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Rocket League Half-Flip Guide 2021 - Best Methods To Do Half Flip Effectively

6/4/2021 2:25:17 PM

Rocket League has come a long way since 2015 but for whatever reason half flip tutorials definitely have not, so here we are going to be breaking down everything you need to know about the two major ways to half flip as well as the less common secret if you will quarter flip mechanic. Here is everything you need to know to learn half flips as fast as possible.

First things first we're going to cover the two major ways to do a half flip, you'll know in a second why it's really really important you can do not just one but both.

Perfect Half Flip

Starting from the top the first way to half flip is going to be the perfect half flip, which is a simple straight backwards flip cancel.

How to do perfect half flip?

1. First to execute a perfect half flip, what you need to do is start by backflipping straight backwards

2. Then when the nose of your car is facing backwards and your car is level with the ground about halfway through the flip, you're going to pull up on your joystick to cancel your flip. This is a simple flip cancel and all it's going to do is stop your car from completing the second half of the spin step

3. All you have to do is hold arrow left or arrow right in order to get your wheels face in the ground and you're off.

So that's the perfect half flip, it is good for turning directly around which leads you in to your second point.

Short Half Flip

If the perfect half flip turns you a true 180 degrees straight back around, what a short half flip does is it turns you just a little bit less than that, something like 160 degrees or 170 degrees

How to do short half flip?

The step by step of the short half flip is going to look just like the perfect half flip except we won't need to use the arrow at the end, so really it's only two steps long to do it:

1. You're going to need to initiate a backflip but you want it to be slightly off center. 

2. If you initiate that first dodge slightly off center and then flip cancel straight vertically again, your car is automatically going to do this rolling over and you won't actually need to air roll other than maybe a minor correction at the very end.

So if you do a short half flip right, it's really only two steps with maybe a little air roll at the end. 

Which Half Flip Should You Use In Rocket League Gaming?

As you can see both types of half flips accomplish almost the same thing so the question becomes which one should you use. To answer that question what we're going to have to do is pivot a little bit and talk about dead zone settings.

Controller dead zone what this controls is how sensitive your joystick is to changes in inputs. For example, if you have a high dead zone anything close to a backflip, and if you push down on your joystick and it's even a little bit off center, the game is still going to register it as a perfect backflip; whereas if you have a super low controller dead zone and if your joystick is just the most minute distance off center, the game is going to catch that difference. 

When To Do Perfect Half Flip? If you have a high dead zone you can't actually do the short flip right, because if your dead zone is super high, and the game is going to take your first dodge and just convert it to a perfect half flip. It means in practice for those of us with very high dead zones, anything above 0.15 - 0.20, you actually will not be able to do the short half flip consistently. So if you're in that club and you're playing with a super high dead zone, then you have to do the perfect half flip, it's super simple for you.

When To Do Short Half Flip? If however you have the dead zone settings between the 0.05 to 0.10 range, you will have the option for which half flip you want to use based on the situation. By default, you can go for the perfect half, it's just the most reliable type of half lip and on top of that understanding how to control your flip cancels really well with the perfect half flip is going to become useful in later mechanics.

More Tips of Half Flip In Rocket League

Let's dive into the weeds a little bit here, because we have some really useful tips we want to share with you:

Quarter Flip Trick

When you're doing the short half flip, the direction your car faces at the end is fully based on where you send your first dodge. So if you dodge nearly perfectly back into the center, you're going to land with your car almost facing perfectly backwards; but if instead you initiate that first dodge more towards the side than you do backwards, let's say then your car is going to end up facing more sideways than it will backwards. Now you understand the idea of the quarter flip. All a quarter flip is a super short half flip. So whereas a perfect half flip turns you 180 degrees, if you initiate a backwards diagonal dodge then you can half flip backwards cancel up on your joystick and land almost 90 degrees from where you started. Now you are set because you'll be able to turn your car around anywhere in between 90 degrees and 180 degrees on command. This is going to be so huge in improving your recoveries and speed in game.

New Half-Flip Trick

If you have the other types of half flips down to execute the half flip shuffle, what you need to do is this:

First follow through with all the steps of a perfect half flip, but the only modification you're going to make is when you do that flip cancel wait just a little bit longer, so that way the front wheels of your car are facing more downwards than the back wheels once you've initiated the cancel.

From there, you're going to air roll over, so that way the front wheels of your car are in a little bit more of a downward position when it's landing

Then when the front wheels have fully sunk into the ground and your car's landed, you're going to need to instantly click jump to kick the front wheels of your car up, and then wave dash down for a shuffle.

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