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POE Divination Cards Drop Locations & Rates | Path of Exile 3.19 Div Card Farming Guide

10/25/2022 9:23:36 AM

In POE, collecting Divination Cards allows you to redeem unique items, so they are very valuable in the game, some Divs are even worth over 100 Chao Orbs due to their extremely low drop rate.  To help you better understand how you can get these high-value Divination Cards in-game and where to find them, in this guide, we'll list their drop locations and drop odds.

POE Tileset Drop vs Boss-Specific Drop

First of all, one thing we need to quickly explain is the Difference Between Tileset Drop and Boss Specific Drop:

Tileset drops can drop from any monster whether it be a trash monster or a boss monster or even a monster you've added to the zone. For example, maybe you added additional packs of monsters into a Zone by the use of a Sextant modifier or perhaps used an einhar mission on the map, all these things add additional packs to the map and those monsters have a chance to drop the items as well.

Boss drop is something that will only drop from a specific boss and these are much harder to juice because generally speaking it is very hard to get additional bosses onto a map, and it's outright impossible in some kit situations.

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So without further ado,  let's go through the list starting with the top and then working down to the 100 Chaos valued Divination Cards:

House of Mirrors Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Alluring Abyss

House of Mirrors is a set of nine for a mirror of Calandra, this is a tileset drop for the Alluring Abyss, so this is the Uber Eats Zone not just Uber out through yourself but the entirety of the zone.

The Apothecary Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Crimson Temple, Cathedral, and Other Maps has Blood Mage Boss

The Apothecary is a set of five for a Mageblood, this is a tileset drop and it is tied to maps that have a Blood Mage as their boss - Crimson Temple is the most popular of these, there's also defile Cathedral and there's a few other Maps as well that are less popular than those too. 

It's very important to say that this is drop level restricted 75+, what that means is that any monster in the zone can drop it if the tier of the map is eight or above. So if the tier of the map is 8 or above, then the zone is Monster Level 75 and every Monster in the Zone can drop it; if it is Tier 7 then only magic monsters and rare monsters in the zone can drop it; if it's Tier 6 only rare monsters in the map boss can drop it; and if it is tier 5 or lower then there's no chance at all because all the monsters are going to drop item level 74 and below gear and those have no chance of being replaced by an Apothecary. So keep that one in mind this is one of the most important of the drop level restrictions, there is also a drop level restriction on a couple of other cards like the Doctor which is 68 but broadly speaking of would expect that these cards are so rare that you would probably never expect to see them except when you are farming a single map many times, and when people do that they do tend to do the Tier 16 version.

The Price of Devotion Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Uber at 3 in The Price of Devotion

The Price of Devotion is a set of 7 cards for a double corrupted Mageblood, this item is boss restricted and it is Uber at 3 now, it definitely drops from Uber at 3 in the The Price of Devotion, but it is not yet absolutely confirmed whether it also drops from Uber at 3 when she is fought in the feared in Maven's Invitation the feared.

That's something that we'll find out over time but this card was only added in patch 3.19, so we don't have a large enough sample size yet to be certain where it comes from. It is the case with these top cards that most of them do tend to come from stack decks, with a potential exception of the Apothecary a lot of people Farm the maps to drop that.

Unrequited Love Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Uber at 3 in The Price of Devotion

Unrequited Love is a set of 16 cards for 19 Mirror Shards, so almost a full mirror this is a mystery that was a long time being solved because this card is so rare - seems to be considerably rarer than the Apothecary now.  This card drops from Vaal Temple, Vaal Pyramid, and maze map. 

It is also suspected but not proven to drop from Doryani's Machinarium map. Maps have what's called Tags which are internal identifiers GGG use, they're not public facing but they can be data mined and this one is believed to be tied to the Vaal  Underscore and Pyramid underscore area tag, so it's maps that have that sort of layout. Because it's an awful layout and it's so rare, this is not a card that is found very often, however it does exist and if you do find it it is a very lucky drop.

