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New World Fury of the Spriggan Event Guide: Spawn Locations, Rewards, Tips & How To Activate

3/17/2023 7:29:11 PM
Tag: New World

A new Fury of the Spriggan event is coming to New World season 1. Fury of the Spriggan is a new daily boss that we can kill. The earth has been restless since the Ennead woke and you're supposed to cooperate in open-world encounters to defeat Dryads and a mighty spring for daily event-specific rewards. In this New World Fury of the Spiggan event guide, we talk about the spawn location, rewards, tips to activate and defeat.


New World Fury of the Spriggan Event Guide - Spawn Locations, Rewards, Tips & How To Activate

This is kind of how the New World Spring event works, every day you can go kill the Spriggan, you can go find him on your map, and he's marked just like all the other world bosses that you're used to in New World are. But they've added a few little twists this time. New World Fury of the Spriggan event is recommended for level 60 and 20 players. It contains 3 daily rewards and resets at 08: 00 AM (EST). Next, you're about to know everything for the New World Fury of the Springgan world boss.


Fury of the Spriggan Boss Spawns Locations In New World  

Contrust the flame braziers to empower your weapons and defeat Dryads. Dryads spawn on the map in the same locations as you did with past World bosses, you know you get the idea. Once you find his location, you can go there and then begin the fight. As you're traveling to the location if you look up you can also see a really big green cloud which indicates where the boss spawn is.


How To Activate Fury of the Spriggan Event In New World

Once you get there, you're going to see a lot of elite angry earth mobs scattered about. You're going to start the fight as soon as you run in they're going to start attacking you. You'll also notice that there are some braziers scattered around the area, you need 1 flame core and 10 iron wood to activate these braziers. These are very important to the fight because if you activate them you're going to get a massive boost in your damage to help you defeat these monsters. You want to make sure that someone has some flame cores and some ironwood in order to activate these procedures before you start the fight. Another very important thing to note very quickly that they threw in the patch notes is that flame cores are no longer bind on pickup.


How To Defeat The Fury of the Spriggan In New World

After the fight has started, you're going to need to clear all of the ads. As you clear the ads, the summoning circle enemies will then be available to attack as well. Once you take them out, the big Spriggan is going to spawn in the middle. This Spriggan is much like any other Spriggan you've seen in the game. He does not go into a ball like the zigger morab fight though, so you don't have to worry about him healing back up. But he is very beefy very tanky, this is going to take a lot of people to take him out. Some of his notable mechanics will shoot these poison balls up into the air and then they land on the ground spreading big AOE poison circles just to stay out of those. He also has the big swinging branch arm that you're accustomed to from some of the other Spriggan fights and then he'll just jump around and do a lot of damage. No real notable mechanics to speak of just avoid some of those attacks and then DPS him down.


New World Fury of Spriggan Rewards

Once you take him out he's going to drop some minor spring and spoils, a major spring and spoil cash, and an obsidian gypsum. The minor spring and spoils are just going to be cash containing a selection of useful items, it's awarded for subduing the Fury of the Spriggan. Then the major Spriggan spoils is a bonus cash containing a selection of powerful items additionally rewarded for subduing the fury of the Spriggan up to three times per day. So you can do it three times for rewards obviously. 

What are the rewards? First, we have an angry earth bane, mighty gavel keenly, empowered hammer with ignited room glass case of leeching, an angry earth verbal flamatoon musket, a spear with angry earth leading sweep, flame attunement, an ignited room glass of fire with the stamina case, a keenly Jagged Essence rupture, angry earth void gauntlet, an angry earth ward nature conditioning refreshing evasion light helm of constitution, and lastly a pair of light pants with constitution shirking energy and invigorated with angry earth ward. 


The loot table is going to be a lot of angry earth, angry bane stuff which makes sense since we're killing a Spriggan. So those would be kind of nice if you need some angry earth bane or angry ward gear this might be a good way for you to easily obtain some. So if you're looking for angry earth gear, go ahead and play this New World season 1 Fury of the Spriggan event.

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