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NBA 2K21 Season 8 Predictions - Free Invincible Cards, New Domination, Free Dark Matter Rewards & More

6/3/2021 4:41:50 PM

Season 8 is coming around the corner in NBA 21 MyTeam! Today we'll be going over NBA 2k21 Season 8 predictions for all the rewards including: limited, unlimited, spotlights, level 40 rewards and much more to help you prepare the new season. If you need NBA 2K MT Coins to make pre-investment for Season 8, AOEAH could be your best choice on buying cheap NBA 2K21 MT with fast delivery and best service!

NBA 2K21 Season 8 Predictions - New Dominations, Dark Matter Rewards & More

Every new season in NBA 2K21 MyTeam comes with new rewards, new locker codes, new events, new collections, new players, new packs, new cards and so much more. There is no exception for Season 8 which is another major update in NBA 2K21 MyTeam and is going to change everything with all the new rewards, dark matter and galaxy opals! Now let’s get into this NBA 2K21 Season 8 prediction, covering the new rewards, the potential free pink diamonds and free galaxy opals in the game as well as the updated token rewards which will give us the first galaxy opal token rewards in NBA 2k21 MyTeam.

Season 8 Level 40 Rewards

- Kevin Durant would be one of the rewards because it means the 2K could bring out another dark matter Kevin Durant, but make him not as good as the invincible Kevin Durant or make the invincible Kevin Durant point guard, shooting guard. But like none for the go cards last year apart from LeBron, we’re out of position maybe because they’re going to put dark matter Kevin Durant packs. It is going to be an invincible card. 

- Dark matter ball is going to be the reward. A lot of people are going to say invincible YaoMing, but there is a theory that this is not the last season like glass is the first of June content stopped last year on the 8th of August, we are getting another 4 week season and 4 weeks like that barely eats into July and then we are going to see the final season. Considering this season was like full throttle season before it was like glitch reality, it could be anything.

Season 8 New Domination 

Johnny, who’s going to be the final domination, it has to be invincible card after spotlight sims, and it’s probably going to be a two guard as well. Considering spotlight sims have the last three, the last two of them power forwards or maybe like a small forward slash two guard. The last domination which is going to be this season and we are going to see one last spotlight sims in the final season where it’s all going to be dark matters. We’re going to see one last maybe fantasy spotlight sims is going to be a thing where we see a bunch of dark matters, then bowlers or dinosaur would be a big one but only in July. 

Season 8 Unlimited Rewards

The unlimited reward this year this season will be Larry Jonson. It also could be anyone. Play 5-on-5 with your best players to won exclusive prizes!

Season 8 Limited Rewards

We see dark matter thorough Bailey. He could be a legitimate card for MyTeam as like a 6 foot 11 small forward, they update his release a little bit and they give him worthy release because him unworthy, he had the exact same release. So he’s going to get worthy releasing.

Prediction For Triple Threat Online

We are getting a lot of small forward slash two guards, now you need to change this one because the Vault card is another two guard, this guy might be able to play point guard, so the prediction for triple chat online will be a dark matter version of Jerry’s and triple challenge Brook Lopez who is a shout out to the triple child online kind of triple thread offline vault card. First of all, we’ve never got a vault card at the start of the season that has been broken. 

We would see Rudy Fernandez wonder words whether it’d be limited whether it be triple chat offline or offline, Rudy Fernandez is a weird person to predict. He’s gonna basically be a 6 foot 6 Steph Curry with a better upper and better dribble style. 

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