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5 New Rocket League Sideswipe Shot Types - RL Sideswipe Shooting 2.0 Tutorial

6/7/2022 5:24:36 PM

If you're new to Rocket League Sideswipe or just need help with anything in the game such as gold shots, stalls, advanced shooting mechanics, or pretty much anything else, we have the best Rocket League guide for you. In this Rocket League Sideswipe shooting guide, we'll show you 5 of the newest and most powerful shots in Swipe that will turn you into an absolute shooting master. 

5 New Rocket League Sideswipe Shot Types  - RL Sideswipe Shooting 2.0 Tutorial

We are sharing you with the 5 different types of shots in Rocket League Sideswipe. Including the white shot, the scoop shot, the super jump shot, the stall into purple and gold, and the purple and gold power shots. We'll go through all the shots and find out what they are, when they're useful, and of course how to do them.


Rocket League White Shot Tutorial

The white shot is honestly one of the coolest shots. It's basically the same as a red shot except you get a flip reset every single time you do it. So you get that awesome white flash and you get some decent power on the shot too.


How to do it

To do it, you first get the ball up in the air then air roll. So that the bottom of your car is facing upwards. Place the front of your car about here on the bottom corner of the ball. Then front flip and there's your white shot. The fundamentals of how these works are when you face your car upside down, place it close to the ball, and then front flip. The back of your car whips forward and hits the ball, giving you both a flip reset and a powerful hit on the ball. Depending on your position relative to the ball, you can modify the amount of power you get on the hit. If you're further away from the ball when you do your flip, you'll get more power. And if you're close to the ball, you'll get less power. You can use it to get a powerful shutoff and then use your flip to safely recover and defend. Or you can use it to chain multiple weaker shots together and use it kind of like a stall to keep the ball up in the air.


Rocket League Sideswipe Scoop Shot Tutorial

The scoop shot is something you can use in a situation where the ball is floating down to the ground with you chasing behind it. The scoop shot does that perfectly.


How to do it

To do it, you want to get right behind and under the ball and point your card diagonal up and back. Then just do a front flip and the bottom of your car will scoop the ball up really high. In terms of air roll, it doesn't actually matter which way your air roll when you're doing this, whether your roof is facing up or down. In both cases, you'll still get the scoop. This shot is particularly great for those really common aerial situations where the ball is floating down to the ground and you want to put it into the goal. However, you can also use it in a bunch of other situations like on the ground when the ball is under the goal and you want to flick it up. 


Rocket League Sideswipe Super Jump Shot Tutorial

There's one more shot you can use in this same situation as above. If you're not familiar with the super jump mechanic and Sideswipe, we will show you. The super jump is a weird mechanic where you can chain multiple neutral jumps together to get increasingly powerful jumps. You basically just jump once and then as soon as your car is about to touch the ground, jump again. The second jump is much higher. If you do it again, the third jump is even higher. So this shot is to actually utilize this super jump mechanic. With the super jump, you get this massive pop that pushes the ball really high into the air.


How to do it

To do this shot, you need to get the ball in the air and then just get under it. So you're floating down to the ground at about the same speed. Then when you're near the ground, do your super jump and you'll pop the ball up really high. This is such an awesome mechanic that you can use in a whole bunch of situations not just to score a goal. You’d better practice this one and get it down because it'll be meta one day!


Rocket League Sideswipe Stall to Purple & Stall to Gold Tutorial

The stall is an incredibly useful mechanic that allows you to keep the ball up in the air almost indefinitely if you can do it right. However, it can also be used as a really effective offensive tool to set up hard-to-read shots. Two of those are the stall to purple and the stall to gold. These are really easy to do so let's just go over them super quickly.


How to do them?

To do the stall to purple, all you need to do is do a stall and then immediately let go of the joystick and do a purple shot. There's really any trick to doing this one, it's just a matter of thinking to do it. To do the stall to gold you just stall and then immediately aim away from the ball and do a gold shot. The only real trick is just to be quick with your gold shot. Because you have to spin your car backward to get the gold shot, you often hit the ball away. If you're too slow, you might miss the shot. Just make sure you're really quick. 


Rocket League Sideswipe Gold & Purple Power Shots Tutorial

The purple and gold power shots are really just regular purple and gold shots in Rocket League Sideswipe.


How to do them?

Basically, if you want to maximize the amount of power you get on both gold and purple shots, you have to make sure the ball is moving away from you when you do the shot. If we just gold-shot the stationary ball, it goes not far. But if we first get a touch and then a gold shot it goes much further. And the same thing applies to purple shots, so in a realistic in-game situation, if the ball is flying toward you and you want to do a powerful gold shot back the other way, you need to first touch the ball with the back of your car and then do your gold shot. The same thing applies to purple shots, get a light touch with the bottom of your car and then a purple shot.


Above are the 5 Rocket League Sideswipe shot types, including The White Shot, The Scoop Shot, The Stall to Gold & Purple Shots, The Super Jump Shot, and The Gold & Purple POWER Shots. However, if you want to fast buy Rocket League credits, welcome to visit the most legit store -


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