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The War Within DPS, Healer, Tank Tier List | WoW TWW Tier List

6/17/2024 11:36:29 AM

With the Beta rolled out and the release date scheduled, it's time to see which are the best DPS, Healer, and Tank specs to main in the War Within! Here we've sorted out the WoW TWW Tier List based on the beta testing, class tier set bonuses, and leaked info!

The War Within Tier List - WoW TWW DPS, Healer, Tank Ranking

As World of Warcraft prepares to unveil its latest expansion, The War Within, players around the globe are gearing up to dive into the updated world of Azeroth. With significant changes and enhancements to DPS, Healer, and Tank classes, understanding the new dynamics and how each class stacks up against the others is crucial for both veteran players and newcomers alike. In this tier list, we explore the revamped hero classes, dissect their performances in various game modes, and provide insights into which classes are soaring to the top and which might need a bit more polish. Whether you're planning your main, looking for the best alt, or just curious about the current meta, our WoW TWW Tier List will give you some ahead ideas. Let's see how each class fares in the War Within f WoW!

The War Within DPS Tier List

Here, we rank each ranged DPS spec based on their overall fun, design, and effectiveness with their latest gameplay adjustments.


Demonology Warlock: Offers thrilling gameplay with multiple Doomguard summons and a dynamic playstyle. Hero talents enhance its fun factor, making it one of the most enjoyable specs to play.

Destruction Warlock: Greatly improved from previous iterations; the new hero talents introduce enjoyable mechanics that breathe new life into the spec.

Fire Mage: Continues to shine with robust mechanics and an excellent tier set, maintaining its position as a highly rewarding and fun spec to play.


Arcane Mage: The rework provides a refreshing change, especially with the Spell Slinger hero talent, altering its traditional gameplay in engaging ways.

Augmentation Evoker (Chrono Warden): The hero talent significantly enhances the spec, making it more enjoyable and giving it a unique twist.

Shadow Priest: Benefits from exciting new hero talents like Void Weaver, adding much-needed dynamism and fun to its gameplay.


Affliction Warlock: While improved and more coherent in its damage profile, it still lacks the excitement found in higher-tier specs.

Frost Mage: Solid performance with the Frostfire hero talent, though it falls short of making the spec truly stand out.


Balance Druid: Struggles with direction and the loss of key mechanics, making it less enjoyable than other specs.

Elemental Shaman: Feels lackluster without clear synergies or a compelling gameplay loop, though some hero talents like Stormbringer add a bit of flair.


Hunter (pre-rework): Noted as significantly underperforming in the current state of the beta, awaiting a rework that could potentially alter its standing.

The War Within Healer Tier List

Here is our Healer ranking, which we've evaluated based on their performance in both group and solo environments.


Holy Priest (Archon): Stands out with the impressive Halo mechanic, significantly boosting its healing output and making it a powerhouse in raid environments. The visual flair and increased healing effects from Halo enhance its class fantasy and effectiveness.

Resto Druid (Wild Stalker): Offers a robust and versatile healing toolkit that excels in both raid and dungeon settings. The synergy between its healing and damage abilities makes it a formidable choice.


Resto Shaman (Far Seer): Improved damage and healing outputs make it suitable for dynamic dungeon environments. Its ancestors mechanic adds an interesting layer to its gameplay, although it's more favored in dungeons than raids.

Evoker (Flame Shaper & Chrono Warden): Both specs provide strong group utility and damage, with Flame Shaper offering particularly powerful emergency healing and damage capabilities.


Holy Paladin (Herald of the Sun & Lightsmith): While strong in specific scenarios, it generally offers less compelling gameplay compared to other healers. Lightsmith provides significant survivability, making it useful in dungeons, whereas Herald of the Sun might see more use in raids due to its sustained healing capabilities.

Resto Druid (Keeper of the Grove): Provides a passive boost to healing through Grove Guardians, allowing for more focus on damage output, which is highly beneficial in prolonged combat scenarios like raids.


Mistweaver Monk (Master of Harmony): While it has potential in raids due to its passive healing enhancement, it lacks the convincing performance needed in more active and damage-focused environments like dungeons.

Resto Shaman (Totemic Restoration): Excels in raids with its ability to enhance chain heals, but struggles in dungeons due to its less dynamic healing style and dependency on positioning.


Discipline Priest (Oracle): The rework of Oracle results in a less engaging playstyle, with many players finding the rotational buffs and healing mechanics cumbersome and unsatisfying in both dungeons and raids.

The War Within Tank Tier List

Here's how the tanks rank from best to worst based on design, fun factor, and numerical performance—though with a cautious approach to the numbers due to expected future tuning.


Bear: Stands out for its enjoyable and engaging theory-crafting process, making it not only effective but also offering a depth of gameplay that aligns well with RPG elements. The synergy between talents and abilities brings out a strong performance in various settings.


Protection Paladin: Offers an enjoyable play experience with impactful hero talents, despite a somewhat restrictive talent tree. The gameplay mechanics, especially around abilities like Consecration, add to its robustness.

Protection Warrior: Noted for exceptional tankiness and damage output, making it a highly reliable choice. The hero talents significantly enhance its capabilities, though a lack of flexibility in talent choices holds it back slightly from S-Tier.


Vengeance Demon Hunter: While still potent, the reliance on specific builds and the less impactful hero talents reduce its overall effectiveness and enjoyment compared to previous expansions.


Blood Death Knight: Positioned here for its solid performance and potential for improvement. The recent reworks and how well it synergizes with its tier set suggest upward mobility in future evaluations.


Brewmaster Monk: Currently struggles significantly with survival and impact. Issues with the Stagger mechanic and an underwhelming rework contribute to its low ranking. Its hero talents and gameplay are not compelling, which severely limits its effectiveness in both dungeons and raids.

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