The Doctor Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Spider Forest

The Doctor is a tileset drop in areas that have map bosses based upon a Lira, so that Spider Forest map which has a Lira without Soul Eater and it is Burial Chambers Map which has a Lira with Soul Eater.

The Demon Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Belfry and  Lava Lite Map

The Demon is a rare set of 10 for a double corrupted Headhunter and this is believed to drop from map boss versions of Catawba - the Belfry map boss and the Lava Lite map boss. However there is only a screenshot of it dropping from the Lava Lite boss and there is no screenshot or video footage of it dropping from The Belfry map boss. So take that as conjecture, if you want we know it drops from The Lava Lite map boss and it is staggeringly rare because you can't juice that up, you can't even twin them up and we suspect that it might drop from the belt-free map boss, but in practice you are going to find this from other sources. For example, some players have gotten them come out of Stack decks, some players had them came from an Eldritch Altars - Eldritch Altars can drop any divination card in the game, this would have been a mod like 2.3 chance for Eldritch minions to drop a random divination card and then one of those ended up being a Demon.

The Fiend Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Shrine map

The Fiend is a set of 10 for a corrupted Headhunter, fair warning this card is both worse than the Doctor and rarer than the Doctor. The Fiend is a tileset drop to the Shrine map.

The Immortal Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Grandmasters and Chest on the Map

The Immortal is a set of 10 cards for a House of Mirror's divination card, this is the most valuable of the Divination cards that rewards another Divination card. It used to be exclusive to Grandmaster Dominus who is one of the bosses within Hall of Grandmaster, however it does appear that that's been changed as of 3.18 and it can now drop from any of the Grandmasters and also from the Chest there. Whilst all the Grandmasters isn't all that rare, it is extraordinarily difficult to complete and the immortal is still a pretty rare drop in it it is the thing that makes Hall of Grandmasters potentially worth farming. 

Love Through Ice Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Veritania Map

Love Through Ice is a set of four for a double corrupted Unnatural Instinct - this is one of the three really rare unique jewels that can drop anywhere in the game and it is extremely valuable especially if you manage to get a corrupting blood implicit on it. So this Divination card is boss specific and is tied to veritania the Redeemer, it definitely drops from Veritania map boss. 

We have not had any absolute confirmation of it dropping from Maven's Invitation and the Elder Slayers, although we would expect that it does drop there as well.

The Shieldbearer Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Uber Elder

The Shieldbearer is a set of 8 cards for The Squire being the other item alongside Headhunter and Mage blood that make up the tier zero uniques. The Shieldbearer is a newly added card in 3.19, this one drops from Uber Elder, now it is definitely known that it can drop from The Uber Elder fight the monster level 84 version and it is widely speculated that it also drops from The Uber doobar, Elder either monster level 85 version but we've not had anyone actually personally confirm a drop from it yet. 

The Nurse Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Map with Chevron as Boss

The Nurse is a set of 8 cards for a doctor, so again this is one of the other divination cards that gives another divination card up the chain. This is also a tileset drop just like the Doctor is and drop to maps that have Chevron as a map boss, so that's the tower map, the scriptorium map, the sales map, the core map and also a couple of areas in the campaign, just don't expect to see this card in the campaign because it is very rare and in the campaign you don't have the higher pack size you've got in maps and you don't have item quantity modifiers from the zone.

Seven Years Bad Luck Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Crimson Temple Map

Seven Years Bad Luck is a set of 13 cards for a Mirror Shard, this is another one that is tied to Crimson Temple. One of the reasons that Crimson Temple is so popular is that it drops the Apothecary, Seven Years Bad Luck, and the Inline, so there's a lot of very high value cards that drop in this specific map tileset and that's something that has made it a very popular map for a few leagues now.

