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Path Of Exile 3.20 Build Ready Starter - Poison Seismic Trap Pros, Cons & Budget

3/13/2023 2:18:55 PM

The poison seismic trap Saboteur with this Shadow class in Path of Exile, the reason is that with very little investment, you can get a boss damage capable of destroying in-game bosses and this kind of hurts Build. 

Path Of Exile 3.20 Build Ready Starter - Poison Seismic Trap Pros, Cons & Budget

A diversity in racing events and stuff having that in mind, highly recommend you try this amazing build.

Path of Exile Poison Seismic Trap Pros 

- cheap 

- awesome boss damage

- easy to build

- great league starter

- high armour

- high evasion

- high chance to suppress

- spell damage

- high block chance

To list the pros of Poison Seismic Trap build, surely start with the boss damage, this build is called a king of bossing for a reason, another great thing about this build is the survivability, you see trap builds are already very safe by Nature, because you can throw them from a safe distance, but this build goes even further with many defensive layers.

Path of Exile Poison Seismic Trap Cons 

- not the best clear speed.

- needs divergent herald of

- agony for 100% chance to 

- poison

Now to list the cons, start with its clear speed traps that have a little delay before activating which can feel a little clunky.

Another issue is that you need a Divergence Herod of Agony to achieve a 100 chance of poison。

Path of Exile Poison Seismic Trap Budget 

to clear white maps 4 links+ cheap gear 80 x

to clear yellow maps 5 links + mid gear 120 x

to complete the atlas

6 links + good gear 4x

As for budget, this build is cheap, you can get it destroying your game maps with only around 80 chaos to comfortably advanced to other Maps, you need to invest around 120 chaos and easily complete your address.

Recommend investing around four divines, but you can totally do it less, you can find at least all the equipment that you need to buy for this build, for example, being sold for another player, you need two military unique POE items for this build.

The first is the obliteration one that caused killed enemies to explode for a lot more clear speed, the other mandatory unique is the code Iron Point replace or obliteration one for a code around points during boss fights to have a lot more single Target damage for Clear speed.

Traps have a little delayed and slow you down, but you compensate with stack trap throwing speed and use the obliteration one to explode packs of monsters, the boss damage is surely a 10 out of 10. 

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