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Rocket League Golden Pumpkin ‘22 Farming Guide - How To Get Golden Pumpkin 2022 Fast In RL

11/7/2022 6:16:08 PM

The Haunted Hollows update came out for Rock League. With it came Golden Gifts are known as Golden Pumpkins '22 this time around. In Rocket League Golden Pumpkin farming ‘22 guide, we tell you the most efficient way possible to get Golden Pumpkin 2022.


Rocket League Golden Pumpkin ‘22 Guide - How To Farm & Buy Golden Pumpkins 2022 In Rocket League

Haunted Hallows is back from the grave with a ghastly cast of famed horror villains. Rocket League items from a number of different blueprint series may be found within the Golden Pumpkin, a rare special event crate. During the event, players that meet the criteria can get free Rocket League Golden Pumpkins ‘22. Now, we are going to tell you how to farm RL Golden Pumpkins 2022 as fast as possible.


Rocket League Golden Pumpkin ‘22 Farming Guide

What you're going to do is you're going to want to do casual ones or competitive ones. Just make sure you're playing in 1v1 mode. Once you get into a match, you're just going to want to play this out. Pretty much all you're going to do is just forfeit once the game hits four minutes. So you don't want to score on your opponent a lot but it's that way or just gets scored on. You don't want to score a lot of points so that way your opponent leaves a forfeit minute mark. You can't leave now because it just says to leave the match. Once it hits four minutes that's when the forfeit match option comes up. We're going to go into forfeit match say GG and get out of here. GG is optional but we would say GG because that's just nice.


Check your event challenges and there you go. You went from one to two or however many you had plus one and just repeat the process until you have all five Rocket League Halloween golden gifts. If you just want to do it for your one account, then just go to a casual work competitive one. If you don't care about your rank and you can do competitive ones if you want. But honestly casual works just fine, you just can't leave until it says forfeit match. Because if you leave before forfeit, then it won't actually count as a match and this does work on every one of these modes except maybe not the limited time modes. But the problem is you had to be dependent on your random teammate forfeiting as well, so 1v1 is just the most consistent way to do that. Because you don't have to worry about anyone else forfeiting it's just yourself orbiting.


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