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What To Do At Level 80 in WOTLK Classic | WotLK Lvl 80 Fast Gearing Guide

9/21/2022 4:00:30 PM

So, you just hit level 80 and you're looking for things to do. Maybe you're looking to gear up as fast as possible for raiding, maybe you're trying to obtain a little bit better gear before heading into heroic dungeons, maybe you're looking to start working on your professions maybe you're into PvP, or maybe just a mix of all of them?

WoW Classic WotLK 80 Lvl Gearing Guide - Top 5 Things To Do At Level 80

In this guide, we will go through a couple of things you might want to start working on once you hit level 80 in Wrath Classic, and hopefully by reading this guide you have an additional thing or two to work towards that keeps you busy and entertained. Our goal with this guide is really just to show you what's available in Northrend after hitting level 80, as well as give you some tips & tricks for how to gear up fast because most of you might be reading this guide for gearing up purposes.

1 - Do Sons of Hodir Questline

If you haven't already, start working on your Sons of Hodir Questline. This Questline can be started at level 77 in Storm Peaks at K3, and it starts with a quest called "They took our men". From there you have to complete a series of quests, probably 10-15 quests that overall spans about an hour's worth of gameplay depending on how many people are doing it and how much competition there is for mob tags, but once you've unlocked this reputation you will unlock daily quests that are relevant for reputation, and the reason why you really want to start working on this reputation ASAP is because they offer the best in slot Shoulder Enchants in the game, and you want to try to obtain these as soon as possible. The daily quests will also offer you some decent raw WoW Classic gold while working on that great goal of achieving those shoulder enchants, so it's a win-win scenario really that just benefits you greatly overall.

2 - Keep in Line with Reputations

Next up, keeping in line with Reputations, you might want to start working towards the relevant faction for your head enchant. Different classes, specs, and roles will have

different reputations to work towards here, like for example the Arcanum of Torrent which gives you attack power and critical strike, is obtained from being Revered with the Ebon Blade. While the Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector will give you stamina and dodge and is obtained from being Revered with the Argent Crusade. Arcanum of Burning Mysteries which gives you Spell Power and Critical Strike and is therefore relevant to casters & maybe even some healers is obtained from being Revered with the Kirin Tor, and Arcanum of Blissful Mending which is meant to be the healer enchant with Spellpower and Mana Per 5 Seconds, is obtained through being Revered with The Wyrmrest Accord. Some of these reputations can be worked on throughout your leveling process, so chances are you might already be well on your way to getting your Head Enchants, but if not, now is the time to start!

3 - Run Wintergrasp Battles

Wintergrasp can really offer you a lot of great stuff, you can do weekly quests for Honor & Gold, you can do Wintergrasp Battles pretty much every 3 hours giving you even more Honor as well as Wintergrasp Marks, and from here you can spend your Honor on different items, for example, PvP Gear, or if you're not into PvP, at some point you can straight up spend your honor to purchase gems and sell those gems. You can also use Wintergrasp Marks for different purposes, you can buy PvP Gear, different trinkets, or literally best in slot raiding items, and you can also spend them on a mount or Heirlooms! So no matter what you're looking for, Wintergrasp

will offer you something useful, and if you're looking to gear up specifically, doing Wintergrasp is a really easy way to obtain some half-decent gear pretty quickly we would definitely recommend jumping into Wintergrasp as soon as possible and make sure you do your Weekly Quests there as well!

4 - Max Out Your Professions

If you're running double Crafting Professions, you've probably been focusing mostly on leveling so far and therefore you might not have paid too much attention to your crafting professions. Well, now is the time for you to start working on that, you are max level after all, and it's time for you to max your professions as well. If you have gathering professions, chances are you probably already have max skill if you've kept your professions up to date while leveling up, but crafting professions require some work. 

5 - Gear Up Your Characters at Level 80

Going back to gearing up for a bit, you can also gear up in Dungeons, and while we do not have a Dungeon Finder in Wrath Classic, so average item level doesn't really matter, you still want to have some gear before heading into raids, so here are a couple of fast ways to gear up once you've hit level 80:

Normal Dungeons - This way you can obtain some really decent gear, plus you obtain badges per boss kill which can be spent on gear as well. Make sure to queue for dungeons where you have upgrades available, plus that they are high enough level for those upgrades to be as good as possible.

Heroic Dungeons -  this way you can obtain some very good gear and badges, but you might need some good gear before heading into heroics, which is why we recommend doing Normals First, and maybe even get a piece of gear or two from Wintergrasp as well.

Wintergrasp / BGas - Wintergrasp and other forms of PvP such as Battlegrounds, but mostly Wintergrasp due to the fast honor & the Wintergrasp Marks which can be spent for actual raiding gear.

Reputations - This one is more of a long-term play, but many factions will offer you items at Honored, Revered, and Exalted Reputation and the higher the reputation the better the item will be, so the Honored items are usually just regular level 80 Blues, while the Exalted items are level 80 Epics. You also have minor reputations throughout Northrend like for example the Frenzyheart Tribe in Sholazar Basin as well as The Oracles in Sholazar Basin, and getting reputation with these NPCs can also offer you some small upgrades, and you probably want to have some reputation with The Oracles anyway for that Mysterious Egg. One tip when it comes to Reputations, in general, is to try to get Friendly with all of them and buy their Tabard, then use their Tabard while grinding dungeons at max level, because with that tabard active you will passively get reputation while doing dungeons, so you can effectively hit two birds with one stone.

Buy Cheap BoE Blue Gears At AH - At this point, if you're lacking some gear, we would recommend checking the Auction House for some cheap BoE Blues. You can find lots of BoE Blues in the open world, inside dungeons, and even from hunting rares, so chances are there will be some cheap ones up there especially early in Wrath because the supply will be so high. Alternatively, you can also find a lot of Crafted BoE Gear on the Auction House, as Tailors can craft BoE Cloth items, Leatherworkers can craft BoE Leather & Mail items, and Blacksmiths can craft BoE Plate Gear, so you can either buy the required materials and find someone to craft those items for you, or straight up buy the crafted gear from the Auction House.

There's a lot more to do at max level as well, now is really just when the fun begins. You can start hunting the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, you can start working on your Achievements, get your full Heirloom Set ready for alt-leveling, you name it, there's always something to do! Hopefully, this guide helped you out a little bit, specifically aimed at the gearing process at level 80 but also working on reputations for enchants and also working on professions!

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