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Diablo 4 Legendary Guide 2023 - Legendary Items, Weapons, Armor, Rings & More In D4

2/20/2023 4:09:51 PM
Tag: Diablo 4

Today we wanted to go over all of the different leaked legendary items for Diablo 4. Youtuber Osterberg501 is able to find over 25 different Diablo 4 legendary items and there are more than that for sure. Because there's been so much random gameplay footage released over the years including some demos where the game was first announced, there might be a few more floating around.


Diablo 4 Legendary Item List - Legendary Weaspons, Armors, Rings & More In D4

In this Diablo 4 legendary guide 2023, we show you the majority of the D4 legendary items, weapons, armor, and more drops. This does give you a good idea of the effects they're going with 4 legendary items. Keep in mind, this is only going to be a very small fraction of the total legendary items in Diablo IV. Once it's released and there are also going to be higher rarities than legendaries as well. Before we go over all these different D4 legendaries, we want to go over all of the different rarities. Therefore, you can get an understanding of where legendary items are going to sit in the grand scheme of gearing in Diablo 4.


Diablo 4 Item Rarity Explained

This is the most up-to-date version because this has changed multiple times since the game has been announced. They're currently set on these rarities being normal which is white, magic which is blue, rare which is yellow, then we have legendary and set items which are in the same tier generally. Legendary is being shown more as dark orange or red and set items are green and then we have unique items which are more set as orange coloring.


The differences between these rarities are going to be a little bit different than other Diablo games. They want to make even magic items have a way to potentially be used in end-game builds. So the white rarity or normal items aren't really going to play into this those are just kind of throws away for early levels. But once you get into magic which is blue, these are items that could also potentially be used.


How Is It going to work?

Essentially how this is g is going from magic which is blue, rare which is yellow, and legendary which is kind of red you're going to get more possible fx rolls on the higher rarity of items. But the power of one species affects role is going to be higher the lower rarity you go. So the example they give is a rare item would have a 16.8% immobilization chance, but that would be the only effect on that item. 

A rare item would have 3 affixes but that immobilized chance would only be 11%. For a legendary item, you would have 4 fixes but the immobilized chance would only be 9%. Then you would also have the legendary effect on that legendary item. So you can get an understanding of where legendaries fit in with all the other items. Unique items are only able to have one equipped at a time and are a build finisher or something that actually allows a build to work correctly.


Diablo 4 Legendary Essences

Then that brings us to another system tied into legendaries which is the essence system. Essentially how legendaries work in Diablo 4 is that a specific legendary effect can actually roll on multiple different items, usually 3 to 4 different slots. If you get one legendary power, it could roll on a ring, boots, or gloves just as an example. You have more options to get it in that way and it's a little bit more randomized. You are also able to actually pull a legendary effect off of an item that will destroy that legendary item, but it will give you a new essence item that has that legendary power on it. 

It's an actual item you can go and put in your storage and save for later or you're able to put that legendary essence into a new item and you can only do this effect once. You can't just get a legendary once pull that effect off that legendary and have that essence forever. You can only take this off and put on a new item once and you can even put these legendary effects on a rare item essentially turning that rare item into that specific legendary item. So if you get a rare item with perfect rolls, you can take a legendary effect, and put it on there now, it's a legendary with perfect rolls with the legendary effect you want on it. 

Legendaries work in a bit of a different way than most other Diablo games. They said that they don't want set items to be as strong as they were in Diablo 3. They generally want legendary items to be a little bit stronger than set items. So you don't feel you absolutely need to be wearing a specific set for a build to work. Because in Diablo 3, pretty much 100% of the builds in that game are completely built around a set item and you need to have a set on to actually be a good build. 

They're also trying to avoid allowing legendary items to be a little bit stronger. Some of these legendaries are going to have duplicates but they're going to be on different armor pieces. If you see a legendary power that's duplicate, it's just showing that it can be on a different armor piece and they're also going to be randomized. They're just going to be randomly thrown in.


