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NBA 2K23 Season 5 Preparation Guide: Release Time & Things To Do Before Season 5 Release in NBA 2K23

2/20/2023 5:39:05 PM

Season 5 for NBA 2K23 is fast approaching and we’ll be getting some new rewards, updates, player cards, locker codes and more features. In this guide, we'll be showing you how to prepare for season 5 in NBA 2K23 MyTeam and what you should do before season 5 coming Friday. 

NBA 2K23 Season 5 Preparation Guide: Release Time & Things To Do in NBA 2K23 Season 5 

Currently, Season 4 of NBA 2K23 is in its final stages and Season 5 is just right around the corner. NBA 2K23 developer pushed out a new update for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC, MyCareer, MyTeam, and MyNBA game modes, which helps set the stage for the game's next major wave of content. This update also makes a handful of gameplay changes as well. For the most part, this new patch in NBA 2K23 paves the way for the arrival of Season 5. Here are some preparations for Season 5 NBA 2K23. 

NBA 2K23 Season 5 Release Date - When Will Season 5 Release for NBA 2K23 

It’s officially announced that the new season release in four days which is obviously going to be Friday, February 24th, at 11AM Eastern time and basically all the different game modes and everything will be expiring.

How to Prepare for Season 5 NBA 2K23 - Things to Do in Season 5

These are tips to make insane MT when Season 5 launches. However, you can start preparing for Season 5 NBA 2K23 now to take advantage of it even more. 

1. Get Zach Levine 

The first thing to prepare for season 5 NBA 2K23 is to get Zach Levine. He's not really the greatest shooting guard, but if you are still trying to level up and get to level 40, you obviously have 4 days to do. If you want this galaxy opal Zach Levine who might be needed for something later in the year, like if you're trying to do XP challenges, maybe spotlights, you have to use an opal card, so it could be helpful in the future. There's obviously 25000 MT Hall of Fame badges, 100 tokens, some pretty decent prizes. So you should definitely be getting to level 40 especially with how easy it is to get to get XP. So just make sure you’re getting Zach Levine before this new season coming Friday. It's an easy 100 tokens, easy 25K and then Zach LaVine is not a terrible shooting guard and might be useful down the road, this should be a great card everybody should be completing before season 5.

2. All-Star Showcase Event

One of the more important things is going to be the All-Star Showcase Event, and this is going to be for the Galaxy Opal Russell. So if you go over to your collection and you go to the season 4 takeover players, it’s going to lock in for a Galaxy Opal Russell Westbrook. All you got to do is pink diamond and Andre Drummond and one other All-Star takeover event card. This coming week Monday we'll probably get an event card, Tuesday we'll get a player and then Wednesday and Thursday we'll get two. We'll probably get one player and then one event card as well. So make sure you are keeping up to date, just getting this card before Friday. It's always nice to have free cards on your lineup it just overall saves MT for your team. 

3. Completing Your Game modes

The next thing to do in season 5 release in NBA 2K23 is to complete your game modes. It doesn’t mean that you have to complete unlimited and get all the way up to 23000 points because it’s not worth your time. But maybe you want the 500 tokens just to hold on to them in the future and maybe you're at 16000 points, just make sure you're getting to your next total whether you want that 25000 MT or 20K. If you want a complete clutch time and you're getting some up close to 30000 MT in 90 wins, 70 or 80 wins, just over the next couple days play a couple clutch and online games per day and you should obviously be able to get there, like that's 30000+20000, that's 50000 MT you'll never be able to get again, they'll probably be MT prizes again next season, but that's 50000 MT that's going to be put in the past, so make sure you are grinding clutch time. 

4. Grind Spotlight Challenges

The second last thing to do in NBA 2K23 Season 5 release is to grind spotlight challenges. At the end of season 4 going into season 5, just make sure you are continuing to grind these Spotlight challenges, they're really worth it. Trying to get Galaxy Opal KG, because he's still the best power forward in the game, he can definitely be very usable. So if you got the time on your hands and you want to grind for that Galaxy Opal KG, you don't have to do it before season 5, but just the faster you get him means he'll have more longevity and more time where he'll be a top 3, top 5 power forward, so make sure you are grounding these spotlights and going for Galaxy Opal Wiggins, Galaxy Opal Kyrie, and there's obviously some other pink diamonds.

5. Sell Cards

The last preparation for season 5 in NBA 2K23 is, if you're not grinding too much stuff, you're kind of done with the game modes and you're just waiting for the new season, you might as well sell some of your cards. When a new season does come around, the market just tanks and it is already really low right now. So selling today is not a good decision because the market is still really low from the All-Star Weekend, you can wait until Wednesday, either Tuesday, and price may go up. So if you want to sell some cards, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is going to be the best time to sell. 

That’s everything you want to do in season 5 NBA 2K23. If you are looking for fastest & easiest way to get NBA 2K23 MT Coins for preparing Season 5, choose and buy cheap 2K23 MT.

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