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NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Tips, Builds, Badges & How To Become A Park God | NBA 2K23 Beginner's Guide

9/21/2022 5:00:44 PM

Today we are going to be telling you the top 6 beginner tips in NBA 2K23 that will help you the most. This is one of the most different 2Ks that we've ever seen compared to any other game. There are a lot of things that are completely different especially when it comes to the builds, the badges and even the gameplay with the adrenaline boosts. So if you have played 2K in the past and you are getting on 2K23, you might be a little bit confused or you might just be trash at the game because a lot of people’s shooting percentages are down, a lot of win percentages down as well, people are struggling to dribble, people are just struggling in general this year. Now let’s take a look at this beginner’s guide to NBA 2K23. 

NBA 2K23 Beginner Guide: Best Shooting Tips, Builds, Badges & How To Become A Park God

#1 - Badges

The first thing that you need to know in NBA 2K23 is how important badges are. If you are getting on 2K23 for the first time and you're just hopping right into the park especially if you're on a 60 overall build, you are just not going to win any games unless you get absolutely carried. You got to get your attributes up, you gotta get as close to an 85 as you can before you play in the park. This year, if you are on next gen we have tier 1 badges, tier 2 badges and tier 3 badges, current gen does not have this. So if you're on current gen, you could just put on whatever badges whenever you want, but if you want to put on tier 3 badges, you have to spend 10 badge points in tier 1 and tier 2 before you can even unlock anything in tier 3. 

You have to hop in MyCareer and if you want to go to settings, you will see in the top game difficulty, if you change this, you can change how much VC and My Points you get depending on the difficulty you are on. So it’s recommended that when you are throwing lobs, put it on Hall of Fame, you will get a lot of turnovers, but when those lobs do go through, you can get so many My Points. If you are going for shooting badges, play in Pro or All-Star. Get your badges as soon as you can, do not hop straight into the park because it is not gonna end. Also this year, we have core badges, core badges cost zero badge points. 

#2 - Builds

Builds matter every year and you probably have already made your build, we are 100% sure that you messed up your build because this year the Builder is overwhelming, it is new and it is just complex and it is so easy to mess up your builds. One thing that we will recommend is you need to watch build videos and see what build you like the most. Also a quick tip for you that are making your builds, this year speed is not as important, speed max out is mainly for defense and lateral quickness. If you want to dribble fast this year, that's going to be speed with ball. So you don't have to bump your speed way high into the 90s, 95 where you can get away with like an upper 80s speed. Also when you get in the builder for the first time, you will see that you can max out any attribute to 99. 2K knows that you are building an OP build if you put 3 point to 99. So the rest of your build is going to be really screwed, so make sure you keep these numbers a little bit lower. We've divided builds up into the five positions found on a basketball court:

NBA 2K23 Best Center Builds

NBA 2K23 Best Power Forward Builds

NBA 2K23 Best Small Forward Builds

NBA 2K23 Best Shooting Guard Builds

NBA 2K23 Best Point Guard Builds

#3 - Starter Cards

The most important decision you'll have to make in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM is which Starter Card you'd like to choose from. Now, the key here is how you want to start your NBA 2K23 MyTEAM. Morant provides you with a quick scorer that has some ability to shoot from the outside. Joel Embiid will provide you with strong interior defense and allow you to get an advantage with his inside scoring grades. Butler is a mid-range threat but we'd say he's the worst of the three. The good news is you can test out these players in Triple Threat.

#4 - Adrenaline Boost

This is a brand new feature in NBA 2K23. You probably have struggled with the usage of adrenaline boost, it's probably made it hard to dribble. If you pull up your map on next gen, you’ll want to go to Gatorade gym and practice dribbling. If you're on current gen and this goes for anything not just for adrenal boost, but if you ever want to practice, just go to the elevator on the cruise ship and then click to go to your MyCourt. You need to learn how to master the use of your adrenaline boost, under the stamina bar, there are 3 little mini bars, the big yellow bar, solid bar, so what you will notice is when you're running left and right, you lose a bar. In past 2Ks, left right was all dribblers did, they would go left and then they dribble right. Click here and find more details. 

#5 - Know The Shooting, Dunking, and Playmaking Requirements

Perhaps the best thing players can do for themselves is to make a character, skip the story, go straight to the NBA, and then check out the dunk, shooting, and playmaking animations in the shop. They will mention any requirements the player needs to use them. After seeing what kinds of requirements are in place for contact dunks and other desired animations, head back to the drawing board and make another player, making sure to hit the height and attributes needed. Do this before wasting any virtual currency on a player, maybe even a few times before getting everything just right.

# 6 - Practice

If you aren't current gen, you just want to go into your MyCourt. The only way to really get better is by playing the game. Watch tutorials, watch tip videos, you'll learn a thing or two, you can watch whatever you want to watch. If you're watching baseball, you can watch the pictures throw whatever, but you will not be like them until you actually get out there and put in the work for yourself. So you gotta get in your MyCourt, get on the actual Court, the two's Court, the threes Court, practice the moves that you're trying to learn. Say you watch a dribble moves video or a dribble tutorial, practice those moves. First is probably hop in the mic or the training facility Court like and the once you think you've got them down, hop into an actual game, put in the Reps. Also you need to work on your jump shot too.

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