Diablo 4 Legendary Item List

1. Amulet of Chilling Frost (Legendary Amulet)

  • 12 Maximum Mana (Sorcerer Only)

  • 6% Ranged Damage

  • 9% Mana Cost Reduction (Sorcerer Only)

  • +1 Rank to Ceaseless Bolts

Your chill effects will trigger freeze 25% faster but you deal 30% frost damage. So in Diablo 4, any frost damage will start to chill the target when you stack up chill enough. It will freeze the target which is a stun, this just makes that happen more quickly. But dealing less frost damage overall so very good for cc.


2. Amulet of Pulling Whirlwind (Legendary Amulet)

  • 16% Overpower Damage

  • 6% Damage While Healthy

  • +4 Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)

  • 11% Fury Cost Reduction (Barbarian Only)

  • -Imbued: Whirlwind periodically pulls nearby enemies to you. (Barbarian only)

Periodically pulls nearby enemies to your Barbarian only and this has been in a lot of other Diablo games. This is probably something you'll need if you're doing a full whirlwind build.


3. Boost of Chilling Frost (Legendary Boots)

  • +16 Willpower

  • 12% Control Duration Bonus

  • +5% Dodge Chance

  • +5.5% Movement Speed

Your chill effects will trigger freeze 25% faster but you deal 30% less frost damage

These are just boots with the effect of your chill effects that will trigger freeze 25% faster while you deal 30% less frost damage. So this legendary effect so far can be on necklaces and boots.


4. Boots of Perilous Tread (Legendary Boots)

  • 11.5% Elite Damage Reduction

  • 9% Control Duration Bonus

  • +18 Life Regeneration

  • 34% Movement Speed on Elite Kill

When you stand inside tour own damaging ground effects, you increase the damage they deal by 27% So it could be pretty good for big aoe builds and would probably also be pretty good if you're a more tanky build with a lot of big aoe effects. So you can much more easily stand in it with the enemies.


5. Chillgrip (Legendary Gloves)

  • Hit Effect: +5% Stun Chance

  • 22.5% Crushing Blow Damage (Requires 31 Ancestral Power)

  • +12 Angelic Power

  • 4% Damage to Immobilized Enemies

When your minor destruction critically strikes, your next major destruction spell cost no mana and has a 100% chance to critically strike. This is one of the older legendaries, so the ui on the item isn't completed but this would be a sorcerer or Sorceress only legendary.

6. Runeworker’s Conduit (Legendary 2-Handed Mace)

  • +6% Crushing Blow Chance

  • +30% Angelic Power

  • Hit Effect: +16% Slow Chance

  • 12% Damage to Stunned Enemies

Critical strikes with storm skills form an aura of lightning around you that shocks nearby enemies for 50% of the damage dealt over 5 seconds. This is one of the older shown legendaries. This is Druid only because Druid does have specific skills that are labeled as storm skills. This is not like a generic lightning procking item.


7. Executioner's Gauntlets (Legendary Gloves)

  • +8 Ancestral Power

  • 4% Damage to Health Enemies

  • 12% Damage to Stunned Enemies (Requires 37 Demonic Power)

  • Hit Effect: +6.5% Immobilize Chance

Skills that cause fury will consume all remaining fury and grant a 3.8% damage bonus for each extra point of fury consumed. Again Barbarian only and this is one of those Diablo IV legendaries that would change up your playstyle quite a bit. Because instead of saying item taking 50 furies, it would now take as much fury as you possibly have. Any time you spend fury, it's going to use all of that but cause a lot more damage.


8. Flickerform (Legendary Helm)

  • 8% Damage Reduction from Enemies out of Melee Range

  • +5 Poison Resistance

Teleports move you to a random location and cost 10 mana instead of having a cooldown. We're not exactly sure how this is going to work. It may just be more of a meme or funny legendary because taking you to a random location could potentially be really bad. But having blink with no cooldown is also really good. We would have to see if that random location is a distance forward or if it's a legitimately just in any direction which would probably be too random to be good.


