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Update D4 1.1.1 Nightmare Dungeons Tier List & Rankings - D4 S1 Best Dungeons to Farm for Solo XP After Patch

8/11/2023 5:20:19 PM
Tag: Diablo 4

Diablo 4 patch 1.1.1 just hit and Blizzard buffed the density in the nightmare dungeons. This increase in monster density means more enemies to slay, leading to a quicker XP gain, especially for those players who prefer to farm solo. For the most part, the buffs were pretty uniform, but there is one dungeon in particular the Domhainne Tunnels which people were saying was the new best dungeon in the game. In this article, we take a look at the D4 update Season 1 NM Dungeons tier list and ranking for the best Nightmare Dungeons for solo XP farming and glyph leveling after patch 1.1.1.

Update D4 1.1.1 Nightmare Dungeons Tier List & Ranking - D4 S1 Best Dungeons to Farm for XP After Patch 

The recent buffs to monster density have increased the XP gained in these dungeons tremendously, making them even more attractive for players looking to level up their characters quickly. This has also caused some dungeons to drop in tier, but overall the XP/hr gained is much higher than it was before the patch.

Here’s the tier list ranking of the best Nightmare dungeons to farm for solo XP after patch 1.1.1 in Diablo 4 Season 1 (shared by Raxxanterax's chart). S tier NM dungeons are the best spots for solo XP farming in Diablo 4. The increased monster density combined with their specific layout and spawning patterns make them the most efficient dungeons for fast leveling. A tier dungeons still provide ample opportunities for efficient solo XP farming. B tier dungeons are still worth considering for XP farming, despite being a notch below S and A Tiers. C tier  dungeons offer a moderate challenge and reward. D tier dungeons are the least efficient for XP farming. They are best suited for players seeking a lower-paced gameplay or those who want to explore every nook and cranny of the game.

Update Solo XP Tier List & Best Solo XP Farm Locations
NM DungeonXP/hTier
Uldur's Cave31.91God
Hoarfrost Demise25.04S
Immortal Emanation23.40S
Mariner's refuge24.38S
Sarat's Lair23.57S
Domhainne Tunnels23.40S
Akkhan's Grasp19.38A
Charnel House18.88A
Dead Man's Dredge18.39A
Mercy's Reach21.77A
Pallid Delve20.20A
Tomb of the Saints19.65A
Nostrava Deepwood18.60A
Ancient Reservoir17.52B

Collapsed Vault


Forgotten Ruins


Garan Hold


Komdor Temple

Betrayer's Row15.34C
Iron Hold16.44C
Kor Valar Ramparts15.28C

Lost Keep


Twisted Hollow

Bastion of Faith15.05D
Shifting City15.04D
Faceless Shrine14.93D
Heretics Asylum13.99D
Halls of the Damned12.20D
Path of the Blind13.84D

Update D4 1.1.1 Best NM Dungeons for Glyph Leveling

To level Glyphs quickly in Diablo 4's Nightmare Dungeons, the main consideration is the time spent from start to finish. Dungeons with shortcuts or the ability to skip certain areas offer faster completion times. The monster density buffs introduced in Patch 1.1.1 have affected the clear speed of different dungeons, emphasizing the swiftness of those in the upper tiers.

Here's the tier list of the best dungeons for leveling Glyphs in D4 1.1.1, with Hoarfrost Demise, Mariner's refuge, and Sarat's Lair in the S Tier, Mercy's Reach, Iron Hold, Twisted Hollow, and Uldur's Cave in the A Tier, and several others in the lower tiers.

Update Glyphy Leveling Tier List & Best Dungeons for Leveling Up Glyphy 
NM DungeonTimeTier
Hoarfrost Demise173God
Mariner's Refuge205S
Sarat's Lair219S
Iron Hold240A
Mercy's Reach240A

Twisted Hollo

Uldur's Cave247A
Bastion of Faith258B
Garan Hold266B
Shifting City267B
Immortal Emanation269B
Domhainne Tunnels278B
Nostrava Deepwood278B
Heretics Asylum280B
Pallid Delve280B
Collapsed Vault258C
Komdor Temple286C
Kor Valar Ramparts288C
Ancient Reservoir293C
Tomb of the Saints294C
Dead Man's Dredge295C
Faceless Shrine297C
Path of the Blind297C
Forgotten Ruins301D
Charnel House310D
Betrayer's Row325D
Akkhan's Grasp330D
Lost Keep340D
Halls of the Damned358D

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