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New World Empyrean Forge Best Drops - Top 10 Legendary Weapons & Armors in Empyrean Forge Expedition

3/4/2023 7:59:47 PM
Tag: New World

In New World, the new Empyrean Forge Expedition is going to bring the bulk of drops, that feature some great legendary armor and weapons you should loot from the dungeons! Here we've sorted out the Top 10 Best Drops in Empyrean Forge Expedition for you. 

Top 10 Best Drops (BiS Weapons & Armors) in New World Empyrean Forge Expeditions

We hopped onto the New World database PTR section and viewed all the drops you can get from the Empyrean Forge dungeons even in the mutated form. Now we've gathered a top 10 list of items that are worth going out of your way to farm here and there are some incredible items.

1 - Hunting Blade (Greatsword)

This Hunting Blade Greatsword is dropping with pure strength, Human Bane, Trenchant Strikes, and Keenly Empowered, this is pretty much a full abyss and it doesn't seem that rare to get, you can even get it on that half run of the dungeon. You get this from Sir Eld in the regular Imperium Forge, it's incredible.

2 - Forging Staff (Fire Staff)

The fire staff dropping with pure intelligence, Human Bane, Keenly Empowered and Refreshing Move, by no means a Dustin slot fire staff but it's definitely top tier and worth going out of your way to get. Sadly this is the first drop on the list from the mutated variant of this dungeon, this only drops from mutation level 9 and up but it drops from anything within the Empyrean Forge, so we imagine you'll knock it out passively as you're grinding out mutations.

3 - Cleric's Walking Staff (Life Staff)

The Cleric's Walking Staff is dropping with the split between Constitution and Focus, Blessed, Refreshing Move, and Mending Protection. This staff on some servers was going for about 700k gold. This is a full best-in-slot life staff and it drops from the regular variant of the dungeon from Lady Bridget. This is going to step up the game for so many healers, so if you've been looking for the staff but just couldn't afford it, welcome to the big leagues.

4 - Rouigh-Houser (Hatchet)

The Rouigh-Houser hatchet is dropping with pure strength, Human Bane, Rogue, and Keenly Empowered, a full Beast DPS Hatchet. In this update, they did make hatchet DPS slightly more unappealing by nerfing refreshing torrent and added a cooldown between proc so you can't just spam it on a clump of mobs and have it instantly come back off cooldown, but they also slightly buffed hatchet DPS if you're paying attention, they nerfed grit perk and moved it from 300 strength to 300 constitution, so most classes can't take advantage of a grit on their light and heavy attacks anymore. However with Hatchet when you pop berserk all of your attack become uninterruptible, so it's basically like you never lost grit to begin with. It's a very big part of DPS and even just the raw attack chains. On Hatchet, if you do three light attacks, dodge and do three more light attacks, that's still competitive St or DPS. And now you're getting a full disc human bane Hatchet for just running this dungeon. Unfortunately this is mutation level 9 and up as well, but it's going to be worth getting there.

5 - Mauler's Axe (Great Axe)

The Mauler's Axe is dropping with pure Strength, Enfeebling Maelstorm, Chain Fire, and Enchanted. And with the nerfs to grit, you're definitely not going to want thwarting strikes on your great axe anymore if you're a Bruiser, so we imagine you would opt for something like Enchanted, so this is almost a Full-BiS great axe. We think that's a bit of a reach everyone's going to be running flame protection so that chain fire might not do that well, but we know they also nerfed refreshing move to where we can only product on one attack at a time. So we are not sure if bruisers are going to be running great axe anymore, but if you want to use a great axe, this is probably your best free farmable option as it's extremely solid and it drops from the regular dungeon you can get it from anything.

6 - Fire Lord's Cuirass (Heavy Chestwear)

We have not one piece of gear but a full set of gear called the Fire Lord Amor Set which looks absolutely incredible in our opinion by far,  the coolest looking set of gear in the game. This set will only drop from Commander Marius the final boss in Mutation level 10. Fire Lord's Cuirass is going to be a set of gear, you're going to have to work for but it's going to be well worth your time. It's a heavy set with pure Strength, Human Ward, Vigor, and Refreshing. You take so much damage from Burns in the Imperium Forge, so we think having a full set of vigor, refreshing, and human ward is going to be just what you want when you're tanking this place. And plus it looks absolutely incredible for any potential transmogs in the future. 

7 - Brawlers Memento (Ring Jewelry)

Brawlers Memento looks like an extremely solid PVE ring, it drops with a split of Constitution and Strength, Keen Awareness, Leeching, and Enfeebling, this is for all you spear users out there. There's no Hardware on this ring, you're going to want either 150 dexterity or a medium equipment load so you can use two Dodges without having hardy, but the amphibling on here is going to be more important than ever before with the nerfs to fortify either from orbit protection, fortifying sacred ground or any shirking fortification you have on your gear heck even fortifying perforate. Weaken is going to be more important than ever, you're going to need someone on your team running enfeebling skewer on an off-hand or main-hand spear, and having the infusing on your ring is going to add a few extra seconds to that weaken. So this is a good ring if you happen to pick it up and you enjoy spear as a main hand or an offhand, this is one you should consider using.

8 - Molten Fire Staff of the Scholar (Epic Fire Staff)

Now these last few pieces of gear are going to come from the unique gear set called the Molten Set that is only obtainable from Mutated Empyrean Forge, and the theme among these items is that they're always going to drop with two guaranteed perks, and if you roll them in 600 legendary, you're going to get a random third perk from the perk bucket. You can't upgrade these to Legendary, so you have to actually land them in legendary, but this is sort of a way that each dungeon can offer a unique BiS or pseudo-Bis. Without it being a guaranteed drop, you're going to have to grind a lot for it, but eventually, you will get it, this fire staff is going to drop with Human Bane and Empowering Meteor Shower by default, and if you roll it in 600 legendary you're going to roll from this perk bucket. Luckily the perk you're going for Vicious is the number one most common perk at nearly a 23% chance, so if you roll roughly the one in five when you get this in legendary you got yourself a full-BiS fire staff. This comes from mutation level 3 and up, so you have access to this one really early.

9 - Molten Sword of the Soldier (Epic Sword)

Molten Sword of the Soldier is dropping by default with pure Strength, Human Bane, and Empowering Leaping Strikes. It is an extremely solid baseline weapon but if you roll it in legendary you're going to roll from the perk bucket and once again Vicious which is the perk you're usually going for is a 20% chance of another one in five. These are going to be really nice weapons, you're going to pick up along the way. This one comes from mutation level five and up, so you don't get it as soon but still mutation level 5 is pretty early - you'll probably have it before M10 if you're lucky.

10 - Molten Ring (Epic Ring Jewelry)

This is the absolute best in slot healer ring in the game, dropping with Refreshing, Sacred, and Hardy. It's only dropped in mutation level 7 and up, but if you do roll it in legendary you're not even going to have a chance at Hardy. We were so sad when we saw the perk bucket. Leeching is the most common, but we would really like for all of you to go on the forums and yell at the Devs please make an update, they need to include Hardy in this perk bucket. We know healers already got the Cleric's Walking Staff, which is already a huge improvement for healers, but don't put this tease in the game with refreshing and sacred and then not even give us a chance at hardy to get that full best in slot ring as a drop.

Those are the top 10 drops you can get from the Empyrean Forge, both the regular and the mutated variants and the bottom line is this is probably going to be the most rewarding expedition to date in this game. Some of these items are actually best in slot we are extremely impressed and we can't wait for it to come into the main game. 

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