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Rocket League Beginners Guide - Best Tips & Tricks That Will Help You Improve In Rocket League Free To Play

10/16/2020 2:31:54 PM

If you are new players to Rocket League game and looking for the best way to improve in Rocket League and top the leaderboard, here are 6 of the easiest-to-learn Rocket League beginner tips to help new Rocket League players improve quickly. Large stock of cheap Rocket League items are also available here on this website.

Rocket League Beginners Guide - Best Tips For Starters In Rocket Leagu

Since the Rocket League game became free to play, it attracts many players to start playing RL, completing matches & finishing daily challenges, obtaining best rewards and creating the best RL car designs. Until now, the player base has still grown massively, recently breaking one million concurrent players, and as the player numbers continue to multiply, we're about to see more interest in Rocket League’s exciting competitive scene. There’s never been a time to start improving your Rocket League techniques & skills, perhaps you can outsmart your opponents or you can just be better than your friends. Now check out the below Rocket League beginner guide featuring 6 best RL starter tips & tricks to help new Rocket League players improve quickly. 

Camera Shake 

Turn camera shake off to use powerslide around the map can help you in many different ways, you can use it when turning to turn at sharper angles which will reduce your speed a little or you can use it after being bumped or falling to make your landing a lot smoother. As time goes on, you’re going to learn when the best times to use powerslide are.

Bad Ball-Cam Usage

This is an annoying thing to get better at, but it’s a very necessary if you want to improve at the start, you might whiff at the last second on a few balls, but that’s completely normal and it’s quite frustrating sometimes too. It’s ll pay off in the long run by a mile if you skip on learning how to use ball cam properly. So the ball-cam usage is very important and you should start practicing it as early as you can. 

Improving Flips

Flipping is a fantastic way to gain more speed and also a great way to gain more power on your hits on the ball instead of single jumping for that ball. Try flipping into it, this will generate a lot more power into the ball which will make the shot a lot harder to save and speed wise. It helps you get into positions faster and save balls that you normally wouldn’t save unless you had flipped for it. 



Having a slow kickoff can result in you getting scored on a lot, but it also goes the same way if you have a very fast and basic one, get a lot of easy goals and all you got to do is drive towards the ball and the very end flip. You get a little bit of speed that edge on your opponent and you’ll score easy. After you master a fast kickoff, you can gain a whole bunch more points than you previously would have had, you can get a lot of easy goals just by getting to the ball faster on kickoff. 

Stop Caring About Air Dribbles

Every people wants to learn how to air dribble, it looks cool but when you start in the game, it’s really not important, don’t be one of those players that hits it once in free play and then takes the ball to the wall. Every chance in ranked from then on you may annoy your teammates, you need to practice it a lot more to make it even viable.

Always Freeplay During Queue 

Freeplay is a training tool for you to use if you go into the play online options under training and go into free play. It allows you to play the game with or without unlimited boost and what you should do is get used to playing as fast as you can and hitting the ball as hard as you can. Training yourself to be able to react and play as quick as possible and make the small minute touches to have some control and you can mix it up, you can go for aerials, you can play it off the wall, you can go for a dribble, there’s a lot of things you can do to improve your skills. 

If you do enjoy the Rocket League beginners guide and you think it useful, why not try these tips and tricks from now? And I hope you top the leaderboard soon!

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