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Maplestory 2 Skybound Expansion - The First Major Update Announced

12/3/2018 7:21:12 PM

Nexon presented a large-scale content update for the English version of MMORPG MapleStory 2. It was called “Skybound” and will consist of several parts, the first of which will be released in a few days - December 6th. With its release, users will have access to new interesting features.


On the day of the launch of the update, a new class will become available - Soul Binder. He simultaneously possesses both attacking skills and support skills. Also waiting for you a new line of narration, calculated on characters of the 50th level. This time the heroes will visit the Sky Fortress - “Sky Fortress”, where they will meet with dangerous opponents. In addition, “Maple Arena” will appear - this is a new PvP mode, designed for duels 1 on 1. Get cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos to enjoy a better game!


The release of the update will be accompanied by various thematic events. Watch the trailer as below:

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