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POE 3.20 Sanctified Relics Guide: How to Sell Sanctified Relics & Unique Relics in Path of Exile Sanctum

12/30/2022 3:53:37 PM

We go over how to sell Sanctified Relics and Unique Relics, allowing people to buy Sanctified Relics without running a billion Sanctums. Sanctum is an amazing league, but a lot of people do not want to engage with the league mechanic yet want the power spike from having a good Sanctified Relic. In trade league, Path of Exile has always been a game about choice in endgame. You can acquire gear by killing monsters, crafting, flipping items, etc.


How to Trade Sanctified Relics

-Sanctified Relics drop from bosses (including mini-bosses), guards and can be bought off the Merchant, all at 75+.

-It’s guaranteed off of the final-final boss at 83+.

-This means you can sell your Sanctified Relic from the final-final boss by having someone else tag alongside you in the final boss room.

-You can also sell the Unique Relics that drop if you have no intention of doing a no-hit run.


How to Take It Further?

-You can drop the Sanctified Relics identified, allowing your potential clients to see the value of the Sanctified Relic before buying.

-The first Crest converts coins to Relics, allowing you to drop a bunch of Sanctified Relics identified.

-You may need a very high DPS build in order to do the last boss on 6 Player HP.

-You could invite your friends to your Sanctum and use the Cloak since your friend might need a different type of Sanctified Relic.


Final Tips for Getting More POE Currency

-Increases the profit potential of Sanctum for people who already have their endgame Sanctified relic and have zero desire to do the no hit run.

-If selling Sanctified Relics catches on, then someone with poe currency can theoretically spend 200 Divines and 200 chances at getting the Sanctified Relic of their dreams.

-This opens up different farming strategies for people who need a Sanctified Relic, making alch and go less necessary.

-Will be interesting to see the price of an unidentified Sanctified Relic,



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