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FIFA 21 FUT CO-OP Mode Guide - 4 Successful Tips For Playing Better

10/18/2020 5:13:08 PM

In FIFA 21 you now can play with up to four players on the same team in Ultimate Team in FUT co-op. We have some useful tips for you so that you can also be successful in the FIFA 21 FUT CO-OP Mode.

What is FUT CO-OP in FIFA 21? 

New in FIFA 21 is that you can play games together with friends in the Ultimate Team. In the past, two people could play FUT matches on one console. But the new co-op feature can be played online and offers significantly more options. Because here both players get experience points and rewards.

You can play these modes cooperatively:

  • - Division Rivals

  • - Squad Battles

  • - Friendly Matches

We explain to you here how the FUT co-op works and how playing together works.

FIFA 21 Co-Op in Ultimate Team - This is how it works together

This is how you start together: To play together in Ultimate Team, you can simply invite friends via the new "Friends Hub". From the new co-op lobby, you can then plunge into Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and friendly games.

The inviting player takes on the role of the host. He decides which team will be played with and what jerseys and connection to the opponent look like.

Matchmaking is based on the highest skill rating within the party. So if you are playing at the same level, you should get opponents that roughly match the skill rating of both players.

Incidentally, it is not mandatory that you also target teams of two. If you play alone, there is a switch that you can use to determine whether you want to play against teams of two or only solo.

You can win that: If you play as a duo, both players should get progress for their club. This means that you can fill your Rivals account together, even if you play with your friends' team. So you both get the opportunity to improve your club - and secure strong Bundesliga soccer players in FUT, for example. There will also be special weekly co-op tasks that you can solve together.

Tips for FIFA 21 FUT Co-Op Mode

What you should keep in mind: With these tips for FUT co-op games, you should pay attention to the same things as for normal co-op games in FIFA 21. Because if you talk to each other and are well-rehearsed, then a game for two can have really big advantages.

1. Talk to you on the defensive

If it's the first time you control a team as a pair, then it's unfamiliar, especially on the defensive. You should refrain from playing too aggressively with the defenders. So you tear huge gaps in your defense that can quickly lead to goals conceded. So talk to each other and say which player you are covering or which running or pass path you are blocking.

With a little practice, you will have a really stable defense that would not work so easily in solo play.

2. Only one player should run to the ball

If the opponent loses the ball, it is best to ensure that both players do not run straight to the ball. Only one person can get him anyway. It is best for one player to run to the ball and the other to get into a promising situation for a nice pass. Here, too, consultation is required.

3. Use the new techniques and tricks of FIFA 21

Especially at the beginning of FIFA, it is important to familiarize yourself with the new gameplay mechanics. Be sure to learn the new skill moves and tricks such as the "Secret Sprint Boost". Because not every FIFA player deals with these innovations.

If both players then use the new tricks and mechanics and the opponents don't know how to handle them, then you have a huge playful advantage.

4. Be sure to practice your offensive game together

Not every FIFA player has the same style of play. Some players dribble their way to the goal, some come over the outside and use flanks and others rely on fast passing or possession. The problem with this is that if your co-op partner plays a completely different style than you do, this can lead to big problems in offensive play.

So be sure to practice together and try out which style suits you both. The FUT co-op friendly games are ideal for this because you won't waste any of your 30 Division Rivals games there.

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