The Cheetah Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Guff "Tiny" Grenn

The Cheetah si a set of 3 cards for a Level 6 Awakened Support Gem which is quality 20 and this drops from Guff "Tiny" Grenn who is one of the Betrayal NPCs. Now a lot of people will quickly kick Tiny out of their Betrayal board because he's generally not very good and that's one of the reasons that the Cheetah is not found very often in this way. Most copies of the Cheetah that are found come out of Stack decks or other sources that can drop all Divination cards in the game like Eldritch Alters or divination card strong boxes.

Choking Guilt Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from The Infinite Hunger

Choking Guilt is a set of 6 for a Stranglegasp that being an item that is otherwise only available from the completion of Blight Ravaged Maps. This divination card is a very rare drop from a specific boss and that boss is The Infinite Hunger - the Eater of world's little brother.  This is the fight that everyone really hates doing but will sometimes give you a copy of Choking Guilt, most of the time however you will not see this. A drop rate on this isn't known it's broadly speculated to be in the 0.25 to 0.5 percent range but it is something that adds an appreciable amount of value to that boss if you do decide that you want to farm it.

Wealth and Power Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Moon Temple map and Cold River Map

Wealth and Power is a set of 11 for a Level 4 Enlighten support, now this one is a tileset drop from two different locations - Moon Temple map and Cold River map, it is definitely something that is very lucrative if you get it, but it is a pretty rare card. We think most people would prefer to farm other cards instead that have similar drop rates but that are significantly more valuable if you get them.

Succor of the Sinless Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Baran Map

Succor of the Sinless is a set of 6 for a copy of the unique flask bottled faith and this drops from Baran. Again we can't confirm either way whether this also drops from Maven's Invitation and the eldest layers, but it definitely drops from Moran in his Citadel when that is inside one of your maps.

The Sephirot Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss Specific Drop from Dominus (Unique Monsters) in Villa and Palace Map

The Sephirot is a map boss specific one, so you get 10x Divine Orb s from this one and it comes from map bosses that are based upon Dominus, so this is the Villa map and Palace map, and so there's no benefit to adding more monsters onto those maps, the only thing that might help is making the map twinned. 

Desecrated Virtue Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Boss-Specific Drop from Crystal King

Desecrated Virtue is a set of 9 cards for a Level 6 Swakened Support Gem, was one of the ones that took a very long time to be found. This Card drops from all the Crystal King, this is believed to have a 1 to 1.5 percent drop rate, although we're not absolutely certain on that, it's pretty hard to pin down very low drop rate.

Doryani's Epiphany Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop

Doryani's Epiphany is a little bit of a mystery, we don't know what Doryani's Epiphany was this has not yet been found this was added in patch 3.19. Some people got them as a reward in a ritual and other people have had them from other sources within the game that can drop all divination cards or that can drop divination cards tied to gems. It is entirely possible that this is tied to one of those locations, so it might be that he is a ritual reward or it is a heist gem chest reward, we don't know that yet but three copies of this card will get you 3 primary Regrading Lenses most of the time, but if you're very lucky you'll get three secondary regrading lenses.

The Price of Loyalty Drop Location & Rate

  • Drop Location: Tileset Drop from Zilquapa, Architect of the Breach in the Temple of Atzoatl, Stack decks

The Price of Loyalty is the last card that kicks in over 100 Chaos this league, and this is a set of 4 for a Skin of the Loyal. The Skin of the Loyal is double corrupted and has its item level 4 set to 25, it locks out a lot of the high item level Corruptions that tend to be defensive in nature and makes it more likely to get the offensive ones which are the ones you want on it. Now this divination card drops from Zilquapa, Architect of the Breach in the Temple of Atzoatl, it is also comes out of Stack decks but pretty rare, something like one in ten thousand of them.

Now here we've covered the Drop Location for the most valued Divination Cards in Path of Exile 1.09. So if you want to collect these cards fast, go to take cheap POE Currency to buy from market now!

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