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Top 9 Tips And Tricks For New Players In Playing Lsot Ak

8/5/2022 3:32:36 PM

Today spend some time talking about all of the little things that can get missed when you first step foot in the lsot ak, now as you know, this is a huge game, there are tons of things to do, lots of systems to learn and lots of rewards to claim, sometimes the game doesn't do as great of a job as it could of telling you about all of these different things. 

Top 9 Tips And Tricks For New Players In Playing Lsot Ak

1. Lsot Ak Tip - Main Quests

Just need to focus on the main quests to do this in the lsot ark, these are going to give you enough experience to reach level 50 without ever touching anything else, you literally just need to do this one thing, and you will get from start to finish, but that doesn't mean you always should, so even if you want to level as fast as possible, there are a few lsot ak quests that you should pick up, now these are the purple adventure quests and the yellow chain quests, now oftentimes, these will reward you with a potion that's going to increase your stats or unlock a feature that you can take advantage of later on.

Now there are some that no matter what and you need to make sure you do these, while you're levelling because they overlap with main quests, it's just the most time-efficient thing to do, now the reason you want to do these specifically is because they are going to give you skill potions which will give you more points to build your character with the first one is memories of luterra and this is going to come from the rain who is the king of luterra at luterra's castle, then wondrous find from cadre located in the port city, because you're going to be levelling, you're going to have to do these while you're also doing your main request, and it just makes sense from a time perspective, but also recommend doing a bunch of these activities to gather as many skill points as possible, because more is almost always better and to help you out, to show all of the places that give you skill potions, but quest rewards and skill points aren't the only things to claim in the lsot ak.

2. Lsot Ak Tip - Adventure Tome/ Legacy 

As you progress through the story, you kill bosses complete dungeons all of that fun stuff, you're going to start marking off tasks and activities in each zone, and then once you reach a certain threshold,  you're going to start earning rewards, now these are going to start off pretty minor, but ultimately they end with very rare items that you want to take advantage of so be sure to claim your roster, and your adventure tome rewards, because they can be very easily forgotten about.

3. Lsot Ak Tip - Rapport 

Another thing that can be forgotten about or overlooked is rapport, this is a system that allows you to build a reputation with NPCs in the game, and as you build those relationships, you're going to start earning rewards again, more rewards to claim this game is full of them, now this is to be very clear, not all NPCs are created equally, and because of that, you might have some that give you kind of rewards that are more valuable to you than others.

This will show you all of the NPCs and the rewards, you can earn as you go through each level of reputation with them, and because building rapport takes a long time and it's a pretty decent grind you don't want to waste resources trying to boost NPCs that have no value to you right, you don't want to take the shotgun approach, you don't just want to boost whatever you boost, you need to make sure that you pick the NPCs, you want to focus on, and then use all of your resources to boost those, because losing days will set you back more and more, so even if you quickly log in to take care of your dailies, do your end game whatever always make sure to use your emotes, and your songs to progress your relationship with that NPC, in addition to the gifts that you can give them.

4. Lsot Ak Tip - Bifrost

Now getting to those NPCs all in a day can be very time-consuming,  especially if you have to travel across the sea, even with your autoroute, and you're in your ship, you still have to sit there, it's not instant, it's not something you can, just you know to snap your fingers and suddenly, you're there however there is a much faster way of teleporting to certain spots in the world.

These are called Bifrost's, so by default you get one of these now if you activate your crystalline aura which is the paid subscription model for lsot ak you get two more and that gives you a total of three, these are incredibly useful, you can open your Bifrost book, you can save a location that you want to teleport back to, and this can be anywhere in the world, it doesn't have to be near a triport, it doesn't have to be you know in a city, it can be anywhere, and this makes returning to areas and NPCs much quicker than actually travelling there, and this is great for parking like a Bifrost location near a rapport character, a farming location, a world boss anything that you care about this is something.  

Highly recommend taking advantage of once you get your ship, you can set these and that way you don't have to travel across long distances anymore, you can just teleport there, now these do have a long cooldown, so make sure to use them and take advantage of when you go there, you know you can't teleport away, and then go back, you know to teleport back to that spot, you're gonna have to wait two hours, to teleport back there.

