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New World Summer Medleyfaire Tokens Guide - How To Farm & Maximize Tokens In Medleyfaire Event

8/5/2022 4:50:50 PM

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Summer Medleyfaire in New World. This year is a complete triumph. We know how to level up fast, how to get to the max reputation, and become a maestro, so that you can buy these really amazing items. But how do you get the maximum amount of tokens as quickly as possible? In this New World Summer Medleyfaire tokens farming guide, we are going to show you how to get the maximum amount of tokens.


New World Summer Medleyfaire Tokens Guide - How To Farm & Maximize Tokens In Medleyfaire Event

A bright and shining token in New World Summer Medleyfaire update, Trade them in at any Medleyfaire Shop for special rewards. There are the regular tokens just like any other event they've done and there are the premium tokens. The premium tokens can buy some really cool stuff and so can the regular ones. But it doesn't matter because each premium is just 25 of these regular ones. So if you need premium tokens, you can upgrade regular tokens. If you need regular tokens you can downgrade your premium tokens and get 25 tokens.



Definitely going to be fishing, fishing, and more fishing to make tokens for New World Summer Medleyfaire. You're going to need to do these Maudlinbug Swarms to get experience and a couple of tokens. But in order to get a bunch of these Summer Medleyfaire tokens, you're going to need to fish. So put on your best fishing pole that you have, put on all your fishing gear, make sure you have all your fishing trophies, and make sure you have a bunch of the modeling bug bait. 



Head over to Brightwood Isle and take the fast travel to Alchemist’s Shrine. You could use this for the leveling process as well because fishing gives you a great experience for the event. If you catch a lot of large fish and that's all you want. Small fish are terrible, small fish are just going to give you a couple of tokens. But the large fish and some of the mediums if you're lucky will give you a premium token which is worth 25 tokens for one fish and some experience and some regular tokens as well. 

You're going to salvage these fish and you're going to turn them into three different items filets, scales, and the legendary rare resource fishbones. Those fishbones when you turn them in, they're going to give you a premium token which is good for 25 regular tokens and it's going to give you a good chunk of event reputation. Once your event reputation is maxed out, you're going to want to start collecting as many tokens as you can because there is a lot of money to be made and there's some really cool stuff that you can get too. 


You're going to be basically just doing a loop in this area over and over. You could pull up the map on, there are going to be these event fishing spots all over the place and you'll hit spot after spot after spot. The reason why Brightwood Isle is the best New World Summer Medleyfaire tokens farming location. There are tons of them and they're all clustered up in one area you can just go in circles and you will never be out of spots to go fishing. There's no downtime.



Another thing that you can do just to help you out is to use the overwolf map. Once you install it, turn it on and if it doesn't work right while you're playing, then just restart your game client. Make sure you have overwolf running first and then open up your game and it should work fine. Once you have it running, you're just going to click on the button that says stream location, hit sure, and then it's going to bring up a map. As long as the green light is going, you'll be good to go. All you have to do is just look for events and while overwolf is running, you can actually close this map and open up the new world map. 

Set up your filters, do hide all, go to events, Summer Medley, and Summer Medley fishing hotspots. Once you get that filter up, you scroll all the way down, you hit enable location tracking and auto center. Therefore, it's going to auto center on your player. When while that's running and you are going to have your setup. You're going to either need to have a second monitor or you can just alt-tab. All you have to do is go around the area over and over and over and make sure you hit the swarm every time you go by. You'll have enough tokens to buy 4 or 5 patterns or more in about an hour as long as it's not contested.


Rare Sources

When you break these fish down and turn them into rare resources. This is where you turn in those fish, you just go right up to the Medleyfaire Pyre and just press e and it's going to consume your fishbones one at a time. Normally as you're leveling up, you'll see an extra 25 event experiences for each one you turn in. So definitely do that as you're leveling up. Once you have all your tokens, you can either keep them as premium tokens for the trophy or you can break them down into regular tokens and buy these legendary patterns. 

These legendary patterns are bound on equipment, so you can sell these at the marketplace and you can expect them to go for a pretty high price. If you're one of the first people that levels up to maestro and are able to buy these, you're going to make big money. Because these patterns give you elemental aversion, refreshing is guaranteed and they will be 600 for sure. You can also pick what attributes you want on them whether you want focus decks and you're going to get a third random perk. 

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