's being pretty quiet keeping things close to the vest, but there are plenty of rumors circulating and we are hearing more and more from more reliable people about different news. So here we’ve sorted out all information about Madden 22, featuring release dates, cover athlete, beta, and new changes in game modes.

Madden 22 Cover Athlete

We've all been hearing Derek Henry that's been the rumor that was the photo leak that we saw in gamestop, and in the previous years the same photo league wound up being the cover athlete for that year's game. There's been no confirmation that it is him either it's still kind of up in the air a lot of the rumors still point to it being Derek Henry also people saying because he did have a great year and we haven't had a running back on the cover in a while which does make sense, he also wears number 22 and this is Madden 22, a lot of signs still point to Derek Henry. However, you have to keep in mind in terms of at least the leaked gamestop photos, in those previous years when the leaked photos wound up being the actual cover athlete. The cover athletes those years were a lot more obvious after the year mahomes had a couple years back, it was a no-brainer that they would want him to be on the cover same thing with Lamar Jackson after the crazy year he had, there was no like surprise that that's who they wanted to be on the cover. This year, however it's a little bit more of a toss-up, there's no definite guaranteed player that they would put on the cover this year, so a lot of people are pointing to Derek Henry, but just keep in mind that it might not be him but so far it does look like that is the cover athlete.

Madden 21 Release Date

So When Will Madden 22 Release? This is something people have been asking about a lot. We have no confirmed release date yet, while we think we will get a confirmed release date in the coming weeks, but all the rumors we are hearing are saying it's going be the end of August. All signs point to the end of August and you have to think EA releases Madden one of two ways: it's either the first week of August or the last week of August, there's never any in between, and never in second third week or like right in the middle of the month. Madden 19 and Madden 20, they released it the first week of August; last year we went back to the last week of August which was kind of understandable because 2020 was a crazy year, we knew there would be some delays and some pushbacks. So we think the same thing is going to happen this year, all signs are pointing end of August. But another reason that all signs point to the end of August is because the EA Play Live event is taking place in the last week of July, and we just find it highly unlikely that they will be releasing the early EA Play trial just days later, if they were going to release the official game on the first week of August and EA Play was like July 20th or 22nd, they're not gonna release the EA Play trial just like five days later. So all signs point to the end of August, it'll probably be August 27th because when it's the end of August it's always the last Friday in that month. 

Madden 22 Release Date Predict: August 27th will more than likely be the official release date of Madden NFL 21 which means August 24th will be the early edition, then that means the EA Early Access trial will probably be around August 20th where you get the 10 hours to play for like five dollars a month. So those should be how the release dates wind up shaking out for Madden 22.

Madden 22 BETA

We've had a beta the last few years, all signs point towards that happening again this year. It's kind of something they keep really close to the vest until about a week or two before the actual beta happens but expect another beta this year so people can test out the game and kind of you know report bugs and feedback to them, to hopefully have a better launch. But we know that last year, we had a beta and one of the most buggiest launches of Madden ever so we mean you know usually the beta stuff that's reported kind of gets fixed within that first month of release, it doesn't usually all get fixed before the game's actually released. So we have a beta doesn't mean we're going to necessarily have a clean launch of the game, but it's better to have one than not have one and the rumor is that there will be a beta again this year.

Madden 22 Franchise Mode New Features

The big one and most exciting one news about Madden 22 is about Franchise Mode, especially after what happened last year everybody wants to know what's going on with franchise mode. All the rumors we have heard is that franchise mode is going to be a big focus this year and is going to be the thing that's changing the most about the game, as it's going to get all those updates that people have been wanting the things that they promised at the beginning of last year after the backlash. This is sounding like a big year for franchise mode players . In Madden 21, EA did release the three separate updates and added a lot of different little features and tweaks to the game that people have been wanting, but franchise fans were still left feeling like franchise mode isn't fixed yet because the big features aren't there, well EA said the big features would be coming from Madden 22 because the noteworthy features that's going to take them a little bit more time to implement correctly.

We think franchise mode fans will finally for the first time in a very long time have a franchise mode with a decent amount of depth and actually have a mode that's really moving into the right direction.

Madden 22 Face of the Franchise New Features

We've heard a lot of conflicting rumors on this but the big rumor is that face of the franchise as we know it was going away and superstar mode coming back. Now that doesn't necessarily mean the actual old superstar mode as we know it would come back, they may even still call it face of the franchise but we've just been hearing that they're going to change it to the way people have been asking for it to be, kind of more of a Career Mode instead of that Story Slash Career Mode and possibly unlocking more positions instead of just being able to use one to three different positions. And just kind of making it the career mode that people loved about the older game.

But also you have to consider with NCAA coming back in the next few years, they're definitely going to have to tweak this mode and upgrade it over the next few years in general, because one of the biggest things about the college football games was that - you could create your player in NCAA and can play through win the heisman do all that good stuff, and then you can transport him over to Madden be a rookie, and be able to be drafted and continue your career in Madden. So if they're bringing the college football game back likely for the year 2023, we think over the next few years in general you're going to likely see them really building up faces of franchise or even if they change the name of the mode completely. We don't know if there'll be major changes but the rumors are that there's going to be some significant changes here as far as newer modes like the yard and superstar KO.

That's the latest news of Madden 22 we've know yet, we hope EA Sports will bring more surprises to us in Madden NFL 22. And will still here offer you the cheap Madden 22 coins to help you enjoy a better gaming time!

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