9. Staff of Fractured Flames (Legendary Staff)

  • +4% Attack Speed

  • Hit Effect: Up to 4% Chance to Stun

-Fireball launches 3 projectiles to deal 54% of normal damage. This would obviously be a Sorcerer or Sorceress only making your fireball deal overall more damage but making it more of a spread-aoe attack.


10. Hellhammer (Legendary 2-Handed Mace)  

  • 3% Attack Speed

  • Hit Effect: Up to 4% Chance to Stun

Upheaval ignites the ground burning enemies for additional damage over 3 seconds. Upheaval is a Barbarian-only skill.


11. Raiment of Infinite Potential (Legendary Chest Armor)

  • 4% Cooldown Reduction

  • +16% Duration of Control Impairing effects

Cast nova at your teleport location. So anytime you teleport a cast nova which is a big freeze around you. Now, something that could actually be pretty good is this with Flickerform that we just went over where your teleport now has no cooldown but just cause mana but teleports you somewhere random. With these 2 mixed together, you can just spam teleport around and constantly cast nova at random locations. That could potentially end up being good depending on how strong you could make a nova.


12. Ire (Legendary Mace)

  • +5% Crushing Blow Chance

  • Hit Effect: +7% Slow Chance

  • 30% Gem Strength in this Item

  • +15 Demonic Power

Basic skills deal 20% less damage but generate 60% more fury. So again another Barbarian on the legendary. Deal less damage but generates a lot more fury. This could actually be a pretty decent combination with the other item we went over where any time you spend fury, it spends all of your furies but deals more damage per additional fury spent. This could actually be a pretty good combination with that.


13. Nature's Balance (Legendary Ring)

  • 10% Critical Strike Damage

  • 9% Crushing Blow Damage

  • 6% Melee Damage

  • 8% Physical Damage

Storm skill damage increases earth skill damage by 17% for 5 seconds. In addition, earth skills increase the critical strike chance of storm skills by 16% for 5 seconds. And again this is druid only. Essentially this would be a good build for if you're having a decent amount of storm and earth skills. You could alternate using the 2 different types of skills to keep these 2 buffs up most of the time.


13. Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo (Legendary Amulet)

  • 7% Damage to Enemies within Melee Range

  • 11% Critical Strike Damage

Lightning traps periodically appear around you dealing 274 damage after 2 seconds to nearby enemies. This seems to just be a generic legendary that anybody can use and you just randomly constantly create traps that deal damage to enemies.


14. Pent-Up Axe (Legendary Axe)

  • 1710 Damage Per Second

  • 7.5% Critical Strike Damage

  • 16% Overpowered Damage

  • Hit Effect: +5.5% Stun

Fury skills deal 4% more damage for every second you haven't used a furious skill up to 24%. This is obviously Barbarian only, but this is also the item that they showed off with the new legendary system that we went over. Essentially with this pent-up axe, you could pull the essence off of this legendary.


15. Pent-Up Glowing Essence (Legendary Essence)

It gives the legendary effect fury skills that deal 4% more damage for every second you haven't used a furious skill up to 24%. This will allow you to put it on certain items and this will allow you to put this legendary on one-handed items, two-handed weapons gloves, amulets, and rings.


16. Ring of Frozen Thought (Legendary Ring)

  • 9% Critical Strike Damage

  • 6% Reduced Fury cost for skills (Barbarian Only)

Your physical attacks chill enemies. Enemies who are chilled enough times become frozen. This is another generic legendary in Diablo 4 which is actually pretty cool. because this could be applied and used in any class in the game. Melee classes could also use this and start to augment a lot of their damage with chill effects that will eventually freeze enemies and then you could also potentially apply other legendary effects to cause targets to be frozen quicker.


17. Ring of Three Curses (Legendary Ring)

  • 4% Lightning Damage

  • 6% Mana Cost Reduction (Sorcerer Only)

  • +9 Maximum Mana (Sorcerer Only)

  • 7% Damage While Healthy

Meteor gains a 45% critical strike damage bonus against vulnerable targets. This is another sorcerer only D4 legendary and vulnerable targets just take additional damage. It's 30% increased damage for a certain amount of health depending on how much vulnerability is applied to them.


