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Fastest Ways To Get Full Legendary Gear Set in Diablo 4 Beta | Diablo IV Gearing Guide

3/18/2023 8:24:00 PM
Tag: Diablo 4

In this Diablo 4 Legendary Gearing Guide, we break down all the different methods of getting your legendary pieces for your build and also for your gears as fast as you can during Beta!

Diablo 4 Legendary Gearing Guide: Fastest Methods To Get Full Legendary Set During Open Beta

Here we want to show you the fastest ways of getting your gears with looting in the Dungeons, and also with gearing with gambling and carrying with codecs, and this guide will focus on what places you can get Legendaries and how should you farm them for your build in beta.

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1 - Start To Clear Dungeons After Level 20 (Aim to Clearing New Ones)

Each dungeon drops 1-2 Legendary each run. Those drops of legendary season dungeons after level 20 will be the essential items you'll be looking for and because it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to clear dungeons you do want to clear as many of them as you can, and you keep other legendaries you loot even though they're little low level. 

2 - Collect Level 24-25 Golden Rare Items With Good Rolls

By the time you get to level 24-25, you would have saved enough of the legendaries and also golden items for almost completing your pieces of gear and this is if you have average luck. So after about two hours, you should have maybe half of your gear that is legendary and hopefully, there will be a different variety of legendaries. 

3 - Look At Available Codex

You collect all the golden ray items to craft for your codex. Now we'll be looking for the available codexs and also legendary aspects from NPCs.

Coming over to the Oculus, you have the choices of why you can be crafting legendary codexs from the codexs you have obtained, and you click for your class. 

The second option, of course, is to be crafting your aspects using the ones you extracted from legendaries and this is why we want you to farm a little legendary at the start and you can extract sound Essence.

4 - Legendary Aspect Options From NPC

Then you'll be crafting, come to the second slot, and slot in the legendary. And once you select extract your cost you a bit of gold, so keep that in mind. We think the lower-level items will cost you less gold the lower items.

You extract it and then you'll be getting the legendary aspect on the aspect category of your inventory.

Come to the back category and then you can craft the ability of the special legendary effects onto the golden weapon of your choice. What you're going to craft the golden weapon is currently or previously.

You want to reroll your stats and effects on the weapon before you craft.  Come over to the enchantment section, you can throw in a weapon and then you can exchange enchant these weapons' particular stat into something else. Before you craft the golden item into legendary, make sure you perfect one of the stats rolled into what you wanted then convert that into legendary.

4 - Try Our Luck on Gambling for the Final Piece/Better Rolls

Once you have noticed what you have and what you can combine, then look for the address of your pieces through gambling. Now the gambling NPC is located at Lizveth. It's quite cheap to gamble for smaller pieces like boots, pants, and gloves. So the cheaper pieces you want to gamble for those, the more expensive pieces like the weapons you can craft for those.

It is not guaranteed that you'll get a legendary but if you have about 500 it's pretty likely you can get a good one. So don't try to gamble weapons, those are much more expensive and much harder to get.  

5 - Finish Our Build with Upgrades at Blacksmith & Jeweler

Finally, after you have mostly set up your pieces, what we do recommend is if you have the spare gold as your farm in the dungeons,  go to upgrade your weapon from level 340 to plus 10. Now if you're wondering you can't find certain like you known NPCs and Crafters with different things and always come over to the enchant to make sure you change the stats of the golden gears before you craft them into legendary.

6 - Occultist also Rolls Affix but Need Fiend Rose for Legendary

Finally, you can come over to the jeweler - Occultist to perfect your build, what you can do is throw in your accessories and those can also be upgraded with gold and will give you a stats affix. 

Hopefully, this helps you to get all your gears into place. We will bring you more professional Diablo 4 guides, stay tuned.

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