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NBA 2K23 Best Jumpshots for 70/80/90/99 Rated Three-Pointers | NBA 2K23 Best 3PT Jumpshots

9/22/2022 11:47:51 AM

In this guide, we are giving you the best jump shots for every three-point rating in NBA 2k23, which will help tall builds get the fastest 100% green window shot easily even with the low point rating. 

NBA 2K23 Best Jumpshots for 70/80/90/99 Tree Point Rating Builds

What you're going to notice is some people really care about the new grade and really want a A plus in every category, while others don't care about the grades on the jumpshots, they just want a shot that they're going to Green consistently with. So our recommendation for you is make sure you find a shot that you like even if the grades aren't great that's that's okay as long as you're Greening and that's all that matters. So in this NBA 2K23 Best Three-Point Jumpshot Guide, we all but ignore this data to find the best jumpshots that will give you a consistent green shot

Best Jumpshot for 73 Rated Three-Point Build

Base: Montrezl Harrell

Release 1: Chris Bosh

Release 2: Giannis Antetoklounmpo

Shot: Release Height: A- / Def.Immunity: A-

Attributes: Release Speed: A- / Timing Impact: F

Release Speed: Max

Animation Blending: Christ Bost 30% / Ginnis Antetokounmpo 70%

This jumpshot is not only for a 6'8" three ball or higher but it is for 6'10" players and taller, so this is for the big man out. It has good grade with release height, defense immunity and release speed. Though the timing impact is an F, this jumpshot is still super consistent for taller players. It's wide open Catch and shoot are still consistent, really good shot for low rated three ball big man builds that you're just looking to make people have respect for a three pointer.

Best Jumpshot for 74 Rated Three-Pointers

Base: Default Swing

Release 1: Precious Achiuwa

Release 2: Precious Achiuwa

Shot: Release Height: A / Def.Immunity: B-

Attributes: Release Speed: C+ / Timing Impact: F

Release Speed: Max

Animation Blending: Precious Achiuwa 50% / Precious Achiuwa 50%

This is the definition of you don't care about grades and anything besides a shot that you can green with, because this man really uses the default swing jump shot. 

Best Jumpshots for 81 Rated Three-Pointers 

Base: LaMelo Ball

Release 1: Oscar Robertson

Release 2: Nikola Jovic

Shot: Release Height: A+ / Def.Immunity: A-

Attributes: Release Speed: A+ / Timing Impact: C-

Release Speed: Max

Animation Bledning: Oscar Robertson 50% / Nikola Jovic 50%

Obviously, it's good to catch, shoot, and off the dribble, even if you put this jumpshot on the build with no badges, it is still so consistent for greening shots as it has great release height, and release speed. It kind of has a little bit of a lean back, so you can create a little bit more space from the defender.

Best Jumpshots for 85 Rated Tree-Pointers

Base: Kyle Kuzma

Release 1: Oscar Robertson

Release 2: Oscar Robertson

Shot: Release Height: B+ / Def.Immunity: A+

Attributes: Release Speed: A+ / Timing Impact: C-

Release Speed: Max

Animation Blending: Oscar Robertson 50% / Oscar Robertson 50%

Kyle Kuzma is a very fast and easy-to-time jumpshot. The release speeds get to be Max and that's of course with double H's rocking, even on a 6'9" player, he's sparking from half, catching shot, ISO Step Back, Spin backs, all that with this jumpshot. Now you do have to have an 83 rated three-pointer to get these jumpshots as he has an 85-rated three-pointer.

Best Jumpshot for 89 Rated Three-Pointers

Base: LaMelo Ball

Release 1: Luke Kennard

Release 2: Rudy Gay

Shot: Release Height: A- / Def.Immunity: B+

Attributes: Release Speed: A+ / Timing Impact: C-

Release Speed: Max

Animation Bledning: Luke Kennard 68% / Rudy Gay 32%

As long as you meet the height requirements for this LaMelo Ball jump shot, you only need an 81-rated three-pointer to unlock this base so even if you don't have an 89, you can still try to jump shot even as long as you have an 81 rate. But as you can see release speed is an A plus, he's rocking with the Luke Canard and Rudy Gay, and releases 68-32 blend Max Speed. That is a really consistent base as long as you meet the requirements to unlock it, we definitely recommend trying this out.

Best Jumpshot for 92+ Rated Three-Pointers

Base: De'Aaron Fox

Release 1: Darius Garland

Release 2: John Wall

Shot: Release Height: C / Def.Immunity: B

Attributes: Release Speed: A+ / Timing Impact: B-

Release Speed: Max

Animation Blending: Darius Garland 20% / RJohn Wall 80%

This is undoubtedly one of the best jumpshots for 92-rated or even 99-rated 3-pointers, it can get the fastest green window shots consistently, almost unstoppable. 

Hope this guide will help you can easily green shot on the court with your build, while if you want to be unstoppable in MyTeam, our cheap NBA 2K23 MT will help you build up an unbeatable team fast and easily!

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