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War Within Pre-Patch Event Guide: TWW Radiant Echoes Date, Rewards (Gear) & How To Get

6/11/2024 10:48:03 AM

The Radiant Echoes is The War Within Pre-Patch event and will help you prepare for this newest WoW expansion with bulk rewards including currency, gear, transmog, pets, mounts, and other unique items! In this guide, let's look at what reward items we will get and how to get them!

WoW The War Within Radiant Echoes Guide - TWW Pre-Patch Event Release Date, Rewards & How To Get

As we approach the launch of the War Within expansion in WoW, Blizzard has introduced the Radiant Echoes pre-patch event to bridge the gap between expansions and provide players with exciting activities and rewards. This event will take players across various iconic locations in Azeroth where they can relive epic battles and acquire unique items.

War Within Radiant Echoes Pre-Patch Event Release Date

The War Within Pre-Patch Event - Radiant Echoes is set to commence on August 20, 2024, right after the end of MoP Remix on August 19.

Event Locations and Activities

During the Radiant Echoes event, players will encounter memories bubbling up in three main locations:

  • Dustwallow March: Battle the Remembered Onyxia.

  • Searing Gorge: Confront the Remembered Firelord.

  • Dragonblight: Face off against the Remembered Lich King.

These encounters are expected to be reminiscent of the Worldsoul Memory Events from Khaz Algar, focusing on defeating major villains from Warcraft's history. Players will engage in these battles by killing mobs to summon echoes of these formidable foes.

How to Participate the TWW Pre-Patch Event

Upon logging in when the event is live, players will receive a quest in their UI, directing them to Dalaran to speak with Kadar. From there, players will be guided to participate in the Radiant Echoes events occurring in the aforementioned locations. Participation involves various activities like defeating enemies, completing objectives, and interacting with event-specific elements like the Radiant Chord, which allows players to experience Azeroth's memories vividly.

Event Mechanics

In these areas, you’ll find multiple objectives to complete within a set timeframe, alongside other players. Tasks include defeating mobs, interacting with objects, and progressing through stages of the event. Each completed stage rewards you with currency and occasionally gear or other items. However, during the beta, some events concluded abruptly, including a final challenge against Onyxia, indicating some stability issues that hopefully will be resolved in the full release.

The War Within Prepatch Rewards and Vendors

During the War Within pre-patch event, players have the opportunity to collect a variety of rewards from the special vendor, Remembrancer Amuul, in Dalaran. These rewards encompass a range of gear, pets, bags, mounts, and a unique craftable Heirloom ring, all designed to enhance your gameplay experience as you prepare for the new expansion. Here's a detailed breakdown of the available rewards:

Currency - Residual Memories

Throughout the event, you'll collect Residual Memories, a currency used at a special vendor inside Dalaran. This vendor offers a variety of items, from gear and pets to unique mounts. The gear available includes Veteran gear, which can be upgraded, although the exact mechanics for upgrading are still being finalized.

Players will collect Residual Memories from enemies, which serve as the currency for purchasing rewards from Remembrancer Amuul in Dalaran.

Warbound Gear

Item Level 493 Champion Gear: Available for purchase with Radiant Memories, these items carry the "Dalaran's Defender" prefix, indicating their high quality. A full list of available items can be explored on WoWDB.

Dalaran-Themed Weapons: These stylish weapons complement the Dalaran's Defender gear, perfect for players looking to complete their set.


Faded Ebony Scale: Enhances player stats significantly.

Shriveled Ancient Tentacle: Offers unique combat abilities.

Weathered Northrend Crest: Boosts defensive capabilities.


Recruit's Reagent Bag: A Warbound 30-slot reagent bag, ideal for carrying crafting materials.

Defender's Hefty Satchel: A Warbound 32-slot regular bag, providing ample space for loot and essentials.

Battle Pets

Each costing 25 Residual Memories:

Remembered Riverpaw: A loyal companion for your adventures.

Remembered Spawn: A mysterious creature with unique abilities.

Remembered Construct: A sturdy pet, perfect for tanking minor enemies.


These mounts are not only modes of transport but also carry historical significance across Azeroth:

Remembered Golden Gryphon: A staple of Alliance air travel, celebrated for its majestic appearance and resilience.

Remembered Wind Rider: Known for its role in numerous Horde campaigns, this mount is revered for its strength and agility.

Heirloom Ring

Crafting the Band of Radiant Echoes: Players need to gather three essences from the event’s bosses (Essence of the Eastern Kingdoms, Essence of Northrend, Essence of Kalimdor) and combine them with a Lifeless Stone Ring. This process creates the Band of Radiant Echoes, an Heirloom ring that benefits players across their account.

Lifeless Stone Ring: Available at the event’s gear vendor in Dalaran, this ring is the base item for crafting the Heirloom ring.

Upgrading and Transferring Items

Many of the items, including gear and trinkets, can be upgraded using additional Residual Memories. Notably, items are Warbound, meaning they can be shared across all characters on your account, enhancing flexibility in gear distribution among your characters.

These rewards are designed to prepare players for the upcoming challenges in the War Within expansion, providing them with powerful gear, helpful companions, and significant boosts to their carrying capacity.

Radiant Echoes offers a straightforward pre-patch experience with a mix of combat, exploration, and collection. It's a great opportunity to gear up and enjoy new content as we transition into the War Within expansion. As always, these events provide a blend of nostalgia and new challenges, ideal for both veterans and newcomers to the game. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the event's official release, and make sure to participate to grab some unique items and experience the buildup to War Within.

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