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Best FIFA 22 Custom Tactics & Formation - FIFA 22 442 Custom Tactics

6/22/2022 4:56:36 PM

Today looking at variations of FIFA 22 442 which is a formation and tactic that is always encouraged, look at a formation, played some opposition games with these FIFA 22 tactics that would be done in a second, they can be seen there and to be fair it's a big difference, straight into the FIFA 22 442 Custom tactics. 

Best FIFA 22 Custom Tactics & Formation - FIFA 22 442 Custom Tactics 

FIFA 22 4-4-2 Custom Tactics Attacking Formation 


Defensive Style: Pressure on heavy touch 

Width: 45

Depth: 50


Build Up Play: Balanced

Chance Creation: Direct Passing 

Width: 45

Players in Box: 6

Corners: 1

Free Kicks: 1

Defensive width down to 45, you can do 40 if you want, the defence is compact, and most people are most dangerous when they attack from the middle, this is one of the reasons why having two CDMs in this FIFA 22 442 formation is a good thing, one of the biggest advantages is that you can be so compact, using the wing-backs and then six players very deep and central, it will be very difficult for your opponent to break through the defence Depth 50. 

Opponents building play in a balanced, very neutral formation is always going to be something that will really think about changing, if you're going to change a FIFA 22 tactic of chasing the game, you might like to organise quickly or pass the ball long, so you can win the game and you can push the ball forward immediately.

FIFA 22 4-4-2 Custom Tactics Player instructions  

Defensive MID. Instructions: Cover Center, Stay back while attacking 

Winger: Get into the box for the cross

Once the team got into the attacking zone, it was as quick as it gets to set up. With creating chances and direct passes, there's still a chance to gain an advantage in the frontcourt and take on the opposition inside the final third. 

The key point is that you don't mind people running when you're in the attacking zone inside the final third, that's what you want, space to create chaos.

If you have a wide formation and you want it to be narrow, then go with a narrow formation and turn it from 50 to 45, they will still be wide, so put them in slightly, if you want to keep it at 50 you can do that. 

Striker, outside backs, midfield

The two strikers, the two wide men and the two midfielders are the ones who are going to be involved in the attack, so always include the players who are going to be involved in the attack and then put the corners and free-kicks in one position to avoid counter attacks. In reality, this FIFA 22 442 formation allows those full-backs to get into the game and push forward, they are an out-and-out ball, especially with the wingers in there, the wingers occupy you know the left-back and the left-winger.


Your right-back will have more time with the ball, so you know you can get them involved, get the ball up the pitch and get them involved in the attack and that's going to work that's the main thing about the team. Keeping back in attack, but don't get caught up in that, it doesn't mean they're going to run at the goal, you're going to see it immediately, but they're going to end up being your safety net, your pivot.

Cover in the middle

The cover in the middle is important, with the fullbacks and the wingers, so never put it on the wing, but also cut off the passing routes, position it very deep and cut off those passes, basically into the box.


For this particular formation, try to cover all the angles to the FIFA 22 4222 Custom Tactics wingers, it's the same for the left-winger and the right-wing, it's the silent Grinch coming back to defend, and of course when not getting the ball.

Obviously trying to make it difficult for them, but when attacking it will be a direct pass, so they will run forward and run through, while getting into the box to pass, meaning if the ball is on the other side of the pitch they will run over to support. 

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