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Rocket League Season 8 Update: Release Date, Theme, Rewards, Items & More

8/29/2022 12:21:55 PM

Rocket League Season 7 has gone so gone by so quickly. All of the Rocket League Season 8 content is starting to be revealed. Today we're going over a brand new easter egg that was just added to Rocket League that could be teasing something new coming to the Rocket League Season 8 update. Based on Rocket League Season 8 leaks, we predict the release date, theme, rewards, items, and more you can look forward to.


Rocket League Season 8 Release Date

The Rocket League Season 8 start date is going to be September 7. 


Rocket League Season 8 Theme

Season 8 for Rocket League is going to be some kind of graffiti theme season, possibly even a little bit retro style. Because obviously, we've been seeing these graffiti over the new utopia coliseum gilded map in season 7. Since we are on the run up to season 8 then this is clearly a Rocket League Season 8 teaser for that. Normally they do this kind of thing on Twitter and it's kind of like the first time we've really seen it in the game. 


Rocket League Season 8 Rewards 

Let's check out these easter eggs. If you go into the utopia coliseum gilded variant, it's the newest Rocket League map and you head over to one of these banners. On the blue banner, there is a red crown with a little face on it kind of spray painted on there. Then if you go to the other side there is another crown spray painted on the orange banner and it's a purple crown. And there are also two little crowns on the ground next to it that are gold with like little emeralds and diamonds on them. And it's very strange because those weren't there a few days ago and they just suddenly added them spray painted onto the newest map. People are confused a bunch of people has been posting screenshots of these on Reddit in the last 24 hours. 

Speculation on what these could possibly be this could be new Rocket League Season 8 rewards. or this could be a new collaboration or some sort of LTM. A collaboration with fall guys they've done that in the past, it could be crown from the fall guys. Back in Season 1 of Rocket League in 2015, they released these beautiful-looking crowns as rewards. Especially an updated version with like red for GC, white for SSL, silver for silver, and gold for gold. Especially there's a purple crown which could be the champ rank, there's a red crown which could be the GC rank, and there's a gold crown which could be the gold rank and also the logo that's on the gold crown kind of looks like a champ rank. That's what this is hinting towards probably.


Rocket League Season 8 Items

With the golden paint color being in the Rocket League files for over a year, we have got so many different paint colors to go through for Season 8. White gold is the color that's in the Rocket League files and obviously titanium white is the most popular color on Rocket League and gold is extremely popular. Season 8 could definitely be next. It's different shades. All of the painted hexed, we've got the white gold, we've got a couple of other colors as well including the gold. Maybe mainly focuses on the white gold, but you're going to see rose gold and also a different shade of black which has been in the Rocket League files as well. 

More importantly, we're going to go through the different shades. Mixing up titanium white, white gold, regular gold, and rose gold, they're all so similar. There are different shades but really you can't tell a difference.  There is also going to be a black variant which is the onyx. It's just basically a darker shade of black which could actually work with some of the cars to be fair because the cars look too similar to the regular ones. Hopefully, in the very near future we can see the onyx, the rose gold, or the white gold in the game in maybe Season 8 Rocket League update.

Rocket League Season 8 Mascots

There is titled graffiti underscore zero one, so this is also going to be some kind of graffiti. It's just a cool load of wacky characters and these could be sort of the mascots for RL Season 8. This could be the sovereign crew, they are all eggs though in some kind of way. 


Overall we can definitely say that Rocket League season 8 is going to be some kind of graffiti street theme and we are super excited for it. If you need to buy Rocket League credits for Season 8 update, head over to

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