18. Soul Ward Tunic (Legendary Chest Armor)

2% Damage Reduction

2.5% Cooldown Reduction

Teleport grants a barrier that absorbs 30% of your maximum life for 15 seconds. This again is sorcerer only and we have been seeing a lot of different teleport legendaries so far. There's going to be some crazy teleport build created that you just spam infinite teleports around the map and proc a ton of different effects. This would be a really tanky addition to that.


19. Staff of Ursine Strength (Legendary Staff)

  • Slow Weapon

  • +5% Resource Regeneration

  • +21 Strength

  • +6% Overpower Chance

  • Hit Effect: +9% Immobilize Chance

  • +10% Critical Strike Chance

Knock down enemies and take 46 additional damage from your attacks. This isn't labeled as specific to any of the different classes or builds that have a lot of knockdowns. This could potentially be incredibly strong for that and also even though it's on a legendary staff, you could pull this legendary effect off and put it on a bunch of different items to make it much more easily used for other classes.


20. Stone of Jordan (Legendary Ring)  

  • 4% Damage

  • 7% reduced Mana cost for skills (Sorceress Only)

This gives plus 1 rank to your equipped skills and this is another general legendary now. Plus 1 rank 2 skills actually have a few different things it does in Diablo 4. First off, if you just get plus 1 ranked to a specific skill and you don't have that skill unlocked, you can actually start using it just with that plus 1 rank. But specifically with this legendary, it's only 2 already equipped skills, so you can't unlock skills with this. But this will be generally pretty powerful but we also don't know how good plus rank 2 different skills is going to be. Generally, when these types of games have this stat in them, they're usually really strong.


21. Stonewall Tunic (Legendary Chest Armor)

  • +42 Max Life

  • +6 Life On Kill

  • 2.5% Cooldown Reduction

  • 14% Control Duration Bonus

Increases the duration of your defensive skills by 38%. So really good for more tanky defensive builds or just your defensive ability. But this isn't labeled as a class-specific legendary. So we’re not sure if this is going to be for specific classes. Because some classes do have a category of their skills labeled as defensive. We’re not sure if it's just a general legendary or if this is for a specific class.


21. The Writhing Band (Legendary Ring)

  • +10 Maximum Man (Sorcerer Only)

  • Hit Effect: Up to 6% Chance to Stun on Crit

Hit effect: your attacks have up to a 9 chance to spawn a hydra that will aid you in combat and this also isn't labeled as a Sorceress only legendary. Any class could put this on and start spawning hydras. Even though the Sorceress has the hydra skill, this seems like a way to allow you to proc that skill in all their classes.


22. Thunderspire (Legendary Staff)

  • +3% Attack Speed

  • 6% Damage to Vulnerable Targets

Lightning strikes a nearby enemy doing damage whenever you shapeshift and this is Druid only. This would be a pretty decent legendary if you're using a heavy shape-shifting build, so you're constantly just proc lightning attacks everywhere anytime you shapeshift.


23. Tunic of Perilous Tread (Legendary Chest Armor)

  • +17 Dexterity

  • +19 Intelligence

  • +46 Thorns

  • 24% Cold Resistance

Now we did go over this legendary effect on boots earlier. So we now know this legendary effect can be on boots and chess pieces. When you stand inside your own damaging ground effects, you increase the damage, it deals by 26%. Also, something to note about the boots, it was increased by 27%. This is 26, that's just the differences in random roles.


24. Unraveler’s Treads (Legendary Boots)

  • 3.5% Cooldown Reduction

  • +4% Dodge Chance

  • 13% Control Duration Bonus

  • 9% Damage Reduction while Evading

Teleport forms a rift in your path that increases your critical strike chance by 39% for 5 seconds. So this is incredibly strong and also the 4th or 5th teleport legendary we've gone over. So it definitely seems like there's going to be some build that just uses every teleport effect you can possibly get and you just spam out teleports absolutely everywhere, being a speed demon all over the map. We could potentially see that being a pretty strong build because some of these effects have been really strong.

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