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FIFA 22 4-4-2 Custom Tactics Guide - FIFA 22 442 Custom Tactics & Instructions

8/5/2022 4:48:53 PM

Today going over the best tactics for the FIFA 22 4-4-2 again, these are the end game tactics to the rank one the proper meta tactics, you're going to see some similarities between this one and pro level.

FIFA 22 4-4-2 Custom Tactics Guide - FIFA 22 442 Custom Tactics & Instructions

FIFA 22 4-4-2 Custom Tactics


Defensive Style: Balanced 

Width: 60

Depth: 45

Defensive Style should be Balanced for this formation

The width is best at 60

Depth is good at 45


Build Up Play: Long Ball 

Chance Creation: Balanced 

Width: 50

Players in Box: 6

Corners: 1

Free Kicks: 1

Offensive Strategy 

Build-up Play should be the long ball. It is the best for this formation

The best Chance Creation for this formation is balanced. 

The width is great at 50

Players in the Box is best with 6

Corners and Free Kicks get 1 each

One thing to mention to you as well, the gameplay with the FIFA 22 442, everyone knows how to play it, defensive style, now to make this very clear defensive start, it does depend on what kind of formation, you want to use though for most players balance, and you'll see most pro players do something like this anyway because they like to press manually if you want to use this and use one of these two feel free to go ahead and do so.

Do not use constant pressure, unless you are like losing the game, that's the reason why now width put it up, just a little bit six, now the idea behind, this is normally when you're defending, especially in the 442 the benefit of it is that you can press very high up the pitch,  because actually quite a wide formation, you cover most of the pitch, 

decreased the depth.

Now this is not defensive, it looks like people can say 45 is that defensive no the average player is no difference between 35 and 75 depth, you'll be surprised, but put it more in the balance, then if you want to you can reduce depending on how defensive you want to play, if you find the team a bit too wide, because the only downside with this is the gaps created in between the lines, so if you know you struggle with defending, then just reduce the width here, this is why you see a lot of pro players use these exact tactics, but if everyone else, a rank 4 player you try copying it, it won't be the same thing, because that pro's got the ability to move from center mid and cover up the right segment position or cover in the gaps that's what's important to mention build-up play put on the long ball, basically this is whenever you get the ball, make runs going forward.

A lot of players don't use enough l1 triggers and one-twos anyway half to play, just forget about using them, so longboard helps with you creating chances and buying that for the chance creation, leave it on balance, you know with the FIFA 22 442, it quite well both on new gen old gen, by the way, to leave it on balance, because you see when you put direct passing, you're forced to play in one way, for example, although direct passing, and balance is kind of an amalgamation of everything, and especially at this stage, today you've got already as top tier players as footies players with good attacking awareness, they will know what to do most of the time the real thing depends on the instructions.

Now for the width, left it on default, however, to bring it down to about 30-ish, but include it here players in the box on seven, now going over to the instructions itself, both strikers on comeback and defense similar to how real life is and talking about real life. 

Obviously, you just got pre-predictions down, who is going to win you think Chris palace is going to win, Arsenal's going to win or do you think it's going to be a draw right predictions for all the games read the TRS.

Don't forget as soon as possible, because this giveaway is going to be ending very soon in the next day or so before the season starts, going to put them on come back in events very simple and get into the box across, there's going to be some things that going to change towards the end. An attack in pro level is that you'll have someone coming in to help break up the majority of like a two CDM and create an extra man coming toward think about this at the third man coming forward.

Now you do have the tactics long ball, so that means that when you get the ball that play will also look to make that run in behind, if you leave it on balanced, get forward get into the box for a cross, because if you get the ball with your right wing, you want this player to be running inside late to get that first-time shot or that goal inside the box cover center, however for both set CDM's or center mids, the other one on the stern edge of the box, so you never go centrally and stay back while attacking, so this is going to be you can almost think of it like a CDM like that it's going to stay back, and then you have the attacking player on the left-hand side, it doesn't matter which player which way you have it, some people have personal preference have it on the right-hand side, it doesn't make that much difference.

Usable to always be upfront, so leave them on stay central, if you're new gen, you might not like getting behind, you might want to leave them on balanced because they do their own thing, and you know, for example, when you go down the ring, you make a pass inside the box with direct passing, you can score that goal, so you might want to leave these people on balance. 

FIFA 22 4-4-2 Player Instructions 

Striker Instructions 

Basic Defence Support(default)

Come Back On Defence

Get Into The Box For Cross 

Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross 

Winger Instructions 

Balanced Attack(default)

Get Forward 

Central Mid. Instructions 

Cover Center 

Stay On Edge Of Box For Cross 

Get Forward 

Stay Back While Attacking 



Target Man

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