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Lsot Ark Engraving Guide - How to get 5*3 Engravings

9/21/2022 5:21:20 PM

Today talk to you about how got 5x3 lsot ark Engravings without having both legendary books, especially now that the class legendary books are going way up in price, and it seems like the battle Engravings are dropping a little bit, but the glass Engravings are going up quite a lot substantially and just recently finish off 5x3.

Lsot Ark Engraving Guide - How to get 5*3 Engravings 

Lsot Ark Engraving - How to get 5x3 Lsot Ark Engraving? 

How to get it? What's the best ability Stone to cut or like how do you go about getting 5x3 without having both legendary books throw that out the way? 

You need to cut a seven seventh Stone, you need at least a seven Stone to make five by three work, if you're only gonna get a plus 12 on one of your Engravings, if you have both of your engraving books, you can get away with the six Stone. Maybe even less than that maybe like a five five seven seven is the recommended stone or the needed Stone to achieve 5x3 as you can see right now. 

There are five Engravings, each of the gear pieces is five three, five three, five three, five three, five three, and then the stone is seven seven. One legendary book which is all out of tech was the cheaper way to go and in class one is not maxed out right now.

Lsot Ark Engraving - Lsot Ark Hitmaster

Let's have a look at hitmaster, you want to check the Engravings and see what's cheaper for you like Headmaster, for example, is quite expensive, you might as well, just put the extra gold into getting Grudge only really all-out attack, the best like budget version to make a 5x3 precise deck, you could do that, but many boats that use that and what about supercharge, supercharged might be a little bit cheaper, this boat uses that gun lenses and use supercharge as well that's also a budget way to do it, just look at what of your five Engravings, you want to get five by three on your specific class, you've got to look at which one of your Engravings is the cheaper one to get on the legendary books, and then these couple of websites here for you. 

Lsot Ark Engraving - Lsot Ark Engraving Calculator

The first one is this calculator and it's really useful to help you do this,  you can even rename it this or whatever just put that test for it now.

Just take five some random stuff you know, then the center you have your plus 12 books on this engraving, so you put your plus to our book there, and then the rest engaging, you've got plus nine, and then your stone you say, you've got a seven seven Stone on these two.

Lsot Ark Engraving - What you're working on within Lsot Ark

Then on your seven seven Stone, you got a negative of like attack speed too, so that you can see your negatives as well, then you go to a neck piece and you know you gotta get, like plus three over there and in the same line, because it is Relic, you're gonna get plus three, and then plus five, so you can do it like that and you know that's there, so you need one plus five on the end, the plus three on there to finish that off, so stay on the next earring you go plus three plus five, you see that you just finished it off, it's very easy to keep track of how to do this you can put in your negatives as well so go attack speed plus one check power plus one and you see you're not over the negatives so really easy I would suggest using this and then you check in-game.

Lsot Ark Engraving - Lsot Ark Auction House Searching

They come into the auction house, go Auction House, you got accessories all, then you search over there when you put in everything you want to know, so go tier three acrylic, and then put in your stats and your Engravings, and then you check through them sort by price and you want to try and get at least 50 quality.

Even suggest if it is your 5x3, and you're investing a lot of lots ark gold into it go for at least 70, 70 quality or higher and also another thing suggest for you is to get plus five Grudge because flash five Grudge Relic accessories are pretty cheap. After all, most people have gone for the books to save God in the long run which means that all the plus five Grudge accessories are relatively cheap, you see there over there Grudge plus five all-out attacks plus three ten gold 95 quality that is an absolute steal, if gonna build this right now.

That will finish off, if that accessory is right, there will plus 15 on the other decks, and it'll plus five to the Grudge, so you just got to play around like that and also your stone trying to get your stone, just got lucky with cutting first turn precise deck and hit must, it's not the ideal Engravings.

Prefer to swap out precise dagger for adrenaline, but it's not a bad engraving, it is a little bit on the budget side, but it's still very good, especially for stock, but you just you do need to cut your seven seven Stone, first of all, so try and get that cut, and then garage plus five accessory garage, plus five on accessories is pretty cheap, so you gotta get plus five.

Lsot Ark Engraving - Lsot Ark Ability Stone Calculator 

Then whatever else the other Engravings are on the stone is cheap and in the ability stone calculator. You could use this to cut your seven seven, actually used the calculator, just gonna include a day for you, so you can go through it,  it's relatively easy to see their nodes plus 10 that is a relic Stone, and then say no the top one is like what you want to get, what they first seven seven.

You need it doesn't matter which ones you gotta maximize both equally, so you hit the first step you got success, and then it shows you where to go, so you got to put.

The next one over there, so you say you fail that one, and there's here to put it in there again, fail it again, they say go there again fail it. They're going to tell you to pretty much click there until you change, it's going to tell you where to go, so that would just be bad RNG.

Lsot Ark Engraving: Do you gotta go? Where they? Where are the stars?

Then if you want to reset this, just reset the actual page that would just reset the actual face to maximize both, go one tab there, and then you just gotta go back, and forth between it like this, so you gotta fail there for La, they'll push you up there put you up there fail, you just gotta click with little stars. 

Then you've got to input, what you got. If you succeeded or if you failed, where to go next, but just like to cut the stern, and just you know wing it goes with your gut and feels it out play the stone, the lottery.

Lsot Ark Market 

Another website is the Lsot Ark Market. It's pretty much just having the auction house on the website out of the game, so you can have the auction house, you can have interesting lists as well or the market got interested.

What are your favourite lsot ark items? 

You can see the price on them as well, you can see the average daily price and the current price right now, some reflux books to sell that are crazy expensive, but this website pretty much just shows it to you. 

These are all six hours ago that is a little bit late, like the great honors right now, like 50 gold in game, so about six hours ago, they were that price, as you can see these are those things.

You can actually track them, and see the prices already as you can see Guardian Stones are going down Fallout attack books are going up, Grudge books are going up again, and then these are going way up,  like good reflux, just all over the place and that's gonna have like a really big spike, once as updates with the 20K, but this is a really good website to have to tracks, you can track yourself, a bunch of different engraving books, and then see what the prices look like overnight, if you're trying to build your 5x3, with all this information you found it a lot easier to do, your 5x3 setup. 

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