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New World Season Pass Guide 2023: Date, Rewards, Challenges, Chapters, Activity Cards & Tips

3/3/2023 12:26:30 PM
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The New World Season Pass is a new feature that allows players to access exclusive in-game content and rewards over the course of multiple seasons. Each season typically lasts for several months and introduces new challenges, events, and items for players to collect. In this New World Season Pass guide 2023, we talk about the release date, rewards, challenges, and how to progress it. So you can decide whether the season pass is going to be worth buying.


New World Season Pass Guide 2023: Date, Rewards, Challenges & How To Progress

The seasonal content is different from the season pass. The content of season one is free and there are two tracks of the season pass, one of which is also free, it's only the second track of that reward track that you have to pay for. By purchasing the New World Season Pass, players can gain early access to certain content, as well as earn additional rewards through completing in-game objectives and challenges. Some of the rewards that players can earn through the Season Pass may include cosmetic items, in-game currency, and exclusive gear and weapons.


New World Season Pass Release Date

Each season is going to last three months. Season 1 comes to New World on March 28 as well as the Season pass. Therefore, it should end three months later, which is June 28. There are going to be four season passes throughout the year. Whenever the New World season pass goes live, you can press escape or press F9 to access your season pass.


New World Season Pass Rewards For Free & Premium

As you do various things in the game, you're going to gain experience toward your Season Pass rewards. Once you hit these markers, you're going to be able to gain these crates. For example, whenever you hit level 2, you would gain 300 umbral shards from the free track. If you had the premium track, you would gain a Tempest Heart Expedition chest.

The free track is available to everyone and then the premium track is going to cost you 20000 Marks of Fortune or roughly $20 if you want to go this route. An important thing to note about the premium track is that it is retroactive, so if you go through the entire season and you've leveled up all the way to level 100, and you decide that you want to get some of these rewards after all. You can then pay the $20 and you will receive all the rewards based on whatever level you made it up to during the Season Pass.


How To Progress New World Season Pass?

Now let's check and see how we actually gain experience for this New World Season Pass Season 1 to progress this thing. If we click on Journey, we can see this is broken down into different chapters. The way the Journey works we can click on the little question mark first and it'll explain to us how this works and an overview.


Chapters and Challenges

Complete chapters and challenges to earn season XP being claim rewards. 

-Chapters and challenges feature unique objectives to accomplish during the season

-You complete an objective to claim its reward

-Claim rewards to earn progress toward a chapter’s goal



Reach the goal in each chapter to unlock the chapter’s reward

-Each chapter has a completion goal

-You'll need to claim enough objectives to reach that goal

-You can unlock a chapter's main reward whenever the goal is reached


Basically what will happen is every one of these chapters is going to have a goal that you need to reach within the chapter. Once you reach that goal, you can claim season XP here. Then after you've reached that goal, obviously you're then going to get whatever reward it has. 


New World Season Pass Chapters

If we were to complete chapter 1, we would then get a Pack of Human Perk Items that are going to be the reward for completing chapter one. As you complete the chapter or as you complete these items throughout the chapter, you're going to be rewarded with season XP as well which is going to count towards your overall season progression.

Chapter 1

Requirement - Complete 5 Objectives from Chapter 1

Reward - Pack of Human Perk Items


Chapter 2

Requirement - Complete 5 Objectives from Chapter 2 and Claim Chapter 1 Reward

Reward - 4 Infused Fire Absorption Potions

Chapter 3

Requirement - Complete 5 Objectives from Chapter 3 and Claim Chapter 2 Reward - 10 Flame Cores


Chapter 4

Requirement - Complete 7 Objectives from Chapter 4 and Claim Chapter 3

Reward - The Speardaughter Apparel Skin


Chapter 5

Requirement - Complete 7 Objectives from Chapter 5 and Claim Chapter 4

Reward - Trophy of Fire and Fellowship



Forging Perfection

Requirement - Complete M10 Empyrean Forge with a score of 75000 or higher

Reward - 1500 XP


Outpost Rush Domination

Requirement - Win 100 Outpost Rush Matches

Reward - 1500 XP


Serial Killer - 1500 XP

Requirement - Kill 500 Players for Azoth Salt in the Open World

Reward - 1500 XP


Contesting the Control - 1500 XP

Requirement - Capture 50 Faction Control Points

Reward - 1500 XP


Legendary Crafter - 1500 XP

Requirement - Craft 125 Tier 5 Legendary Items (Arcana, Weaponsmithing, Engineering)

Reward - 1500 XP


Fellowship & Fire

Requirement - Complete the Fellowship & Fire Seasonal Story

Reward - 1500 XP


Gypsum Orb Monopoly

Requirement - Craft 100 Gypsum Orbs

Reward - 1500 XP


Flame Core Hoarder

Requirement - Use the Flame Core Forge 30 Times

Reward - 1500 XP


Give Me Gold or Give Me Death!

Requirement - Complete 25 M10 Expedition with a gold rating or higher

Reward - 1500 XP


Defying Death

Requirement - Complete 10 Mutated Expedition without anyone in your group dying

Reward - 1500 XP


These challenges are a little bit harder than the chapters, but these give you something to work for after you've completed the other chapters or to just continue to get season XP.


New World Season Pass Activity Cards

Another way you can get season XP is through these activity cards. Complete activities to earn stamps on the card.  The reason you want to stamp the activities and complete them is that then you will earn 250 season XP for every one of these you stamp. If you fill a line to earn 400 seasons XP. If you fill an entire line, you'll earn 400 XP kind of like a bingo card. If you complete the card, you earn 300 XP. So if you stamp everything on here, you'll earn an additional 300 season XP. Then you can earn up to 8300 season XP per card. This is just yet another way to progress your season by doing different things in the game. Once you complete these tasks, you will then be able to stamp the card and get season XP and then progress your season.


-You select a highlighted square to stamp the card and earn season XP 

-Stamp lines on the card to earn additional season XP 

-Complete enough stamps to finish a card and earn a new one



You can re-roll for a new list of activities without losing your card's progress

-Each new card comes with one free re-roll

-The cost of re-rolling increases with each use

-Re-roll costs reset with each new card


0/1 - Complete a Mutated Expedition

0/5 - Catch Rare Fish

0/1 - Craft Gypsum Orbs

0/1 - Fish Up Treasure Chests

0/1 - Earn a Flawless Victory in PVP Arena

1500/5000 - Earn Azoth Salt

0/10 - Craft Tier 5 Consumables

0/25 - Craft or Cook Items

0/1 - Complete the Empyrean Forge

0/1 - Close Minor Breaches

0/1 - Gather Wispybloom Flowers

0/1 - Complete an Expedition

0/10 - Kill Angry Earth

0/3 - Participate n 3v3 Arenas


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