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D2R Season 4 Changes & 2.7 Patch Notes | Diablo 2 Resurrected S4 Ladder Reset

4/24/2023 11:38:23 AM

Season 4 of Diablo 2 Resurrected will kick off soon, let us take a look at what new changes and content bring us a fresh gaming experience!

Diablo 2 Resurrected Season 4 Changes & 2.7 Patch Notes

Due to the imminent release of Diablo 4, the season update for Diablo II Resurrected is likely to be affected, not only the start time of Season 4 has been brought forward to May 4 (a season 3 that only lasts for more than 2 months is satisfying), and maybe we're unlikely to expect to see much exciting content in 2.7 patch. However, every ladder reset brings some class nerfs, skill changes, new items like D2R runewords, and fixes.  So now let us take a look at D2R 2.7 Patch Notes:

UPDATE! D2R Season 4 Main Changes

Diablo II: Resurrected Patch 2.7 will be released next week as Season 4 approaches. This will bring several new features, which will be shared in detail in the patch notes next Tuesday. In the video created by MacroBioBoi and Lucky Luciano, they share some information:

  • Next Hit Delay in D2R now only applies to the skill that applied it and Assassin Martial Arts abilities consider each charge proc as their own application. 

  • This drastically increases the damage output of Mosaic Assassin, Fire Druid and also plays a huge role in multiplayer clear speed since each person was previously stopping a ton of the party's damage! 

  • Players are now going to have 4 additional character slots available across all different online modes. We were getting to our limits the game's been out for a couple years now and we've all got our character slots filled up, now with 4 additional character slots - 20% increase in how many characters we can make now, you don't have to worry about which characters you want to delete in order to play this next season.

Official D2R 2.7 Patch Notes

Patch 2.7 of Diablo 2: Resurrected has been live since May 2nd at 7 p.m. and Sanctuary needs our help again. Sanctuary calls for Ranked Season 4 on May 5 to bring death and destruction to the Burning Hells. As we race to level 99 and collect powerful loot, we can compete against other players on Ladder.  The new update of Diablo 2: Resurrected lures with patch 2.7 and many new adjustments. A number of bug fixes and various improvements have been made to the game experience.

1. New Season 4 Ladder Modes

The following game modes are available in Ranked Season 4:

  • Pre-Expansion Ladder - The standard version of the Ladder, includes only the original four acts.

  • Pre-Expansion Hardcore Ladder - The hardcore (one life only) version of the Ladder, featuring only the original four acts.

  • Ladder - The normal version of the leaderboard, spans five acts as it contains the content from the Lord of Destruction expansion.

  • Hardcore Ladder - The hardcore (1 life only) version of the Ladder with five acts, the content from the Lord of Destruction expansion.

2. Adjustments to features

  • You will have 4 additional character slots available in all online game modes.

  • The first time a ranked character from a previous season is used in an unranked match, Akara can again have their stat and skill points reset. Characters from previous ranked seasons that have already been used in unranked games cannot receive this reset.

  • All chat lobbies now have an automated system that removes offensive messages from conversations.

3. Gameplay

  • The next hit delay system now only affects projectiles spawned by the same skill.

    - Each trigger of a martial arts assassin charge skill counts as a single skill use in this case.

  • Removed the knockback effect of the two-handed D2R sword Bul-Kathos' Holy Charge.

  • Druids can now switch directly between their werewolf and werebear forms.

  • Assassin trap skills now benefit from modifiers with +% to elemental skill damage.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Mephisto to drop loot from lower tier treasure classes when Terrorized was active.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash in offline games if an assassin died with active martial arts charges.

  • Fixed an issue where assassin traps would not benefit from resistance reductions in offline matches.

4. General

  • Fixed an error in the Polish translation for "Maximum Characters Reached".

  • Fixed a bug that caused the lighting to suddenly change when crossing cities into adjacent zones from Acts II, III, and V when Terrorized was active.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the terrorized monster icon from displaying properly in certain languages.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Amazon Dodge sound effect to play when non-Amazon characters used the Evasion skill gained from the Rush runeword.

  • Fixed several issues related to online game stability.

5. Ladder Play

  • Fixed a bug that caused the messages for the next ranked season to be wrong during the break between seasons.

  • Fixed an issue where characters that had recently been converted from ranked to unranked would not show up as such and could not join games.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed runewords that were supposed to be exclusive to an upcoming ranked season to be crafted in the current season.

  • Fixed an issue where transformed ranked characters were displayed with the ranked flag.

6. PC Specific

  • Fixed an issue where input with a controller would no longer be registered when switching to the original graphics while the character selection animation was playing in the character creation screen.

  • You will now be notified if your game is running with old extracted data.

7. Console Specific

  • Fixed an issue where players' location in the friends list was not updating properly on Xbox consoles.

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from showing up in the Recently Played Together tab on Nintendo Switch.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the translated text for personalized items to contain pronouns of all genders in the Polish and Spanish language versions.

8. Modding

  • State Entries cap increased from 255 to 511.

  • Added DataVersionBuild.txt. Mod creators should implement this file in their mods to reduce the number of unexpected errors between game versions.

  • New columns have been added. Developers of existing offline single-player mods can rebuild their changes with the new data or manually add these new columns before merging.

    - TreasureClassEx.txt, cubemain.txt, UniqueItems.txt

       "ladder" -> "firstLadderSeason", "lastLadderSeason"

    - Runes.txt

       "server" -> "firstLadderSeason", "lastLadderSeason"

Wishlist of D2R 2.7 Season 4 Changes 

In addition to confirming the Season 4 Start Date, Blizzard has not yet released any information about the 2.7 ladder reset. Before that, let's take a look at some Season 4 wishlists from the community. Maybe Blizzard will follow some of these suggestions and make it happen in the next update.

D2R Season 4 Wishlist from Community

  • New Set/Unique normal/Exceptional/Elite Items

  • New Uber Event - Will Blizzard get the old plans for the 1.13 Uber event in 2005?

  • New Runwords

  • Buff Low-Level Melee Runewords

  • Revise the crafting mechanics to permit the utilization of any item type, rather than limiting players to a particular base item for each recipe. This means any weapon or armor can be used for any crafting recipe.

  • Adjust gambling chances 1/8 for rare, 1/800 for the set, and 1/1500 unique

  • Add the ability for any base item in the game to spawn on the gambling screen

  • Console players have an in-game option to use the command enablerespec

  • Physical weapon damage buff, +40 - 50% to min and max damage across the board

  • Fix Terror Zone Mephisto drops to scale with level and allows access up to Act 5 good treasure class like literally every other boss does.

  • Terror zone selector

  • Physical weapon damage buff, +40 - 50% to min and max damage across the board.

  • Increase base stack size of Diablo 2 javelins +50%

  • Give all mercs +30% more run/walk speed base and give Act 1 rogue +20% attacks speed base.

These are just some of the expectations players in the community have for Season 4 changes. For more news and official patch notes about D2R 2.7 Ladder Reset, we will update this post in time.

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