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Rocket League Golden Pumpkin '22 Crates Guide: Rewards, Crates Opening & How To Get

10/18/2022 11:19:36 AM

Season 8 brand new golden pumpkin ‘22 crates are coming to Rocket League along with the Haunted Hollows event on Wednesday. You will love the new content in the golden series crates. In this Rocket League golden pumpkin 22 crates guide, we talk about rewards, 50 crates opening, and how to get crates.


Rocket League Golden Pumpkin '22 Crates Update Guide Season 8

This RL Season 8 golden pumpkin crate update starts on October 19 and it brings the Haunted Hollows event update, new game modes as well as new items. There are challenges, there’s golden pumpkin 2022 which is very valuable. Golden pumpkin ‘22 is a rare reward Rocket League item. This is the last crate that was added to Rocket League back in April 2022. Open to receive a free item. Stay tuned for our Rocket League Halloween crate update guide, you will know what random items to get after opening this Rocket League golden pumpkin ‘22 crate and to see what it’s all about.

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How To Get Rocket League Golden Pumpkin ‘22 Crates

All you have to complete challenges to get them or play some games in Rocket League and then you unlock the golden pumpkin crates.


Rocket League Golden Pumpkin ‘22 Crate Rewards

These new Rocket League golden pumpkin 22s have the Velocity series, the Triumph series, and the Auriga series. And the Auriga series is the very first time that a blueprint series is coming to a golden series crate. That is super exciting because that means that we could potentially see more and more of those new blueprint series being added to these golden series crates. There is a lot of blueprint series that they've added in the last year that could definitely switch up the contents of the golden series items. Those old golden series crates kind of get old getting the same cc4 item, Nitro crate turbo crate, and overdrive crate.


Rocket League Golden Pumpkin ‘22 Crate Openings

Auriga Series so means the encryption Black Market is possible to get and the carbonator Black Market is possible to get. Youtuber CoralCoke has got two black markets out of eight Rocket League golden pumpkin 22 crates opening. Now, we are going to list 50 Rocket League golden pumpkin crate 2022 openings that CoralCoke has got.  


50 Golden Pumpkin 22 Crates Opening

1. Hypnotik (Exotic Wheels)

2. Peregrine TT: Ombre (Very Rare Decal)

3. Endo: Mummified (Rare Decal)

4. Poly Pop (Black Market Goal Explosion)

5. Dominus GT: NNTR (Rare Decal)

6. EKG-OMG (Very Rare Trail)

7. Anodized (Very Rare Paint Finish)

8. Atomizer (Black Market Goal Explosion)

9. Incantor (Import Rocket Boost)

10. Dominus GT: NNTR (Rare Decal)

11. Diomedes (Very Rare Wheels)

12. Equalizer (Exotic Wheels)

13. Anthesis (Very Rare Wheels)

14. Dey KC (Very Rare Wheels)

15. Hypnotik (Exotic Wheels)

16. Party Time (Black Market Goal Explosion)

17. Incantor (Very Rare Trail)

18. Incantor (Very Rare Trail)

19. Dingo: Huntress (Very Rare Decal)

20. Reevrb (Exotic Wheels)

21. Hiro (Import Wheels)

22. Nucleon Clutch (Import Wheels)

23. Astro-CSX (Very Rare Wheels)

24. Hiro (Import Wheels)

25. Animus GP: Rose King (Rare Decal)

26. Lift-Off (Very Rare Player Banner)

27. Poly Pop (Black Market Goal Explosion)

28. Anodized (Very Rare Paint Finish)

29. Animus GP: Rose King (Rare Decal)

30. Samurai (Import Body)

31. Incantor (Very Rare Trail)

32. EKG-OMG (Very Rare Trail)

33. Dingo: Rascal Stripers (Rare Decal)

34. Astro-CSX (Very Rare Wheels)

35. Diomedes (Very Rare Wheels)

36. Dueling Dragons (Black Market Goal Explosion)

37. Dey KC (Very Rare Wheels)

38. Octane: Dot Martix (Very Rare Animated Decal)

39. Storm Watch (Black Market Goal Explosion)

40. Astro-CSX (Very Rare Wheels)

41. Lift-Off (Very Rare Player Banner)

42. Reevrb (Exotic Wheels)

43. Incantor (Import Rocket Boost)

44. Endo: Mummified (Rare Decal)

45. Diomedes (Very Rare Wheels)

46. Animus GP: Rose King (Rare Decal)

47. Breakout Type-S: S’Mored (Rare Decal)

48. Comet (Import Rocket Boost)

49. Hny (Rare Player Banner)

50. Astro-CSX (Very Rare Wheels)



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