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FIFA 23 Best Attacking Tips - Top 5 Attacking Tips To Help Players Score More Goals On FIFA 23

3/17/2023 6:02:31 PM

Here are five best-attacking tips to help you score more goals in FIFA 23. To show you how to perform it, and then going to analyze examples to show you how to use it most effectively.

FIFA 23 Best  Attacking Tips - Top 5 Attacking  Tips  To Help Players Score More Goals On FIFA 23

1. FIFA 23 Attacking Tip - German Cross

The German Cross is a name that you might have heard in the community a lot of people, the German Cross is basically the most outlandish cross,  there are key elements to it, you have to do it with a fullback and it goes through your Center midfielder who runs behind the defense and clears it up, this is a cross that was massively popularized by the German Pro players, they're the first people that figured this out and that is why it's got his name the German Cross.

  • Trigger the centre MID into the box

  • Angle the full-back correctly when crossing the ball

  • Use 3-3.5 bars of power for the cross

  • Don't hold sprint when crossing

  • Time the cross right 

2. FIFA 23 Attacking Tip - Time finishing 

How do you do time finishing? Firstly go into controller settings and make sure it's turned on sometimes turned off, maybe you're playing with it off and you haven't realized, secondly it is about hitting Circle twice and when you press Circle the second time, it's as if you're about to connect with the ball, there is a window for this, and it's gonna take you a hell of a lot of practice.

  • Red- Not even close

  • Yellow- You're getting closer

  • Green- Perfect Timing

  • White- You didn't press it in the window 

The first thing is not to change the shot, don't think you have to do anything crazy here, just keep powering your shots up, normal the key part is timing it, so the second press of the circle is the most important thing here and final advice on time finishing is practice at the start, you might struggle with it.

  • Don't change the way you shoot

  • The timing of the second circle press is the most important 

  • Practice, practice, practice(in the Arena too)

3. FIFA 23 Attacking Tip - Traveler 

How do you do the traveler? It is pretty simple you shoot, but you hold L2 whilst you do it.

Actually works a lot better when you do a ball roll, just before it, so you do a ball roll and you do L2 and circle, but to add another layer to that gets a little bit complicated, you also have to Green them, just spoke about how good time finishing is and to do The Travelers, you need to be green in them, they need to be timed to absolute perfection. There is a final layer luckily, this isn't anything you have to do, now it's just something you have to be aware of in the traveler or the green trivella.

This is to make it nice and clear for the traveler, it needs to be green to get the best angle on it, you need to do a ball roll just before it you need to be using a player with 89 shot power or below, and the shot is best performed outside the box, just on either side of the Box just slightly in.

  • The trivela must be green

  • Perform a ball roll before shooting 

  • Player must have 89 shot power or less 

  • The Trivela is best performed outside of the box

4. FIFA 23 Attacking Tip - Reverse elastico 

To use the reverse elastico when you're in the Box, the reverse elastico has been an overpowered skill for like three or four years, now it definitely works very well in FIFA 23, and to make this a skill moves tutorial, if you're looking for skills, how does the reverse elastico well? 

A five-star Skiller, you're only capable of doing this to someone who's got five-star skills to make it easy for you, insert a clip from the skill moves tutorial explaining exactly how to do it, facing the goal which is three o'clock, going from 12 to 9, this time which is background your player anti-clockwise.

To show you how to do it at all four angles, the clock will remain the same, so 12 3 6 9 is the exact same when facing up,  going from nine to six, if you are facing down, it is three to twelve remember. Always going anti-clockwise and when facing the other goal, it is six two three.

Where it's most effectively used? 

It is used inside the box to create space, and then get your shot off straight after if you didn't know already, shots are best performed straight after a skill move no different for the reverse lasso, and that is why it's so good.

Get the ball within kunku pass it to mbappe, and he's bearing down on goal, to create space, to create it quickly and a quick change of direction is what's going to get me a shot off here, reverse the last code, just round to the right solo Defender a dummy, and then you shoot straight away, there is an added variation to this as well as a way of standing up a Defender, if you tap L1 first, and then do reverse last go, you'll notice it's ever so slightly different, so when you tap it on one your will just stand still.

Now you're in a guessing game with a Defender are you gonna go right or are you going to go left considering how quick the reverse Alaska is as soon as you pull it off, you'll be away from him and you'll be able to get you shot off, but that's the way of doing it really.

5. FIFA 23 Attacking Tip - Scoring in 1v1 situations

How to finish in 1v1 situations? 

Show you three ways on how to finish 1v1. 

The three ways are one waiting for keeper movement two heel to ball roll around the goalkeeper and three a Chip Shot.

People will move their goalkeeper, they're gonna try and move in one side to try and give you a match maximum chance of saving it, they're going to try and guess where you're going, so what you can do is just wait it is a matter of composure, and it's a matter of remaining calm when bearing down on goal, you can see an example here, you're going to shoot across the goal,  but you're going to move your keeper.

As soon as he does that shoot near post, and don't have to do anything, doesn't even have to be green, because keep has gone, so far the other way, an open goal that sides the second way, to get into is the hill to ball roll.

How do perform the hill-to-ball roll is the L1 whilst doing the heel to Hill so the hill to Hill is right, then left on your controller or up and down depending on what way you're facing could be left and right could be down and up it can be all four ways on the analog stick, but you're holding L1 whilst you do it, and once how to do the hill to ball roll. Now going to do it around the goalkeeper, so this is best used when the goalkeeper is running out on you.

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