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Best Diablo Immortal Monk Build 2022- Highest DPS MONK Build In Diablo Immortal

9/16/2022 4:36:09 PM

The best-updated Diablo Immortal monk build in diablo mortal, at the start how to play this diablo mortal class, then we will look into the best skills rotations and attributes that you want to use then later go over the awakening best tones where to use your paragon levels and even which gems you want to use on your Diablo Immortal gear, lastly, show you the best Diablo Immortal gameplay, so you would know how to get out your abilities the highest damage possible and much more so if this sounds interesting to you then let's get right into it.

Best Diablo Immortal Monk Build 2022-  Highest DPS MONK Build In Diablo Immortal 

1. Diablo immortal monk gameplay

Diablo immortal monk in the end game is an agile fighting class that in PvE can deal quick hits and that's pretty nice DPS resulting in a fast and melee fighting style that can kill a huge amount of Diablo Immortal monsters in just a few seconds, as you can tell the playstyle for this monk build is action-packed and you will be able to use different Diablo Immortal skills together to create a bunch of devastating combos and much more, then let's move over to the build and at the start, the best DPS Diablo Immortal build and then later show you another second Diablo Immortal build which you only want to use if you want to be a support or in a group.

2. Diablo immortal monk build

With all of this set for your first Diablo Immortal build, you want to go with the first of thunder mystic strike exploding palm seven-sided shark and mystic allies, so first of all for the first ability, the fest of thunder and the skill will teleport you to a nearby enemy, and your Diablo Immortal character will unleash a rapid amount of punches that each deal damage, you can as well teleport after every third hit, then plus you get an ultimate ability which is called the lightning flux, so when you activate it your first of thunder skill will be upgraded, so now you will be able to teleport to the enemy right away and each one of your hits will generate thunderstorm thunderstorms deal damage and knock the enemies away and you also gain a shield which absorbs damage equal to 20 of your maximum hp overall.

This is the best and most efficient single target skill that is useful to quickly move between groups of enemies and deal the highest damage possible, then moving over to the second ability which is the mystic shark, and the skill will dash your character forwards and leave a spirit behind that will return to you pulling all enemies in its path and dealing damage, it can be used a maximum of three charges overall,  this is the monk's number one mobility skill and should be included pretty much in every single setup, it is amazing to speed up farming for easy content or to help out in dodging enemy attacks from dangerous monsters and much more. 

Then for the next ability, the exploding palm and the skill will attack enemies in one direction damaging and inflicting bleeding on them for 5 seconds enemies that die while bleeding will explode damaging nearby enemies for a maximum of two charges overall, this is the monk's best Aov ability, and it's excellent at estimating big groups of weak enemies, so then for the next ability, the seven-sided shark and this skill will dash rapidly between nearby enemies striking 7 times, of course dealing damage each time overall.

This is an amazing skill, because it has a great mix of single target and AoE damage additionally you become immune during its animation, so it can be used to dodge dangerous attacks and much more, and then lastly the fifth ability is called mystic allies that summons two spirits that fight by your side, they have 100 of your hp and deal damage with their basic attacks overall.

This ability is amazing for single target boss fighting and because of legendaries, shows you in a few seconds, to do a huge amount of damage and reduce the cooldown by 40 per cent, and then last but not least, this build is meant for super high damage, but in case if from time to time you want to be a support for your team, then a good alternative is to use the second Diablo Immortal build, so here switch the mystic strike for the imprisoned fist, and then we switch the seven-sided shark with the inner sanctuary, but you want to use this support build only when doing group content and only if you want to sacrifice a bit of damage for more buffs and that's about it, so then moving over to the rotation and you, first of all, want to start by running around the dungeon or map.

3. Diablo immortal monk rotation

Use the mystic shark to dodge the incoming enemies, they now use the exploding palm ones to weaken the enemies, then afterwards use the seven-sided shock and reapply the exploding palm, for the second time, the Diablo Immortal enemy can use it again because it has two charges, and then lastly use the mystic allies, and then from here, just keep on spamming fest of thunder till other abilities come back up.

4. Diablo immortal monk support rotation

Moving over to your support rotation in groups and this time you first will want to start by using the imprisoned fist to stun the enemies, now use the exploding bomb, then afterwards use the inner sanctuary,  then use the mystic allies to finish any leftover mops or to distract enemies, if your group ever gets in trouble, and then from here just keep on spamming, the first of thunder till your other abilities come back. 

