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Best New World Easy Gold Farming Methods June 2022 - Charcoal Farming, Crafting Reagents, Boss Farming

6/7/2022 5:28:20 PM

These are some of our top New World gold farming super easy methods, all players can do to make money in New World. Some big sellers as always & some good price rises since the May update! Hopefully, this guide helps you all to get some easy enough gold and get that next item you have been waiting on. There isn't likely to be a crash on any of these items as they are part of the system needed to progress with other crafting so should be easy and reliable.


Method 1: Wood/Charcoal Farming

Gathering any type of wood and making it into charcoal, you will need some sort of metal gathering any type of wood, you can preferably the green wood as this is the cheapest, but also aged wood is pretty cheap on most servers, so either of those two either the young or mature trees and then what you'll be able to do with that is to turn it into charcoal which sells for a decent price in comparison to the wood, not quite enough to warrant you going ahead and buying it on most servers.

Method 2: Crafting Reagents

The next method we want to talk about here is reagents, and pretty much the smelting reagents are going to be best, you just need to go around the world and loot chests whichever chest ring you want to do if you're an endgame player, any level zone, any chest run that you like you can just go ahead and do, and you'll get at least Tier 3 from the lower level areas, and then obviously Tier 4 from the mid-tiers, and Tier 5 from the end game zones if you are someone that wants to farm this out, you can simply run, it doesn't even have to be elite zones, it can just be any of the areas in endgame zones.


Method 3: Get Hyssop

The next thing that we're going to be talking about here is hyssop, this is very easy to get your hands on, and you will see the price of this is 0.57 per hiss up which is per one, and you get about four or five at least every single time, that's a few golds per hiss up strand which is a really good way to make some solid New World gold.


Method 4: Boss Farming - Easy But Low Drop Chances

The best place to farm is in Mangled Heights, you're going to want to go right up to the top here and farm the final boss, this guy has a chance to drop the weaponsmithing hat, but on most servers is pretty expensive and can be worth doing, however, the drop chances on some of these items, particularly the weaponsmithing hat are very very low hence why the price is high, but it can take an awfully long time to do, so it's not something, we would strongly recommend as a reliable farm in comparison to some of the other things however some of the bosses have some good drops.

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