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Where to Farm Reins of Valiance Mount in Dragonflight 10.1.5 - Obtain Valiance Mount in Naxxramas

7/14/2023 5:53:54 PM

A new skeletal horse mount Reins of Valiance was added in WoW Dragonflight 2023, go through this post and learn how to obtain the Reins of Valiance from patch 10.1.5 once you unlocked the scourgestone grind! 

Reins of Valiance Mount Guide & 10.1.5 Naxxramas Secrets

One of the many secrets of Naxxramas uncovered with Patch 10.1.5 is the Reins of Valiance, the steed of Thane Korth'azz, one of the Four Horsemen of Naxxramas. According to the mount description, unlike most undead steeds who have their riders chosen for then, Valiance chose Korth'azz to ride it. Indeed, Valiance can be found by the stables at Instructor Razuvious's room, and attempting to approach it will result in a knockback, and Valiance saying, "The steed does not accept you as its rider".

Where to farm Reins of Valiance Mount in Dragonflight 10.1.5? You can get this mount inside of Naxxramas, located in Northrend in the Dragonblight area. 

The fastest Reins of Variance farming guide covers the best ways to obtain Reins of Variance mount in Naxxramas, and some tips & tricks for Naxxramas secrets. 

How to Get Reins of Valiance Mount in Dragonflight 10.1.5

1. Unlock Achievements

In order to get Reins of Valiance mount in patch 10.1.5, you will need to do a couple of things. The three first steps are the most annoying parts of this process. The two first steps are to unlock these two achievements: the Memory of Scholomance, the Wards of the Dread Citadel. You will be able to unlock the ancient secrets within Naxxramas. And then you want to make your way to Naxxramas and you want to unlock thevendor Zackett Skullsmash.  These are the three main requirements before you can start farming for the mount.

Note: All these different achievements and also the vendor are account white, so it means that for instance you can start doing something on one of your characters. And when you unlock that, you can then go on another character, so you don't have to do everything on one single character. 

2. Farm 30X Death's Bargaining Chips

When you've unlocked all these different achievements, it's easy to get the mount. So the mount will be located in the Military Quarter, and unfortunately you won't be able to interact with it, you will need to do a couple of things in order to be able to interact with it and to then receive the mount. 

The first thing that you will have to do is to collect some of the Corruptor’s Scourgestones from the different buses inside Naxxramas. With these different Scourgestones, you will then be able to go and talk to Zackett, and like that you will be able to get some of different Death’s Bargaining Chips. With these different chips, you will be able to then buy an item we need to unlock Valiance. So in total, you have 15 buses inside of Naxxramas. So it means that you can get 15 of these different Death’s Bargaining Chips. Each time you do one full run, so you can do it on two characters as these are binds to your blizzard icons, you can then sell everything to a furry character and then you will be able to do this farm on the third character.

Best way to farm Scourgestones/Death's Bargaining Chips in 10.1.5:

There are 2 different types, you have the green ones called the Corruptor’s Scourgestones which can only drop from bosses in the Naxxramas. But then you also have Invader’s Scourgestones. The most efficient way of doing these are you can either return them in the Naxxramas which will in return give you the Death’s Bargaining Chip. These are bind to account, so you can turn these in on your adds and send it to your main tune. Besides from the Death’s Bargaining Chip, you have the other currency which is needed for some ancient patterns and also all the frost resistance gear at this vendor which is called the Argent Dawn Valor Token. These aren't binding account, so pretty much on your crafting tunes you need to obtain or hand in Scourgestones on the crafting tune and then buy the patterns for the professions that you have. So the most efficient way of farming Scourgestones is by far spamming Naxxramas on all of your alts. 

3. Go to Naxx 10-Man Mode

Once you have your 30 Death’s Bargaining Chips, you want to make your way to Naxxramas and you want to make sure to turn on the 10-man version of Naxxramas and not the 25 mode, because otherwise you won't be able to do the farm. And also one of the main requirements is that Insructor Razuvious needs to be alive, and so it means that the best is probably for you to do it on a third character that hasn't yet done anything in n Naxxramas. 

4. Buy Rotten Delicious & Offer it to Valiance

When you have all the different bargaining chips, you want to go and talk to Zackett. Here you will be able to buy a rotten delicious, this is a nighttime that will cost you 30 of these different bargaining chips. And you can then take this item and you want to go and make your way to the military squatter, and you want to offer the treats to Valiance. Then nothing really is going to happen, Valiance still won't really be friendly. 

5. Use Obedience Crystal 

So what you want to do is then go to where there is razuvious and you want to click on one of the obedience crystal in order to control one of the understudy addons. You will be able to then make your way to where Valiance is, and as soon as you approach Valiance with this add, you will then be able to mount Valiance. Then you want to come back to the main area where there is res reviews and here you want to click on the profile of the ad and you want to click on dismiss. Then at the ad, it will start to attack you, what you can do is simply kill the ad, then kill res reviews and like that when you loot razuvious, you will be able to receive the Valiance mount in WoW Dragonflight 2023.

Summary for Dragonflight Reins of Valiance Mount Farming 10.1.5

- Get Zackett Skullsmash to sell his wares in Naxxramas as part of the whole Tier 3 sets

- Go to 10-player Naxxramas with Razuvious still alive

- Buy a Rotten Delicious, a special consumable, from Zackett

- Go to the stables near Razuvious, where Valiance resides

- Slowly approach the steed and offer the Rotten Delicious

- Go to Razuvious' arena

- Use one of the Obedience Crystals to take over one of the Death Knight Understudies

- Move this Understudy back over to Valiance

- The Understudy will now mount Valiance; move them back over to you

- Break the mind control by "Dismissing" the Understudy

- Kill the add and Razuvious

- Loot Valiance

Like that, you will be able to get the mount. And then you can learn the mount and you will be able to get this really nice horse. 

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