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POE 3.19 Best Mapping Strategy - How to Find Mirror of Kalandra, Apothecary, and Loot Goblins

9/17/2022 3:49:48 PM
Tag: POE Maps

We go over the best mapping strategy that allowed us to find loot goblins, Mirror of Kalandra , and Apothecary. Looking for a mapping strategy, allows us to find the maximum amount of loot goblins while still making money if we get unlucky. We need to have the lottery chance of finding an Apothecary because of dopamine.


Atlas Tree

-Focus on Wandering Path due to the high amount of quantity and rarity.

-Abyss Nodes are OP with Wandering Path due to increased pack size and increased monsters.

-Focus on Adding Extra Mechanics into the Map. (Shrines, Harbingers, Abyss, Legion, and Beasts)

-Make sure you take every Map Modifier Effect.

Scarab and Sextants

-Scarabs: Winged Abyss, Winged Divination, Winged Reliquary, and Polished Legion.

-Sextants: Delirium Reward Fill Faster, 2 Additional Abyss, Additional Legion, and Beyond.

-Map Device: Abyss.

-Master Mission: Alva or Einhar. (Change Atlas Tree accordingly)

Map Rolling and POE Deli Orbs

-Want to roll increased number of rare monsters on your map and exalt until 6 mods, allow us to increase our chances of finding God-Touched from map.

-Can choose to use either skittering, diviner’s, or cartographer’s Delirium Orbs, make 60 to 80% Deli, depending on strength of your character.

Outputs and Profit

-Skittering Delirium Orbs provide us with Scarabs to sell in bulk on TFT or trade site.

- Divine Orb s from currency god-touched.

-Winged scarabs from innocence-touched.

-Tainted currency from beyond sextant.

-High value divination cards. (Apothecary, Seven Years Bad Lucky, Enlightened, and Dragon’s Heart)

-Around 8 to 12 Divines/Hr if you run 5 maps an hour. (Not Including Apothecary)

Final Tips

Found 5 currency God-Touched in 20 Maps Averaged around 1 God every 2.5 maps.

Method is still profitable with just relying on Skittering Delirium Orbs.

Defiled Cathedral is the best map if you want to chase a high-value card, but you need to rush the boss.

Jungle Valley is another map option if you do not want to rely on the high variance of divination scarabs.

Method was done with magic find, so you want to find ways to work some magic find into your build.

  • Lunaris-touched: Dropped items are converted to poe currency based on rarity.

  • Shakari-touched: Dropped items are converted to currency based on rarity.

  • Solaris-touched: Dropped items are converted to currency based on rarity.

  • Tukohama-touched: Dropped items are converted to maps.

  • Abberath-touched: Dropped items are converted to maps.

  • Arakaali-touched: Dropped items are converted to divination cards.

  • Brine King-touched: Dropped items are converted to divination cards.

  • Innocence-touched: Dropped items are converted to scarabs based on rarity.

  • Kitava-touched: Dropped items are one rarity higher.


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