5. Diablo immortal monk attributes 

The best monk attributes and the main attribute that you want to get is strength and then the second attribute is fortitude the way you do this is by using equipment that either way has shanked or fortuned and for your Diablo Immortal weapons, you, first of all, want to prioritize how much damage it does and then secondary the attribute.

6. Diablo immortal monk gear

Moving over to your character, and this is how your Diablo Immortal gear should look like, so first of all for your offhand you want to get this golden storm and suck it in the blood-soaked jade, because of these perks that will give you exploding palm, now the option to inflict the chill effect on the enemies and slow them at the same time, and then if you awaken this item, your exploding palm cooldown get reduced by 10 per cent, then for the main hand, to go over the route of echoes and socket in the seeping pile, then for your perks, get 15 cooldown reduction on the mystic ally skill, then the skill life gets increased by 10 per cent.

Then move over to the next one which is the leg armor called the companion's melody, and sock it in the power and command gem,  then for your perks, to increase the duration of the mystic allies by 25, if awaken, then the skill's cooldown gets reduced by an additional 10 per cent, then moving over to the shoulders, to go the disciplines weight and sagittain the fervent fang gem, then for your perks, increase seven-sided strike skill or 10 damage and if you awaken, then the skills cooldowns get reduced by 10 per cent, then for one of the last Diablo Immortal items.

The chest armor called breath of incense and suck it in the berserker's eye then for your perks the seven sided shark now can trigger an explosion which will kill all bleeding enemies and if you awaken exploding palm cooldowns get reduced by 10 percent and then lastly we have the helmet called open mind and we put in the everlasting torment gem then for your perks the mystic skills damage gets increased by 10 percent and if you awaken the now domestic allies get 10 additional life increase then for your charm you want to get this exact piece that gives off your skills that you use damage increase and then last but not least for your neck we go with the subjugator and socket in one ruby one citron and one aquamarine gem then for your finger get the prisoner and suck it in one tourmaline gem then for your other finger get the turnkey and suck it in again one more tourmaline gem then for your hands get the mailed fist and suck it in three tourmaline jumps then for your vest get the goler and suck it in three topash jumps and then lastly for your feet to get the tyrant and suck it in three sapphire gems. 

7. Diablo immortal monk awakening

Moving over to awakening and legendary items in diablo immortal can be vacant to unlock another perk on your item to awaken a legendary item you need the item itself and a legendary gem at rank 10, but when you can your priority should be awakening the leg armor called companions melody, then your shoulder skull disciplines weight, your main hand called the road of echoes, and then lastly your offhand cults called in the storm, and then from here, you can awaken whatever item you want in whatever order you prefer.

8. Diablo immortal monk gems

Then move over to the gems and already covered the best gems that you won't use on your items in the Diablo Immortal gear section, but in case you can get your hands on the best gems, then in the meanwhile, to give you a few best alternatives that will be good as well,  the best starter legendary gem is the everlasting torment bourbon fang berserker's eye lightning core power and command and seals weakening, and then for normal gems, you want to get the tourmaline sapphire and topaz. All of these gems will be useful and good alternatives.

9. Diablo immortal monk charm

Then moving over to the charm and when looking into what Diablo Immortal gear to use, this charm that will give you bonuses to mystic allies seven-sided shark exploding palm mystic shark and fest of thunder is the best, but especially at the beginning is not that easy to get, if this is the case, then your charm priority should be on having the first of thunder, then exploding palm, then 7 sided shark, then mystic allies and then lastly the mystic shark.

If you have at least a charm with a few of these abilities, then that will be already really good, but now you know at least what bonuses are the best and how much they're worth by ranking.

10. Diablo immortal monk stones

Lastly, rank up Diablo Immortal gear and gems by salvaging gems, and those items to improve the ones, but there's one last final endgame feature that is called the family bonus stones, when one of your primary 6 gear pieces reaches rank 6, you can reforge that Diablo Immortal gear and improve it even more by putting in every forging stone, and the three best stones for the monk is vengeance stone wildfire stone and tremor stone, but all of this is meant for the super laid game, just try to get as high rank on your items as possible and slowly start upgrading them with stones.

11. Diablo immortal monk paragon build

The last and most important feature is the paragon system, you start gaining paragon levels after hitting level 60. each level grants you one paragon point that you can allocate into any open category in general, there are five categories and each one gives you more defense XP bonuses and much more, and this is how your first 50 points should be spent.

To unlock first of all the first damage node, then zeal, then the second damage node, and then the brad, you can unlock all the other nodes in whatever order you prefer, but then for players with paragon level 100, this is how your build should look like, for players with paragon level 150 this is how it should look like and then lastly for players with paragon level 200, then this is how your ability to look like.

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