5. Lsot Ak Tip - Overlay Teleport 

Speaking of teleports, one thing to mention that isn't overly obvious is that you can teleport to any sort of triport from your overlay by holding alt, so you don't have to open your overview map, or your full map to do that you can just go to your overlay hold alt-click on your triport and teleport there, this is going to save some time, it's extremely easy to do, and honestly, once you get into the rhythm of it, it feels weird to open your full map and try to teleport somewhere.

6. Lsot Ak Tip - Cards

Now the next thing is cards, so in lsot ak, you're going to start earning cards in pride home, and then from there you can actually unlock and equip them, so at first these really don't seem like they're that important right that might even look like a sort of collection system like a collect-a-mall type of situation, but these actually give you passive bonuses that can do things like increase your damage your resistance, and then there's a whole host of other benefits that you can actually equip and take advantage of now you do need to look at each card to see what passives it offers, because some might be a lot more useful to you than other, and as you work through the story, you will get more rare cards that way you can help kind of complete each set, and sometimes you're going to earn a card deck as a reward, and this can be used to pull a random card from a list,  sometimes you get really lucky, and you get a super rare one that you actually need other times, you get a duplicate, so really it's all up to lady luck.

7. Lsot Ak Tip - Skill System 

Now another way to customize your character is through the skill system, there isn't anything hidden about the skill system, there isn't anything new, but this is just a reminder to those that might be coming from path of exile or grim dawn, typically your isometric action Rpgs, you don't really have the flexibility or the freedom for some of the systems, like in path of exile, you have to use orbs of regret in order to pull back skill points and reallocate them in grim dawn, once you choose your masteries, those are stuck unless you use a third-party tool well in lsot ak, you don't have any limitations or costs to resetting your skills, you can just hit reset, you get everything back and you can put it wherever you want, so make sure to explore with your skill points, because you can reset them all for free whenever wherever, it doesn't really matter, so if you get a new skill take 10 points out of your other skill, and put it to this one to see if you really like the way it performs, this is the best way to do it, and honestly it just helps reinforce the whole customization and freedom of customization that lsot ak brings to the table.

8. Lsot Ak Tip - Ship Tips 

Next up a few ship tips, so this system is very lightly touched on and there are some key points in here that are critical for ocean travel,  but honestly they kind of get missed, since the game gives you a ton of information all at once, once you start to unlock your ship, so first you can change your ship, and your crewmates, and you need to that way, they can best fit the different stretches of water that you'll be traveling through, for instance, you want to take the icebreaker ship when traveling through icy regions, and then also make sure your crew doesn't subtract from icy regions either, the same goes for sirens swells muddy water all the other hazards that are built into this game, you want to make sure you bring the right ship, and the right crew that way your ship doesn't take any extra damage, and you're able to save on repair costs which is next point, so your ship will incur wear and tear during your adventures, and it will need to be repaired,  so don't forget to repair it every time, you pour it doesn't cost very much, and if you don't bad things can happen, and this is one of those things that didn't know about for a long period of time, 

Ship durability is the way you could kind of talk about it, but it got lower and lower to a point where it was almost out, this thing's going down, repair ship and this might be. Ultimately repairing a ship, almost cost quite a bit, so repairing it and then back in action, but this is again something that you don't really throw into your face as much as other things, so all in all repair your ship.

9. Lsot Ak Tip - Finding Materials 

Now the last tip is about finding specific materials, so if you skipped gathering, while you were levelling, because you know you're playing the beta, and you just want to get you know from point a to point b as quickly as possible, you might need to revisit some old areas to level up those trade skills, but the issue is what areas have what like if you're looking for foraging, do you always have to go to a forest or plains or will every area have some flowers to pick well luckily.

The game has a built-in feature for this, so you can open up your overview map right, your main map and you can hover over a zone to see what resources, you can find there, and this makes it extremely easy to find the materials, you're looking for that way you can level up those trade skills and by the way, this will not work for areas, you have not visited yet, so it only works for places that you've discovered all right folks.

These are the top 9 tips for new players and things. Buy cheap lsot ak gold from lsot ak gold store, with constant delivery and a safe deal! 

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