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Best Center Build In NBA 2k22 Current Gen And NBA 2k22 Next Gen!

6/8/2022 5:52:25 PM

Now the first part is going to be for currency for all the people that play the current gen and the second part is going to be for the next-gen. To make the best NBA 2K22 power forward for current-gen and next-gen. 

Best Center Build In NBA 2k22 Current Gen And NBA 2k22 Next Gen! 

NBA 2K22 next gen's a different story sometimes, but on current-gen, this is a center build, but you're making a power forward. 

Best Center Build In NBA 2k22 Current Gen 

Choose Your Position & Profile

Position: Power forward

Handed: Left

Skill Breakdown

Choose the pie chart, you're gonna go with the red and blue pie chart.

Physical Profile

Speed: 75

Strength: 65

Accelerating: 70

Vertical: 85

Body Settings

- Body Shape: Burly

- Height: 6'8''

- Weight: 190 lbs

- Wingspan: 91.0''

Set Your Potential Attributes

- Finishing

       Close shot: 59-90

       Driving layup: 52-76

       Driving dunk: 55-86

       Standing dunk: 44-88

       Post hook: 46-46

- Shooting

        Mid-range shot: 36-36

        Three-point shot: 34-34

        Free throw: 54-54

        Post Fade: 41-41

- Playmaking

        Pass accuracy: 40-67

        Ball handle: 36-61

        Post control: 36-71

- Defense/Rebounding

        Interior defense: 51-80

        Perimeter defense: 49-71

        Lateral Quickness: 48-69

        Steal: 43-47

        Block: 49-86

        Offensive rebound: 48-85

        Defensive rebound: 48-85


Glass Cleaner

You have build Glass-Cleaning Finisher 


Finishing badges: Fast Twitch(Gold), Fearless Finisher(Gold), Limitless Takeoff(Gold), Lob City Finisher(Gold), Posterizer(Gold), Rise Up(Gold), Slithery Finisher(Gold), Unstrippable(Bronze).

Playmaking badges: Bullet Passer(Gold), Quick First Step(Gold), Unpluckable(Gold), Bail Out(Silver), Glue Hands(Silver).

Denfense/ Rebounding: Brick Wall (Gold), Interceptor(Gold), Intimidator(Gold), Box(Bronze), Hustler(Silver), Chase Down Artist(HOF), Rebound Chaser(HOF), Rim Protector(HOF).

Make a center get hoarse and be absolutely, anyways handedness does not matter jersey number does not matter, to continue on to the skill breakdown, now the skill breakdown, there are a plethora of pie charts, you could choose a majority of red and a little bit of blue, it's going to be able to you know to play better defense be able to grab more rebounds and still be able to be a threat on offence, it's going to give you the most agility and the most vertical go ahead and choose that one all right, so there are the attributes you're gonna have a little bit of steel on there, 22 finishing, 1 shooting, 13 playmaking, 24 defensive reboundings, this is a similar build that from the beginning of the year. 

Best Center Build In NBA 2k22 Next Gen 

Choose Your Position & Profile

Position: Center

Hand: Left

Skill Breakdown

Choose the pie chart, you're gonna go with the red and blue pie chart.

Physical Profile

Speed: 25-65

Accelerating: 25-62

Strength: 25-72

Vertical: 25-75

Stamina: 25-97

Body Settings

- Body Shape: Built

- Height:7'0’’

- Weight: 215lbs

- Wingspan: 7'10''

Set Your Potential Attributes

- Finishing

       Close shot: 25-99

       Driving layup: 25-76

       Driving dunk: 25-75

       Standing dunk: 25-99

       Post hook: 25-99

- Shooting

        Mid-range shot: 25-79

        Three-point shot: 25-73

        Free throw:25-90

- Playmaking

        Pass accuracy: 25-92

        Ball handle: 25-49

        Post control: 25-47

- Defense/Rebounding

        Interior defense: 25-99

        Perimeter defense: 25-58

        Steal: 25-67

        Block: 25-99

        Offensive rebound: 25-98

        Defensive rebound: 25-98


Primary Takeover: See The Future

Secondary Takeover: Boxout Wall

You have build a 2-Way Facilitator

Just going with a different build, but this is the best center build in the game. To take the wingspan you see got a 7'10'' wingspan, 7'0'' foot, 215 pounds, to continue on with this and put these attributes on all right, so now the original build, it's a little bit you know complicated but this is you know glitched build here, and you have made a very good build for the park, now a 74 three-point shot, because you know when you're in the park you're gonna want to be able to shoot threes, a 99 standing dunk, an 83 driving dunk,99 closed shot, pass accuracy is fine at 71 and defensive and offensive rebounding is still fantastic with 91. Good vertical, good acceleration, good speed, obviously stamina is a little low, but that's okay because you know a center.

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